British and Foreign Cars.

yOUR contributor" H.F.L.N. " in his article "The Vicious Circle" implies that an ordinary sports car, as sold to the general public, stands no chance against such cars as the AlfaRomeo, IVIaserati, etc. In contradiction of this, may I point out the magnificent successes of the M.G. Midget last year. This wonderful " baby " beat all-comers in the Double-Twelve, the Irish Grand Prix and, the T.T., and definitely proved that British cars can hold their own against the foreigners. There is nothing wrong with our racing regulations. Just because 1931 has been a wonderful year for Britain in motorracing, there is no need to take pity on our Continental rivals and try to alter the rules in order to give them more chance of winning. Let them build a better car to beat the Midget 1

"FAIR PLAY." Carshalton. [The races mentioned by "Fair Play" are, of course, handicap events.—ED.1

A Sporting Offer.

WE have been approached by several enthusiastic outboard owners as to the possibility of holding some impromptu races. We feel that this is a

very good suggestion and we would be pleased to lend our lake and car park free of charge for such an event during the winter months.

Mr. F. R. Thornton, of 618, London Road, Isleworth, has kindly agreed to undertake preliminary arrangements, and any outboard owners interested should communicate with him. The only stipulation we should make is that the engines should conform to the standard racing silencer rules.

The committee of the Colnbrook Water Sports Club have kindly offered temporary honorary membership to the drivers and friends taking part, provided their names and, addresses are submitted at least three days before the event.

The above suggestion is merely made from the sporting point of view to enliven the winter months, as neither Colnbrook Water Sports Club or ourselves are in any way interested in outboard racing, and the above is merely an offer of the loan of the lake. p.p. Coln.brook Water Sports,


Colnbrook, Bucks.

Acceleration Comparisons.

IAM pleased to see that you included acceleration graphs in your tests of the Bentley and Hotchkiss in your January issue. In my opinion the inclusion of such a graph for each car tested is the only satisfactory way of comparing the performance of various cars.

I also agree with your policy of starting the graph at 10 m.p.h. ; the time taken between rest and 10 m.p.h. mostly depends on the violence with which the clutch is engaged ! I should like to wish you a most prosperous 1932, for I do feel that MOTOR SPORT is the only motoring paper that appeals to people interested mainly in racing and trials, etc, rather than in the performance of the latest 8 h.p. family four

D. C. MOORE-BRABAZON. Trinity College, Cambridge.