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RATES (prepaid) : 4d. per word Minimum Charge 6/Box Numbers 1/6 extra

No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 21st* of month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy withoat notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors.

* Copy closing date for March will be first post Friday, February 16th. FOR SALE JAGUAR 2.1-LITRE 0.11.V. ENGINE and tour-speed gearbox, 1930 ref., slit knot 1< hey " 12/4 " engine. completely rebuilt: Riley 1937 six-light Kestrel body parts, • all 'to .'r-, etc. " Brooklands •• Riley 2-Senter ; Riley12;4 " Adelphi 1930. Riley Nine crown wheels. cranks, heads, pishins, road wheels. front and rear axles, 2-seater body shell, etc. Arthur Dryden, 90 -101, Wellington Road, Leeds. Tel. : Ltsgts 38025-38310. (2031 BENTLEY SPEED SIX, 1931, ash shooting !Take body. 4,450 sivnt on recent overhaul. 1300. Frank EggittS, .Rosemary Cottage. Lidsey Farm Bognor Regis. Tel. : Eastergate (2932 LAMBDA SEVENTH SERIES saloon. Good original condition, exceptionally sound engine-. Fast, reliable. £135. 105" Motors," 30s. 116 " Aeroplanes," 20s. AU dean 1948-40. 14, Cranley Gardens, Wallington, .Surrey. Tel. : Wallington 4690 after 7 p.m. [2038 880. SINGER TWELVE saloon, 1928. Sound condition, roomy body, four good tyres, good battery. V. Knight, flaywards Cottage, Blackwater, near Camberley, Surrey. Tel. : Vitteley 3151. [2037 ft-R7P-TYPE KA:, -4.00 by 19 spare wheel with unused tyre, Cll Os. Two tduntinium bucket seats, 0. Exhaust manifold. t Aero screen, CI. 15, Billy Lows Lane, Potters Bar; Middlesex. (2938 SPARES. Four new " 12/50 " Atria pistols with plus and rings, standard bore, £4. Four 1930 250-cc. high-camshaft J.A.r. pistons with pins, three hours run, 42. Set new main bearings Ford Ten. 0.020 in., 30s. One " International " Aston con-rod, remetalled for boring, one set main bearing shells and caps less rear main cap, £2. One IR, in. bore horizontal Zenith (bronze). 30s. Jaeger 3-in. speedometer, 25s. Four K.E. 965 CXitallSt valves, Ford Ten, t2. Hdirgresves. Trumpet 1101, Reigate. [2939 FORD 22-H.P. VII ENGINE, accessories, gearbox case. Running order but hag external water leaks. Offers please. Box No. 760, ;it. cron Siemer, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2941 I.Y8t .1rEG. 2.8-LITRE saloon, new engine. fitted July, 1050. Complete overhaul, Onassis, springs and brakes ; 1950 appearance and condition. Any trial whatsoever. Nearest to f,5110. Kidd, 91, Cowley

Road. Uxbridge. [2444 20-H.P. 1923 ROLLS Mum by Barker. decarbonised, not run since. Excellent mechanically throughout. Ihielywork modernised. very nice order. Boot with enclosed rear and stop lights, good tyreg, two spares, trafficators, ;ill-weather equipsitent, tools, etc. A grand distineti vi: car. £225. Metealte, Woodlands, Poyanon, Cheshire. Tel. : Poynton 2230. l2948 CAMBRIDGE ENGINEERING OFFER 2-seater

• Ulster “-type sports car, registered and rebuilt 1947; 2-seater body shells; combined inlet and exhaust manifolds ; aluminium high-compression cylinder heads in high -duty alloy ; four-speed remote gear control units ; light flywheels ; windscreen swivel and arms for making fold-fiat screens. ; steering wedge to increase rake ; 15 or 164n. wheels made to order. Reconditioned engines exchange Plan, including speedy pressure-fed engine from stock, sleeved cylinder blocks exchange, 16-in. Austin Seven east aluminium wheel with tyre Complete suitable pattern. SAM. lists. Cambridge Engineering. Cambridge Road, Kew Green. Su roe. li ichniond 2120. (2045 NEW AND REGROUND CRANKSHAFTS for threebearing Austin Sevens, also good stock reground crankshafts, till types. Valves, valve guides, etc., ncutufactured to patterns or drawings. Quotations on request. Ilayford Garage and Engineering works, trineanton, Somerset. (2949


Alvis Speed 20 sports saloon, 1933 M.G. 8-h.p. 4-seater. 1932 Alvis 117-h.p. drophead coupe, 1937 Morris 8-h.p. 4-seater tourer, 1937

Standard 9-h.p. saloon, 1930 …

And many others by the time you read this advertisement. 4195 4144 025 4190 Free third party insurance for 12 months (with a tariff company) with all cars before 1937 HIRE PURCHASE AVAILABLE ON ANY CAR On cars under 4200-one-third deposit On cars over £200-one-half deposit

I give o written three months guarantee with every car that I sell, which ensures that they hove been carefully checked and all repairs carried out before being offered for sale. 353 FINCHLEY ROAD LONDON N.W.3 Tel,: HAMpstead 5712 and 8532 SPARES below normal secondhand prices,: Riles ” 12/0″ all-helical gearbox. starter, inlet manifold; exhaust camshaft, racing clutch (ex.E.R.A.)-; Riley Nine crankshaft, windscreen frame, Hartfords, chassis crOsSanembers, magneto ; Ford V8 crown wheel and pinion, 43.: 9, half-shaft ; Armstrong preselector gearbox ; Squire radiator ; S.S. radiator ; Bosch headlamp shells ; Balmier spare wheel cover ; 22-gallon petrol tank ; R.A.F. Altimeter ; Wennerstats. Offers please to Rocilill. No. 8 Crossways; Blackdown, Hants, (2947 1913 MORRIS 2-seater ;. open, laxly sound. Owner no time to assemble. -120. Durrant, 5, New Street, Warwick. (2993 0.M. 1920, 114 h.!). Body good condition, engine

stripped. What offers Tel. : Gladstone 0358. 9 p.m, [2055 MAGNETTE single-water. Ready to race. 1300. II. I.ester (Cars), Ltd.. Bath Road, Thateham, Berks. : Thatcham 3129. (33)13 £675. ASTON-MARTIN 2-litre. long-chassis, open 4 seater tourer. First registered 1939. Unmarked paintwork, many parts replated. Reconditioned engine now done 10.000 miles. One of the best pre-war Astons, maintained by enthusiast. Only reason for selling is that Owner is .taking delivery of new car. Redbridge llouse, Ilford, Bases. Tel. : Wanstead 087. (2950 FRAZER-NASEI. Ex-palethorpe ‘single-seater, the following components for sale. ” Shelsley ” pattern chassis frame with tubular crOss-members, £15. ” Shelsky ” pattern front axle Nam, springs, mountinga etc., all chronic plated (less stub axles), £20. Singleseater body, £15. Single-seater pattern radiator, Ia. Steering box and column, brake and clutch, cross.shaft, Hartford shock-absorbers, brake cables, /7 10s. Bradnack, 5, _lesson Road, Walsall. Tel. : 5901. [2952

