The spacious cockpit and flat stern sections are well shown in this view.

/N a previous issue I advocated that motor boat designers should keep their eye on. members of the motoring public as prospective purchasers. In line with this idea comes the news that Hamilton Motors, 466-490 Edgware Road, W.2. are to enter the motor boating market with a 25ft. cruiser. Messrs. W. D. L. Theed and W. G. Cass in conjunction with E. L. Comfort, Esq., have during the past season put a 25ft. cruiser, built to their own design, through the most searching tests. The result is that they are now placing before the public a slighti modified edition of the craft they used last year. The new craft is a 25 footer with 8ft. beam and 2ft. draft and is to sell in complete seagoing order for the very low figure of 025. The boat is divided into only three compartments, but each of these compartments is of unusually large capacity. Aft is a spacious cockpit, amidships a saloon capable of seating eight persons in comfort, and sleeping four on separate berths, while the peak contains an” Elsan ” patent chemical lavatory. At the aft end of the saloon on the port side

is the galley space, and here is fitted a porcelain sink with water laid on from a 12 gallon tank situated in a hanging cupboard on the starboard side. Four berths are arranged by hinging the backs of the settees so that they may be hung by chains in the horizontal position. A distinct advantage that I noticed with this method of bunking, was that although of full width for night use, thes eats were not too deep for comfortable seating,when in day use.

The clinker-build makes for strength and low cost. THE HA v ILTON 2 5 -FOOTER 7-A FOUR-BERTH / CRAFT SPACIOUSLY EQUIPPED AND SELLING AT 325

To the conventional motor boat owner the controls appear a trifle unusual, but are none the less practical, and should especially attract the man used to controlling a car., On the port side is an aeroplane type aluminium bucket seat for the helmsman while steering is by an ordinary spring-spoke car steering wheel.

There is to be a choice of two engines, but the one fitted at present is a Ford conversion by Joseph Stabbs Ltd., and known as the J.S.L. The alternative is to be a six cylinder of 45 h.p. specially manufactured for Hamilton Motors. With the former engine 121 knots is the maximum speed, but with the new motor about 14 knots is expected.

The lines of the boat are very good, these giving a good flare to the bows, while the stern is reminiscent of many speed dinghies. The construction is on very sound lines, being clinker build of pitch pine planking on oak frames. Further, there is plenty of deadwoodiprotecting the propeller from damage. The boat is copper fastened throughout, and although perhaps not all spit and polish on the exterior, shows in its sturdy construction the unmistakeable stamp of a good boat-yard. The deck-beams are particularly numerous and substantial, and in: spite of there being no coach roof to weaken the structure at this point, there is full 5ft. headroom in the saloon. Thus, except for ultra large

persons there is ample room, and be lines have not been spoilt by attempting full headroom.

This little ship possesses also the last refinement of a modern cruiser, and that is electric light.

special system on car service lines is to be inaugurated when production of these cruisers really gets going so that owners will have their boats’ kept in good order. Summing up, the Hamilton 25 footer is a craft in which sturdiness of construction and essential comforts have been well thought out, but in order to keep to the extremely low price of £325, the frills and

fancies have been. left to the owner to complete. if he should be so

particular, but it is perfectly complete without any need for extras.