Riley Club's Trial.

RILEY car owners, particularly those who intend, taking part in the Royal Automobile Club's forthcoming Rally, will welcome the Riley Motor Club's latest sporting venture, the Torquay Trial, an event which is for Riley owners only.

It is not so strenuous that it requires especial skill, and it should prove ideal for those who have not previously competed in a reliability trial, whilst at the same time it should be good, practice for the more seasoned hands who are competing in the big R.A.C. rally in March. The date of the Riley affair has been fixed, for the 20th of this month. It starts at 9 a.m. from Salisbury, and finishes at the Palace Hotel, Torquay, where a dinner and dance will be held in the evening. Full particulars may be obtained from Mr. S. E. Ellis, of Boon and Porter Ltd., 159-163, Castelnau, London, S.W.13.

Novel Test of Body Strength.

HOW an elephant was used, to test the strength of a motorcar body is told. by The Pressed Steel Company of Oxford.

Most motorists are unaware that the elephant, with all his vast bulk and weight, is a most discerning animal. Only young elephants are caught in traps ; the adult model knows he is heavy and knows instinctively what will bear his weight ; so much so, in fact, that in the countries where elephants are used as a means of transport, the natives on completing a bridge will try to persuade one on to it. If he refuses, the bridge is strengthened until he finally consents to croos it !

In order to demonstrate the strength of all-steel bodywork a platform was fixed on top of a car fitted, with a body of onepiece construction, and a five ton elephant was invited to step on it from a warehouse floor of similar height. The huge beast never hesitated ; he was conscious that the bodywork would hold him and he stepped, on to it with confidence. The body stood, the test with ease.

MaudesTrophy Award.

FOR 1931, the Maudes Trophy has been awarded. to Arid l Works Ltd., in connection with a series of severe tests which were carried out last autumn. The Maudes is one of the most important trophies of the motorcycling year, and is offered. annually for the most meritorious test conducted, under A.C.U. observation.

The performance for which it is awarded to Ariels consisted of a number of different tests of the leading 1932 models, known as the "Seven Sevens" trial, since the figure " 7 " appeared in each. Thus one machine ran for seven hours at Brooklands, another covered. 70 miles in an hour, a third, ran for 70 minutes in each of its four gears, a fourth climbed seven famous test hills seven times, and so on. At the conclusion of the trial a" squarefour" model, of which all the engine components had been selected at random by A.C.U. officials, set out to cover 700 miles in 700 minutes at Brooklands. This it did comfortably at an average speed of 15 m.p.h. faster than that of the flying Scotsman on its trip of little over half the distance. Without alteration the same machine was then officially timed over a

lap at the track, which it covered. at a speed of 87.1 m.p.h.

A Speed Limit Reminder.

READERS are reminded that a reduced speed limit is in force in Quee.a's Avenue, Aldershot, which thoroughfare, although open to the public, is War Department land.

There are barracks on either side of this road, and numerous intersections at which accidents have recently occurred.

The limit of 20 m.p.h. imposed by a bye-law under the Military Lands Act, is now being strictly enforced..

Motor Trade in Australia.

THAT the schemes for economic reconstruction in Australia are bearing fruit is evidenced by the more optimistic attitude of automobile distributors in that country.

Garratts Ltd., Sydney, the newly appointed distributors for Singer & Co. of Coventry, have recently placed by cable appreciable orders for Singer chassis. Some of these chassis are already on the water, and once again a progressive selling campaign will be initiated throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

Garratts Ltd., who are one of the leading organisations in the motor industry in Australia, have extensive country connections throughout the territory.

There are indications that the new Government in Australia will go further to assist importers of manufactured. goods from Great Britain, and there is a definite trend towards the exclusion of American cars, owing, in a large degree, to the present adverse rate of exchange as regards the U.S.A.