WOLSELEY 2-seater sports 1931, 12-h.p. engine recently overhauled. Excellent running order, good tyres. £95. ” Queen’s Head,” Harlow, Essex. Tel.: Barlow 2200. (2958

2-LITRE ROVER (Siat04), 1920 Weyniann sport-4 saloon. Seri/0 brakes. Nippy, economical, reliable, Interesting, new electries. 1100. Seen London. Wells, Vicarage, Church Broughton, Derbyshire. -(2959

ALFA-ROMEO, 2.3 supercharged 2/4-seater ” be Mans” replica for sale. Excellent condition. Taylor and Thomson overhauled recently. 4505. No offers. Write Box 7433, MOTost Strom-, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2960 1922 AUSTIN -22,4 lt.p, four-cylinder. Same type as raced on Brooklands. A very fast and rare model, complete but for body. Needs rebuilding for vintage eventa. Reluctantly for saleas owner already has large vintage and Edwardian stable. Price to good home, all. Apply by letter for inspection and appointment. W. J. Oldluun, Ruttiughzun Vann, Piltdown, near UckfieJd, Sussex. (2001 SUNBEAM-TALBOT TEN (1940) 4-seater. New hood, etc. Fitted downdraught S.U. Attractive car. Nearest .C450. Routledge, Saoles, Leeds. (2962 SPECIAL LESTER-TYPE sports racing body shell, complete with special radiator cowling, bonnet top and sides. All upholstery, seats, carpet, etc. Wings anti special cut-down radiator. J. Tojeiro, .Arrington, Royston, Herts. (29133 ALVIS ” 12/50 ” Ileetleback.” Two doors aluminium panels, big-port engine. Ready reassembly after reconditioning throughout, suspension overhaul completed. New fold-fiat screen, }lardy Spicer prop. four new tyres, £10 tax. Complete spare long-stroke engine, gearbox, radiator, four Nudge wheels and hubs. Need of space compels sale below cost. £190 the lot. 29, Branksocoe Drive, Nab Wood, Shipley, *Yorks.. (2964

PB-TYPE M.G. 2-seater. Recent complete overhaul ibills available). Very smart and mechanically excellent. £295. (Surrey.) Box No. 764, Meereett Snorer, 16, City Read, E.C.I. T Ni REEN RILEY NINE T.T, REPLICA. Described

a M’ nd shown PIOTOR SPORT. 1500. St. Peter’s Hall, Oxford. (3864 M.O. Complete engine overhaul. tyres, body and cellulose all excellent, re-upholstered. C195. Wanted in exchange or to buy, pre-war ” 4/4 ” Morgan. Byrne, l’oolspringe, Much Birch, Hereford. (2969 SPARES. 1931 Alvin Silver Eagle gearbox:20e:cellent condition, £10. 51-Type M.G. cylinder head, 1.2. Three con.-rods and pistons, Cl. Oil filter, 15s. Saul,; Wigton, Cumberland, 1928 WOLSELEY 12 h.p. drophead coupe (wind(ng windows. detachable pillars), with dkkey. Restored. (.61). Peter Miteey, Warmlake, Sutton [2975

vale new, t. 1931 SINGER NINE 2-seater sports. Good condition and appearance. Resprayed. Lively performance. Accept 00. Tel. Pinner 2140. (2970 JAGUAR 3#-LITRE S.S. 100 in fine condition. 1938 model with many extras including oversize tyres. Hood, sidcscreens, tyres and paintwork as new. Engine and suspension recently overhauled. Owner sailing on loan to Australian Navy. Offers around 4500. Lieut. (E) James, H.M.S. ” In

domitable,” Portsmouth. (2972 JOWETT 7 ILT. Long Four tourer. This car at though registered in 1927 is in 1947 condition. Genuine mileage 33,000 since new. Engine pulls like a ” Trojan ” and is highly polished on bright parts. Tyres good, paint good, new battery and insured until July, 1951. Nearest 470.. Apply Jack R. CoIlinson, 150, Moorside Road, Feeleshill, Bradford, Turks. Tel..: Bradford 37771 (evenings).

1923 FIAT 10.4 h.p. coupe. Mechanically perfect. Body, hood and screens good. Four.vdwel brakes. Two owners. £00. Wade, Wares, Linton, Kent. tel.: Minton 85163. 1930 SUNBEAM 24 h.p. 7-seater divided

Sunbeam condition right through ; will exchange fin “mailer car, higher h.p. the better, 4100. 1927 Morris oxford Fourteen, has definitely led a clattered and secluded existence, any trial, £85. 1927 Clyno Ten. disguised as truck will only be sold to one who can pass oral examination in gospel according to McAndrew or Mr. Wardrop. Never rebored, 250 m.p.g. oil, 430. 1933 M.G. Twelve, incredibly rough, all there, 475. 1930 Sunbeam chassis, complete, towable, £30. All at 42, Park Road, Peterborough. Tel.: Peterborongh 3333. [2977

BROOKLANDS RILEY. prototype of speed model built by Thomson imd Taylor for Reid Railton ; .see T.O.S.C. No. 231. EPK 797: First registered 1937. 4223. 1932 Riley Monaco 94i.p. saloon, 4110. Also quantity of engine spares. Moist, 30, Stone -leigh Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey.

