R.A.C. British Hill-Climb Championship

One of the more interesting features of the coming season will be the British Hill-Climb Championship organised by the R.A.C. The conditions governing this contest are as follows:—

1. The R.A.C. British Hill-Climb Championship (hereinafter termed The Championship) shall be competed for annually.

2. The Championship shall be open to any individual driver of British nationality driving cars of the same make, category and class and holding an international Competition Licence Issued by the R.A.C.

3. The winner shall hold the R.A.C. Trophy for twelve months, as from January 1st following the year of competition. He shall hold the title of British Hill-Climb Champion for the year; and will receive a plaque or other souvenir. In addition he will receive one-half of the Registration Fees. (See Condition No. 10).

4. Drivers and cars must conform in all respects to the Supplementary Regulations governing each Hill Climb, including the qualifying clause applicable at any such Meeting.

5. One event only at each venue will be selected yearly by the R.A.C. for the purpose of this Championship.

6. For 1947 the following five hills and dates have been approved for Championship Meetings.
Bo’ness. Scotland. May 17th.
Shelsley Walsh. England. May 24th (or April 19th).
Bouley Bay. Jersey. July 24th.
Craigantlet. Ulster. August 30th.
Prescott. England. September 14th.

7. For 1947 the marks obtained in any four Championship Meetings only shall count towards the Trophy. In the event of a registered championship competitor taking part in all five meetings, the best four performances shall count.

8. The system of marking will be as follows:—
(a) The fastest time of the day, irrespective of whether the driver is registered for the Championship or not, will be taken as a basic speed for that event.
(b) Registered championship competitors will be debited with the time, in one-fifths of a second, by which they fail to attain this basic speed; e.g. the fastest time of the day is 14 2/5 seconds, and the fastest time put up by a registered championship competitor is 14 4/5 seconds. He is thus debited with 2 marks. The next fastest time put up by a registered championship driver is 15 1/5 seconds, and this driver Is debited with 4 marks, and so on down to 10 places of registered competitors.
(c) On completion of the Championship Meetings these marks will be totalled — see Condition No. 7 — and the registered championship competitor debited with the fewest marks will be adjudged the British Hill-Climb Champion for the year. (See Condition No.2.)/p>

9. In the event of a tie for the Trophy, the competitor who has, in the opinion of the competitions committee, put up the most meritorious performance, shall be adjudged the winner.

10. Registration for the Championship shall be made to the R.A.C. and must be accompanied by a registration fee of £2 2s. 0d. (This is independent of and addittonal to entries made for participation in any Championship Hill Climb.) Registrations will be received up to 30 days before the first Championship event in which the entrant proposes to take part.

11. Protests and Appeals against the results of any Championship Meeting shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the General Competition Rules and Supplementary Regulations governing the event, and no other protest or appeal will be considered.

12. Entrants are bound by the G.C.Rs.; these conditions: and the supplementary regulations of each Championship Meeting.

13. Promoters shall as soon as possible after a Championship Meeting, forward to the R.A.C. a list giving the fastest time of the day and of each registered competitor; such times to be certified by the official timekeeper.

14. The R.A.C. reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Championship if the number of entries is, in its opinion, inadequate: or for any other reason which it may deem to be sufficient.

In the event of cancellation or postponement the regIstrstion fee will be returned, but under no other circumstances.

15. The R.A.C. reserves the right, to alter any or all of thebe conditions for future years.