Book Review

“Motoring Abroad” by Rodney Walkerley (Temple Press, Ltd., Bowling Green Lane, E.C.1, 223 pages, 10s. 6d.).

This is really excellent reading, apart from being exceedingly useful to those planning to take a car across the Channel. Walkerley of the Motor, as “Athos” rather than “Grande Vitesse,” has produced something entirely new, a book faintly in “Three Men on a Bummel” vein from the viewpoint of its breezy humour, yet telling those new to Continental touring so much that they will want know about customs, routes, hotels, food, even motor-racing, and practically everything else. More than that, few who have £50, a moderately-serviceable car and this book will be able to refrain from leaving the home shores this summer. Walkerley is like that! This book is naturally right up to date about motoring on the Continent. It is beautifully produced, benefits from some magnificent photographic plates, and is admirably illustrated with sketches by Brockbank, who is equally up-to-the-minute in his portrayal of cars and incidents. Regarded without any particular thoughts of going abroad, we yet rate this as one of the best half-guinea’s entertainment and good reading it has been our fortune to discover.

—W. B.