[297s RILEY NINE ENGINE (1933) with csrburetter,h907eSt and exhaust manifolds. Bearing:: and bores good (bores polished). New pistons, valve seats re-cut, new exhaust valves, ports polished, new gaskets.426. B.T.H. magneto to lit, £3. Starter, £2, or offers tot whole or exchange’. Crated. Reid, 2, Cecil Street. • Coat bridge, Lanarkshire. 2970 .FRAZER-NASEI-G.N. SPECIAL. Sale or exchange

vintage Lea. Francis. ;this. Morris Minor. Box No. 765, Moron SPORT, IS. City Road, E.C.1. [2980

• GOOD HOME WANTED for 1928 17.7-h.p. Morn, saloon. 90 m.p.h., 20 m.p.g. Very good condition. For quick side, 440. Rourke, Spreyton, Creditor’. Devon. [2981

1934 .ALVIS FIREFLY 12 h.p. saloon. Fair condition. 4125. Clark, 26, West Park. Harrogate. [2983 RILEY NINE saloon, 1932. ExCellent mechanical ‘condition, five new tyres’, lxsdy fair. 000. Maggs. ” Clemstan,” Main Road, Hawley, near Dartford [2984 VAUXHALL ” 12it ” saloon. 1935. In good running .order, bodywork, upholstery good. 4160. J. Kingdon, 39. Nesequity Road. C,atford, S.E.8. [2986 AUSTIN ” 10/4 ” saloon, 1935. No oil painting but reliable, recent extrusive mechanical repairs. Seen Bromley, Kent. 4145. Box No. 7136, M78e.k SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. ( M.G. “TA ” December, 1937. Rebored 6,01.10 mitts, oil nil, petrol 34 m.p.g., new batteries, good tyres. CoachwOrk perfect. 1360, or exchange 8-12 h.p. 4-center. open or closed, or 3-litre Bentley. Cash adjustment. Glasgow district. Box No. 767,

Marron .Srottr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 1’2987 KOITC-1711-StVEN sports. Works bunt body tmloget style). Engine, body, weather equipment, tyres very good, new electrics. Nippy performance. Nearest 4130. Write Evans, Dorset Farm Institute. [2990 VINTAGE SCRAPBOOKS, 1922-30. Over 194’i: makes, British, Continental, American. Grant’s Simla Cars,” other literature. S.A.E. list. Offers. tlx No. 778, MoroR SPORT. 15, City Road.

[2991 SIX-CYLINDER SCINTILLA VERTEX magneto, £1 0. Riley ” Alpine 11,9 ” cylinder head, valves lightened, ports lioltshed, etc., various other gad Riley spares. Also 1939 Standard Twelve engine in good condition, 1:25. ,A..hi. 131ewitt, Hawkesford, -Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. : Castle Bromwich 2384. [2993 .CYCLE WINGS (domed and beaded), steel, 10s.; ,alloy, 17s. I3d. Stonelands Farm, Herstmanceux, Sussex. 12995 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1926 (April), 20-h.p. saloon. Body rough. Mechanically sound. 495. Would exchange Alvls or similar. K. Twyford, Stanton Lix..s, near Matlock, Derbyshire. 13355 NASH CHASSIS, suitable sprint. special. Quantity Nash spares ; two-door coupe body off International Astort•Martin, also worm and wheel ; 61-litre Bentley engine : LQ 2 Daimler 2(1 engine. Large .quantity Citroen spares. Wanted : ” D”‘ type Bentley box, No. 9, Cozette or spares. Williamson, 1,itchborotrgh, ToweeSter, Northants. [3359 ALVIS ENGINE, 1932 sports Silver Eagle. Recent works overhaul, including resleeve. MUNI three S.U.s. Complete with all accessories and gearbox. 445. Also another engine of sante year and typefor spares. Valuing, ” Vicarage,” TakeleY, Bishops Stortford. [2994 A.C. “16/80” sports tourer, 1937. Property of mechanical engineer. Post-war mods. engine. Excellent performance and condition. 4375. Family reasons. 3; Mays II Road, Short lands. Kent

: Ray. 5327.

MORGAN, 1931. Remo. body. J.A.P. u(‘2rit9(.1.1r0cooled engine. four-speech gearbox, spare J.A.P. engine, hood, spare chai)), etc. £73Fox, 21, lleVi..tarth Road, liasthain, Cheshire. ALVLS SILVER EAGLE 17 h.p. tourer, 1931,[34(7) 4/6

stater. Very good condition. 030. Tel.: Eniberbrook 3186. 9-H.P. 1927 AMILCAR SURBAISSE. Engine (30(3 ri)-

conditioned throughout, resprayed British racing green. 050. Sprott, Di:throne, Brantley, Surrey. Tel.: Brantley 2182. [3901 1926 SUNBEAM “14/40” cabriolet. •Magniticent specimen, original condition. Speedometer 50,000, new tyrts, battery, four-wheel brakes, 60 m.p.h., 25 m.p.g. £195 or offers. Mackenzie, 38, Ilampton R. ind, Southport. Lanes. ;3005


4625 1939 ” 12/70 ” drophead coupe. very fine car in outstanding order.

E495 1935 Speed 20 open sports 4-seater. Beautiful example, lavish ail-weather eq uipinc nu.

E345 1935/6 17-h.p. Silver Eagle drophead foursome coupe. Good car, genuine one owner from new.

E295 1933 124t.p. Firefly foursome drophead coupe. Manual gearbox. Many extras. Very fine condition.

E265 1933 ” 12160” 2-seater drophcad coupe, Very nice order in every way. New hood, ore. 4245 1933 12-h.p. Firefly four-door sports

saloon. Recent gearbox overhaul. Good example.

4165 1932 16-h.p. Silver Fagle drophead foursome coupe. Pretty body. needs painting.

