BOOK REVIEWS, February 1951, February 1951





Minehin (Fonlie. 7, 31ffurd Larie, 11–.C.2, vet page’s, 13s.). This is ;in exceedingly entertaining Icook. elcielly because it passes easily time author’s motoring and other experiences of lifty years, 1900-50, in a series of delightful anecdotes and sic cries. Tliose who know Mr. ‘liscelcill will Will not be surprised that. he refers more often than not to Rolls-Rovee and It011S-13Claky Cars and deVi,Ii`S cc elcapter to Sir Henry Royce :in. I another to ” The Bentley Re-boric.” llis story Met. acautilly, which is far pret’,srahle I is of England as it was in Edwardian I lows, the. brave escapades of

Sel cool lcOys and life al. the ‘ %SI rsit y. Motor raeing -and long Con, tinental runs in good cars naturally lea% en the pages and there is sufficient of eugineering to please the technicallycc Meted reader. Minchin’s eye-witness :weinint of the 1927 %%late House. crash at Le Mans is well worth having and one story alone, about how a Rolls-Royce salesman :convinced a -sceptical client that this famous car wasn’t necessarily undependable because a startieg handle was fitted, is alone worth the price of the book.. As one expects from Foulis, it is beautifully produced and some of the illustrations are new. There are a few minor errors, such as crediting Malcolm Campbell with winning the last race rim at Brooklands before the 1914-1S war. whereas he was third, and stating that Sc !J Mereisks killed their drivers on Ilcccc klands. but these slips are relict i t’c-iv it itimportant in inch a delightful hawk.-W. 13.

NION’t I!: CARLO RALLY, by Russell LOWt’y. (Posiis. 7, hi/fund Lane, London, W .C.2, 86 pp. 7s. mid.)

‘rills book tilts lime the author mei, t through. the 1950 McRae Carlo Rally with Gosh. (loll and Stan Asbury in a V:ittl Pilot. Our first, impression was (cit this hook email in no way compare with that of the same title bv f he late Humphr(‘y Symons -which :Methuen published in 11.)36. and that this great. winter Rally is too serious an event tic he portrayed through the medium of comic sket est:, and the pen of a journalist who usually Writes ” in lighter vein.” However, RINSCH IAlwry*,; bold: pas-:ed a train journey for Us :1,1111 we have to eonless that, it is vsry well writ ten, explains exacaly what. the Rally is about. is :1 jolly good story and contains very useful advice for all intending coin • petitors. Only one grliffilde have _ whet her it is good prilicy for English isaapetiiiits to rush, intii cc foreign garage, :Leman:1 liberal service. and Dien announce that they havi• or MC:LW:. or

paying for it, is open to doubt. Otherwise. W(‘ agree with all Lowry has to tell cisand admire him for not pulling his punehcs.. -W. II.