FOLLOWING on valuable experience obtained on the various long-distance trips undertaken by R. C. Cole on an outboard dinghy using a Watermota, a new and essentially practical model for this class of work has been developed by Walter D. Fair & Co. of Kingston. Realising the demand for an engine which can be run continuously for long periods, and combine economy with reasonable speed, many interesting modifications have

been introduced on the new" Colonial" model. This is a class B motor and the chief innovations include gauges for showing at a glance the amount of oil in the magneto gear housing, and also the level of fuel in the tank.

Forced feed lubrication to the magneto 'gears, piston, etc., is now automatic, and can be set at the commencement of the trip. Another remarkable feature which makes its first appearance in the outboard world on this model is the

fitting of an impulse starter magneto. Such a device is, of course, not uncommon in other branches of internal combustion work, but its application to outboards is new. The designing of a fool-proof and waterproof system for outboard use is not simple, but this device works excellently, and promises to revolutionise the magneto-fired outboard.

During a test of this engine so fitted we found starting to be quite infallible, however slowly the engine was rotated.