E135 1927 ” 12/50” tourer. Many extras. Twin carburetters. Enthusiast maintained. Also : 1932 3-litre Continental Lagonda sports saloon. L245. 1942 Citroen Standard

saloon. £495. Ex-Brernner/Delingpole H.R.G. Type 37 1A-litre Bogart, 1936 Morris I4-h.p. sports so loon, etc. Immerhate Hire Purchase, Insurance and Part Exchange, ALTON GARAGE ” THE ALVIS PEOPLE ” 17, BROOK MEWS NORTH, CRAVEN ROAD. W.2. Paddington 3952.4710 Two min. Paddington Main Line and Tube Stations,

FOUR–YES. FOUR-LITRE BENTLEY gearbox rind prop.-shaft. L;15. Autovaes ex .1) Bentleys, 30s. each. Smiths and Solex carburettets complete with manifolds for 3-litres. Roulledge. St:holes, .1.42.i:its006d.S. S.U. CARBURETTERS, matow.: ‘,air, new, ex

2/ -litre Lagonda, complete with C.A., IT t ing device, £10 10s. Also pair suitable Al-is ” 12 01″ at L5. Itoutledge. Scholes, Leeds. 0108 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE 1932 saloon. One owner 1 Unique history, Ix* rebored and top overhatilecl. Three Carburetters. Immaculate interior. .£ 170 or nearest oiler. lloutledge, Scholes, Leeds. ‘eel. : [30 Leeds 47S90. 00 280. AUSTIN-FORD SPECIAL in running order, unfinished, body included, not yet fitted. Details : Savage, 10, POyle Road, Guildford, Surrey. 13007 AUSTIN SEVEN SPARES. Recinalitioned front axle, with brakes, springs., etc.; four wheels with tyres, tact 1,55O retreads ; steering coluntn complete with box ; radiator ; rear brakes oomplete. 425 the lot or separate. ” Cranford,” LadybrOok Road, Cheadle Hulme. [3008 ALFA-RA:MO ” Mille ” 2:3 straight.eight supercharged super-legera ‘2-seater. Mileage under 2,000 since completely stripped and rebuilt by Thomson and Taylor. Price and further details on applicatitni. Box No. 799, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, [3090 SPARES FOR SALE. Centric supercharger with manifold, S.U. carburetter, oil tank and pulleys, pertect condition, complete, suitable for PA.type Midget :M.G. One pair of rebuilt 4/ Bentley wheeLs. Spares for 1927 Red Label Bentley : one cylinder block, gearbox perfect, one set of brake dnints, complete with sideplates. Bentley speedometer as new ; also eight-day clock Bentley. One Bugutti eight-day clock. One eight-day clock tilted in mirror, as new. One clectrie clock, six-volt, fitted in mirror, as nese. Camshafts for Speed Six Bentley. One pair of chrome oblong French headlamps; prisutatie lens, very powerful. Five 9.00 by 20 tyres. Red Label 192-7 flywheel, as new. A reasonable offer will secure any article. 22, Baron’s Grove, Mitcham, Surrey. (3010 ALVIS “12/50″ sakam, 1927. Excellent condition, very reliable, comfortable. P.100 heaillanMS, 5 good tyres. 4125 or suitable offer. Duncan,. ” Beverley,” Roddingluad Rtiad, Whitecraigs, Reid rewsliire. (2012 1935 LAGONDA saloon, Gtaxl condition,

photographs avOilable. Nearest 4280. Plying Officer T. lax;kwotxl, Royal Air Form, Sutton-oll /NIL East l’orkShire. 2-LITRE TRIUMPH DOLOMITE saloon. linni30

11att3. late condition throughout. mechanieauy perfect. £383. 2-litre odic. A.C. roadster. Chassis perfect, 89 lb. oil pressure hot, fitted Telecontrols’ built-in jackS, seating 3;5 under cover and 2;3 dickey. Twitispares. Exception:01s smart, fast and reliable. £475. 1925 14 11.11. Ilun the!. tourer. Mileage approximately 22,000. Perfect running order, very reliable and original in true s•intage style. 472 10s. j1.cs7sts;,,its,20431:01.,. Woodcock Street, Birmingham, 4. Tel,: ” 5 TO” M.G. 2-Seater. ‘First registered Decoli10i11el° r, 1946. In lirst•chis.s order including inxid, sidereen.s, etc. 4500. Eceleston, 39, Rowlands Road, Bir•

mingliant, 29. Tel. : Aeo 2039. SUNBEAM ” 18,91-2 ” 18-20 h.p. Cylinder 113x04ird7 casting no. 131515. Manifolds, erankshaf 1, gearbox, two good Magna 211-in. wheels.Amt’ rtInSol[1:01240c offer accepted. W. Bishop, 9, Norman Itoad, Swindon. HEADSCARVES. TIeoriginal, featuring leading British and Continental wing and .smirts car motifs in apprOpriate colours, 311s’. Vintage selection, 35s. Special orders from 40s. Ties any Make, 21s. Faust quality, mist paid. N. Iv. J. Rich, Steelgrecit,

Cumberland. 13021 BAUSCH AND LOMB II -in. headhunps, single-bolt fitting, Super reflectors and condition. Original fluted glasses, 48. 192-1 550-e.c. Triumph, oil bath. Stored indoors two decade.), little lewd, £13, otiveLsI. Rich. Steelgreett, Millon, Cumberland. $32 10s. 1925 8.9 SWIFT Open tourer. Very Met! contlitum (black with red leather), hood shabby. Two new tyres (4.50 by 19), dynamo and magneto just overhauled ; 40 m.p.g. ; 100 per cent. reliable. Peen; c-/c’ Barnes, 3tia, Leighton Avenue, SAV.19. (W2 RILEY IMP. British racing green. Very good c.6,11, twin &Us. Scintilla magneto, E.N.V. box, new batteries. dynamo rewound, ete.; 35 m.p.g. at 70 m.p.h. £350. Panton, ” The Jungle,” Barkliam Ride, Wokingtuun. Tel. : Eversley 3117. [3023 VINTAGE 1925 FIAT cabriolet 10 lap, Magnitieeni condition throughout. Surely the finest example In the country. Photos available. Taxed and insured. 4145. lintlitiacts Only, please. A. Ilopton, 22, Moss Lane, Sale, Cheshire: LAGONDA RAPIERtwo-cloor saloon b.p. CS. 2 r,4t registered July, 11)34. Bodywork in fair condition. mechanically sound. 488 PVC/IMO, including TIZACOIC and reground crankshaft. 4200. Panions,

217, Oxford Road, Reading. : Reading 4549.

[3027 1949 COOPER 1000. Lit UV ‘Asc.& New four-Stud 497-cc. J.A.P. Many extrasincluding Cooper trailer. t475. aleGlashan, 52, Purpose Street, Glasgow, W.I.

[3(128 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY-FIVE drophead coupe, 1311(S3’7. Mechanically perfect and inspected by Alvis two months ago. Imposing appearance. Na’ hood and tyrt-S, and nothing to smial. Oil consumption nil, petrol 18 m.p.g. Photos to genuine enquirers. cu.:: o 0. Apply Fisher, 25, High Street, Bewdley, Worts. Tel. : trewdley 171. EXCHANGE -FOR SALE. 1929 “11/28 ‘1-1Ttimber saloon, new beatings, pistons, etc., beautiful condition, in exclumia for any type lingatti with, or Ii) aptable fur, truck bOdy. Box No. 77l, isloroa Sronr, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [3034 M.G. INSTRUCTION MANUALS. “P-P.11,” ” r,” ” magnot, 13s. each. Wanted 1935-30 M.G. in Al condition. also fast post-war motor-cycle. Kent, 43, Argyle Street, Oxford. [3035 TALBOT 17.8 H.P. sports saloon, 1935, blue, celleiit couutlition. 1,173. Wareing. Railway Tavern, liamworthy, Dorset. [3041 TWIN CARBURETTERS. conversion set (Ace) for Citroen 15 h.p. Nearly new, cost L28 10s. Accept 05. Pope, 149. Stafford !Wad, Wallington. Tel. : Wallington 1205. 13049

FORD V8, 1937, ’22 It.p. four-door saloon. New engine on octolvr 151, 1959. 1,300 Miles elnee then. RecollIV /.130 epent on car, silver grey. Ai Con dition. for salt:. Berthold Goldberger, Forth:senile. 13030

atanor. Rent. 500;1,000 CHASSIS COOPER, 1949 with 195(01110+1. 1,e»e-range tanks, new tyres, sill engine Mistime, gearbox, Cat overhauled and as OM. Offer’,

to Man R Ion, W hilt: I , t: heltlisiord. 5(11) Stieel,t1, Cooper Patient Irstsed, formerly AS.’., in very good order. stud ready to rime. New 1 Norton gearbox, :sprint mid long-range tanks. Bee: olfer, as room needed. Box No, 770; 3torcet St:s;t1:3s

1. 15, City Rdasl. SPECIAL RILEY CAMSHAFTS, Boli Gerard Cam have for diSpOS31 3 NW WM:led Rityy 1 tditre, four cylinder racing-type inlet camshafts sis fitted to T.T. sprite, complete with end plugs and rev.outer drive, f.;:5 eat-11. Bob GerardCMS, Abbey I,ane, Leicts: ter : 111511/213/4. 13030 193143 “TA” nutruon/lxige. Unspoiled original showroom condition throughout. Second ‘,levier. Total mileage Under 40,000. 1:.ngine I.a•,,etall serviced, traffic:dors, Pit’s/art

Feint, many eiding. Near new batteries and tyre, Seen London or Oxford. 1,345, or exchange Austin 1•:ight &diens. 94, Northwiek Avenue, Renten. Middlesex. TH. Bishopegate 7;102. t M.G. PA” and “PR” SECONDHANff-S-PAITE!:”‘S: 19-in. knock elf •, rockers, His. each ; rocker shafts, 5s. each ; vertical drive pinions, f,3 set ;

valves, 3S. Ikt each ; road springs, ; cate,e springs. K2 set ; vertical dynamo and pinion, 00. A14.1, new roekerS, 25s. each ; 400 ley Ill Fort, ; new siendtle 10′, each ; sixtres manual for

” l’A “, .4fere. Wanted, Rapier ilandbook. Wareham, nay Wood Cottage, Five Waye, Halt3t1o421, near Warwick. TALBOT 21 H.P. open.4pottt; touter, 1935. Mechani at,. but wiring swede attention. Hy

recently rebuilt l’A’ Junkers. Inept’s:HMI and test invited. 000 01 offer. Box No. 774, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Rood.

ALVIS “12.50.” New body, reeellulesed. rebuilt from stem to stern at Cost Of over (325. lininaculat.e, enthusiast maintained. Best offer. )Citrite,: Apart’s. Day, 7, Weetern ‘terrace, Falmouth. Cornwall.

BENTLEY 3-LITRE ROS1 Laud, Servo beak’s, 3.5 rear axle, short chassis saloon. Philliris, .8handon, School Lone, Windleshant, Surrey. ALVIS FIREBIRD, 1035. Black ;Rh leal3UT.r7. spore.; saloon, Me:Mutely inimaeulate. Coutplettdy swerhatikxl, includiug new clutch, Makes, etc., the

tyrts, two new, A fast, Safe and csanfortable car that will outlast most moderns. Box No. 780.

storou Seiner, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (304$ ” TJ ” ALVIS ” 12/50 BLOCK Bud many other spares. 12. R. Fountaine, 68, Dunstable Street, Ampthill. Reds.

(80511 FORD MERCURY-ENGINED SPECIAL wit h sit11.r51.!, spAreS including engine.. Registered 1948, Cockburn, 0, Cavendish Road, Choriton, -Manchester. 13051

I AM NOW DISPOSING of my 024 11.441.p. Humber. Only needs new clutch spring to make roadworthy, or ram be ;ismi for spares. (,13. Hardy, 2, Clorane Gardens, NAV.3. Tel. ; Hampstead 4203 (evenings).

0020 tOSPANO-SUIZA SPARES and service s G. 1/timid, 47, Tronworth Road, Croydon. Tel.: Croydon 1742. 12106 REBORED AUSTIN SEVEN BLOCKS. Wellwurtli3pistol’s, mirror finish, 13 19s. fld. Quotations all makes. Surface Krinding, head or b,lOCk from 10s. RowleY nd Louis, Summerland Gardens, Muswell N1.10: ‘tel.: Tudor .1370. 13052 IIIIRNT OUT 1935 CITROEN TWELVE. Engine cuM

trans TWO good 1Yes. Lepage, mission untouchedterra.

4, upper Church Road, Westomsuper-Mare. 13054 I3tiefftY NINE-FOOT CHASSIS, complete with front springs. (Mete. John leuseell, 52, lisizelhurst Road, Castle llonnwiell, Birmingham>.

1-91.2-1IILVER GHOST. Meehnnieany perfect, lorry lissek, new tyre. i:,10 tax posSible. Nt•edsbattery. About 00. 15, Park Avenue, Farnborough Rent.

133057 1939 111.0. ” TA.” Immaculate scarlet reellulOse. Following work done Last 12 months : HOW C.Nilinkr 11.N1C1 and rocker gear, valves, etc„ front -1>1.G,s ; new islock and pistons, crank reground ; alt new bearings in hack .axle ; new road Springs ; truek rod ends •, Icing pins. Reconditioned dynamo, new hood awl seteene, Bert> Screens, radio, new batteries: Bilk available for over f139. Private sale. (‘rile WO or exchange for 4-seater sports in similar condition. J. Price, 195, MiddletOn Road, Carshalton. Surrey. DELAGE, 1935 sports.: 2-seater. Enginc. recently bored and sleeved, BOdy resprayed British racing Creel). All fittings re:chromed. Two spot lamps.. Fitted radio. Good tyres, tWO spares. Servo (‘rakes. Tide car is In molly iiret-class condition and is offered at the bargain prier of ,1:400. Apply 42, Melburv Avenue, tiOtithilll, MiddiRereX. : SW; thill 1212 [3059 ‘ 30,138 ” VAUXHALL ..,ports De:aded bills for over £9(X) spent on this air with first-class engineering firms. Engine completely overhauled by Monaco’s of Watford in 1949, including fitting Latest type high-compression racing pistons and S.D. airburetters (bill, £174), and air only taxed two quarters 1050. The chassis has been lowered and shortened ; Deluge axle and brakes ; 4-speeti close-ratio box, 650 by 19 mar wheels, giving 3 to 1 top gear ratio. Cruises 75 m.p.h. at approx. 2,000 revs., ‘maximum 100 m.p.h. plus• 18 m.p.g. cruising. Lightweight sports 2-seater ‘body, with slab tank, light alloy spring wings, fold-fiat and aero wind-screens, 12.M. headlamps, Large dial gauges, all tyres as new. This is a real motor and is offered at a fraction of its cost. Accept £375. Sensible part exchanges considered. P. Weaver, Melton Mowbray, Leics. Tel. .Melton

Mowbray 533. ;3236 WHN BLAND offers service to vintage and Edwardian owners. Valves, bearings, valve guides, shackle bolt* king-pins, etc. to drawing or pattern.

Specialist repairs on the older Talbot cars. 1322377, Southfidds Road, S.W.I Q.. Tel. : Vandyke 1612. JOHN BLAND offers : Talbot Fourteen 1932 &Moon. Recent complete engine overhaul ; good. battery ; tyres sound. Coachwork good. fj95. 27, South. fields Road, S.W.18. Tel. : Vandyke 1612. [32:38 MARMON, 1929. MODEL 68, chassis, body drun:03,dF.ngine, etc„ undamaged, recently completely overhauled ; six almost new 5.50 by 19 tyres, Whitt offers Box No. 810, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, ( B.8.A. SCOUT, 10 H.P., 1938, 4-seater; 33,000 n5139. Recent overhaul ; now hood ; perfect condition ; fast. £240. Tel. : Bowes Park 5964. [3240 M-TYPE M.G. With ” Moutfiltry ” (muslin( t, double valve springs, new exhaust valves and phosphor-bronze guides, reground crn.ukshaf t, etc., lightened flywheel, double clutch springs, low-ratio rear axle, high-geared steering. Rewired, repainted. Excellent condition throughout. Ekeeptiorud performance, with vivid acceleration. /150. P. J• Lovell. ” Milverton,” Dorsett Vale, Yoking. Tel. : Woking 2408. 3241 TAP-LEY-FERODO BRAKE TESTER, AS new, in ease, £5, cost £12. Autovac, His. New Scintilla airman magneto, 14 cylinder ; offers. 5:3, Tyrwhitt Road, 1;071(1671, (3242

1931 BENTLEY 4-LITRE, fitted with special drop. head coupe body 1936. restyled 1050. Very rare and elegant motor cur at thy reasonable price of £550. Can be seen in London by appointment. Carlyon, 1, Archery Close, London, W.2. (324:3 LAGONDA 19.8-H.P. shooting brake. Excellent met:Minim’ condition. Body just resprayed and grained. £200. Service Motors. la, High Road, Balby, Doncaster. Tel. : Doncaster 53494. (3244 DELAGE 08 engine and gearbox, complete with all aceessorkS, very sound. £20. Service Motors, la, High Road, Balby, Lionmster. Tel.: Doncaster

53494. [3245 III ATTENTION, ” 500″ PILOTS. Five-stud Excelsior modified J.A.P. 500-c.c. engine, complete, extra large crank and bearings. Bargain, 05. Service Motors, la, High Road; Balby, Doncaster. Tel. : Doncaster 53494. (3246 CLYNO 1928 DYNAMO, perfect, 45s. Front lamp. Austin Seven Chummy, 12s. (Id. ” Trieo ” suctiOn wiper, 12s. thl. Alford, 57, McIntyre Road, Worcester. (3248 £225-ALVIS 1934 -FIREFLY ” 11.9″ saloon. Pits-elector. Tyres, body, engine excellent. Exchange smaller car, S.S.. Morgan, etc. Offers. Tel. : Guildford 2074. (3249 JAGUAR “100,” in Minim:Mate condition. Guaran teed low mileage. Original -specification. /300 recondition. Many extras. Nearest offer 10 £575 or will exchange for saloon. Box No. 818, Moron Sroar, 15, City R otid, E.C.l ‘3259 RILEY NINE SPARES, Sales and Service. Most engine and chassis parts front 1928 onwards, including differential units, axle shafts, road wheels, .springs, gearboxes, etc. Reconditioned universal joints, short type camshafts. S.A.E. for quotation please. New replacement valves, Ks. 6c1. each ; guides 3s. 6d. each ‘ • valve springs 7s. (id. set ; damper springs O 2s. d. jetir ; gaskets 17s. set : speedo.. cables, complete, 255. each. Flywheel nuts, reconditioned magnetos and dynamos. King-pins and bushes 11129 to 1933. 1934 Riley Nine Monaco saloon, all metal body, km, wheels, remote manual gearbox ; good runner ; untidy inside ; £110. Welford Bros., Opal Street, Leicester. ‘tel. : Leicester 65003. Sales and service open till 10 p.m. weekdays, nod-day Sunday. [3247

” BRESCIA ” BUOATT1 SPARES : Twin racing bronze Solex carburetters and manifolds, single carburetter manifold :iful earlinretter. Cylinder block, frost•damaged but repairable. Mannish:in differential casting and differential, less pinion, £20. Swandean Garage Ltd., Worthing, Sussex. (3250 TALBOT “95.” 1934,.elaissis, engine complete with gearbox, most transmission ; for sale iii one Mt, £70 or near offer. Douglas, 26, Alleyne Way, NtiddletoM on-So. Sussex. (3251 CORD. Super streamlined saloon (blue), registered 9.6.50, 40 £10 tax: Independent suspension. front-drive, electric gears. overdrive, radio, fan, heater, retractable lamps, etc.; 20 m.p.h., 110 mph. Terrific noiseless acceleration. In showroom condition. Accept £800 quick •sale, or exchange smaller and eash. 75, Athol Road, Itradhmt Tel. : Brad ford 41014. (3252 “MOTOR SPORT,” all copies frOm October, 1946. to date’ also Speed, Vol..3 (bound), 30,.. : Croydon 2402. (3264 1934 SINGER NINE “LE MANS ” coup(‘, fair ‘condi tion : m.p.g. London area. Nearest f,135. Box 811, Nhirok SPORT, 15, City Regal, E.C.1. (3255

BOSCH ZU.4 4-CYLINDER MAGNETO-offers? Centric 160 supercharger, boost gauge, etc., £15, nearest. MX).” 12/70,” 1,250-cm. crankshaft, ValvCcov5T, five con.-rods, eight brake shoes and bits, lot £3 105. Lucas 12.Y. coil, I 5s. Atlantic black univer sal spot lamp, 54n., mirror-backtal, 25s. NISI. tubular luggage carrier (rough), 15s. 17 in. by 6i in. defroster; needs rewiring, I5s. S.A.E., Mulford, Tylehurst Close: Forest Row, Sussex. [3256 RACING HEALEY four-branch outside exhaust manifold, 41. B.M.W. jewelled 8-day dash clock, 50s. Morris Ten flexible coupling* new. £1. Overhead-cam Minor gearbox, I5s.; ditto, steering wheel and box, 10s. ” Ph ” rockers, four only, 10s. Weekend callers to : MeAusland, Cloves Hilt Morley, Derb-y. [3257 SUNBEAM 24-H.P., 1931, 2-door saloon: Good COilditi01), including tyres ; taxed. insured , £75. Warr, Field Farm, Hampton Lane, Solihull, Birming ham. i325s 1934 LAGONDA ” 18/80 ” tomer, insured to May, good weatherproof equipment. £275. Bailey, Kirkby Training College, Kirkby, LiVertxmL (3260 FORD “14.9 ” saloon, 1931. Everything original. Good battery. No oil. 450. 14, eranley Gardens, Wallington, Surrey. Tel. : Wallington 4696. (3291 ALVIS FIREFLY, 1034, reconditioned running chassis. New springs, king-pins, bushes, track-rod ends; starter. Two new tyre* three Part worn. Suitable sports or utility body. Offers over £95. WolSeley Ten. 1035, chassis , reconditioned hydrau• lies and steering ; ideal special ; £35. Many Austin Seven spares. Cox, Cialle Farmhouse, Ridgeway, Stratford -on-Avon. [3242 1927 VAUXHALL FOURTEEN tourer, mechanically and generally sound. Box No. 812, littrrort SPORT, 15, City Reed, E.C.1. 13264 M.G. “NA “REAR AXLE (less brakes). £15. 15th-cc. James inotor,cycle, £15. Oakshott, I. Weston Villas, Thames Dillon. 13273 M.G. USED PARTS: Set ” ‘re ” hubs and axle

shafts, £a I0s.; pair ” ” carburetters, with air cleaner, £7′; front axle With stubs, beifill slightly bent, £3 ; Lucas vertical 4 VRA magneto, £3 10s.; 1,-type head, DO ; K•type head with valves and ro-ekers, /15 ; K-type block complete with crank, rods, pistons, mains and filter, £40 ; K-type wide chassis frame, complete with heavy axles, wheels, springs, 12-in. elektron brakes, steering, front wings and lamps, £40, or with F,.N.V. crash box and prop.shaf t, £55. C. II. Foster, 2, Manor Road, Sealand, near Chester. RILEY NINE SPECIAL 2-Seater sports, built ET= for trials and çlinths. TV/in S.U.s, also four Antal ‘carburetter attachineut ready to fit. Road used only. New tyres. £160 or near offer. Box’ No. 813, Mfoernoort.t.1

Speirer, 15, City !triad, TIC. I. PAIR “H. & H” ACETYLENE HEADLAB1PS,

circa 1919, £10. One only ” Rushmore ” ditto, £3. 1..100 Lamp and one ditto interior only, £7 10s. One 4.50 by 21 new tyre (post-war stock), (6 10S. One 4.5(1 by 21 tube, £1. Two 4.50 by 19 new Dunlop tyres. 1927 Austin Seven Chummy sports SALOOR very good condition, £85. Taxed. Taylom Garage,

Sale Moor, Manchester. Tel. : Sale 5808. (3207 BUOATTI TYPE 40. Recellutosed French-bine, new battery. tyres. Engine and chassis in good condition. Spare crankshaft and con.-rods. £250. Lord. 70. Eastlxink Street, Southport. (3268 AUSTIN SEVEN : Complete front axle-spring assembly, 1005.: 4.9 back stile, less hubs, Ws.; steering column, :305. Cheap chassis and magneto engine spares. Fame-Halls, Lineoht House, Old Avenue, Weybridge. Td. : Weybridge 4307. [3270 MARSHALL SUPERCHARGER, in first-class condi lion, -suitable for 750-e.c. engine or FIAT 500, £20. Rudge wheel, 18 by 5.25, with unused Dunlop Road racing tyre, £5. Box No, 820. Merrog SPORT, 15. City ‘Road, E.C.1. SPORTS/ RACING SPECIAL, 2-seater. 1,08173-c27M2. Trillitip11. Ness’ -alloy racing body. Polychroniatie. green. Outside exhaust, cycle-type wings, Hartfords, Lockbeeds, Oileoil, new battery. £155 or best offer. Clarke, ” Cameral,” Covert Camp,

Culham, Abingdon, Berks. (3274

FORD VS. 30-H.P. ENGINE. all complete with

Scintilla magueto, as new, £20. Pair P.100 Loots headlamps.. Norman 2-1i p. air-cooled engine, brand new, £9. Stuart-TunWr we. 3-11.p. engine. £15. Scintilla V8 Ford magnetos, £5 each. 16-in. Austin Seven road wheel, new, 505. Quantit:70: digiswer’s benches, cheap. A. D. Nicholls, Church Wharf, The Mall, London, W.4. Tel. : Chiswick 2327. WOLSELEY HORNET SPECIAL, 1932. Exceptional -condition ; new hood, taxed, insured. GOcS likte32 0716e rs clappe! £175. S.E. London. Box No. 821, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, 1/Cl. 1929 SUPERCHARGED F.W.D. ALVIS 11-LITRE 2-.seater ; meeliankally excellent ; small amount of body finishing needed ; £05. 1028 Singer Senior

saloon, 12 li.p., taxed excellent all round ; £38.

Itaddeley. 24, Waterlield, Tadworth, Surrey. (3279 /937 TALBOT TEN saloon, £375. A.A. inspection invited. Fullest details-from : Box No. 815, NiOTOR

SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. $280 ALVIS ” 12f50.” “16.9,” ” 19.8 ” SPARES from 1920-30. Dismantling 1931 Silver Eagle, 1934 Crested Eagle. 1934 Speed Twenty nianifold complete with triple 8.1:.s. 05. Cylinder head, complete, £10. New set of Silver Fade valves anel guides, £3 10s. 1933 sPce(t Twcnty 0,11,1,1Cte Wit1.1471Utell and gearbox, ready to large port head and bronze S. .s. 151). Six .,:y I i lig ler B.T. II. magneto and coiltype magnetos, £5. ” 12/50 ” starters, reconditioned, £6 10s.; serviceable secondhand, £3 Itis. Quotations by return for parts not advertised. Carriage extra. 1/. IkeOlaw,. The Green, Bath Street, Belgrave, Leict,ter. [3283 VINTAGE A.C. SIX, 2 LITRE, 4(5,strater tourer, 1928. Reconditioned 4,000 miles ago, phis new hoOLI and screens. Excellent order throughout. Sell reasonably, or part .swop for family conveyance Write : 14, Swinburne Road. Darlington. Tel. : Darlington 579d. 13251 1931 BLUE LABEL BENTLEY. Eali.’eptioually smart saloon by ” Henri Chapion.” Iiiigiic just ready for running-in after complete overhaul. Spare rear axle Photo to genuine inquirers. 4200. Box No. 81d, Moron S.P0nr, 15, City Road, E.C.I. ;3282 TALBOT “95 ” 4-door drophead coupe. Recent contplete overhaul, new tyres’. 4200 or nearest. Wilding, Woodside Cottage, Higher Road, Hale bank, Widnes. Tel. : Hale 2212. (3284 SUNBEAM 8-SEATER lintOusine. Bodywork good conditiOn, mechanically perfect. 4105, Rawlirpcs, liarford Nurseries, TaViStock, Devon. Tel : Mary tovy 349. 13285 238—MORRIMOWLEY 4-door saloon, 1930. Good tyres, dynamotor overhauled. Excellent runner ; any trial. Barnes, 3011 Leighrun Avenue. Streatham,

1910 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER GHOST, £45 1;=-+ ‘Runs-Royce Phantom 1, 00 ; both fitted with ambulance bodies. 1947registered Humber (exW.D.), Ics.s body, /115. Write : 17, Manor Drive, Ileunetthorpe, Doneaster. Tel. : Dommater 3170. [3280 8-LITRE BENTLEY 1931—droplwatel coup6 by Thrum) 6c Mabcrley, a great vintage car ; 4245. 45-litre Bentley, 1928, fitted in 1937 with a new

droplmcid coup6 body by Ranalagh ; really line motor, 4350. 2041.p. Rolls-Royce, 1930, rebuilt in 1937 by Rollsand fitted with It shooting brake body ; a Specimen car ; full details and history available ; £475. 20-h.p. Rolls-Royce, 1925, fitted with vAll body, 4150. 25-1t.p. Rolls-Royce, 1930, fixed head copp6 by Thrum) S Maberley, overhauled by Rolls 14,900 utiles ago, body overhauled and recellulOsed two shades inetallic•sea-green and dark pearl, interior blue leather an immaculate car ; 4850. 1930 Phanton 11 sports saloon, with division, 4550. 1919 Silver GhoSt, titled with truck body, 450. 1931 Talbot ” 75 ” 2-seatci, excellent condition mechanically and first.class coachwork; good allweather equipment and tyres ; clutch recently relined ; 4195. 1933 Ate) in Seven van, new Crown an pinion and axle shafts lilted, 1.,00. Dobson’s Motors, 8, Queen Street, Rude, Cornwall. Tel..: Bode 359. 329 LAGONDA “18180 ” sports saloon.. Excellent condition, new magneto, well shod, taxed ; 4250. J2 and It-type M.G. spares, state requirements. Box N. 824 Moron Seonr, 15, City Road, 1tC.1. ;3292 027 LEA-FRANCIS ” 12/40 ” tamp& recently rebuilt to maker’s specification. ,Original and pee. krt. condition. Cellulose,’ British racing-green. ‘;250 or offer. M. Kingtia in, Puckswood. Mitcham],

stead, Berkshire. ;129:3 1938MODEL M.G. “TA ” 2-seater sports, fed, fitted with Marshall supercharger ; good tyres and excellent cUnitition I hroughont . 4375. I,aneaster Motors, 59, Lancaster NIews, Lancaster Gate, W.2. Tel. : AmbusSiolor 5127. • 1329-1 1929 SUNBEAM ” 18.9 ” Wcymann saloon, excellent condition, 05. Tel : Popesgrove 2972. week-end–, or after ti ¶3295 TALBOT FOURTEEN sports saloon. Bodywork fair ; engine c7oinpletely overhauled, new rings fitted , (W. Pair extellent headlamps, unusual

type, suit vintage job, 4:8. Caten Villa. Helena Road, Rayleigh, Essex. 13297 SUNBEAM ” 1440″ tourer, 1923. New hood battery, good tyres. Recently laid up 17 yearsReally sound, tidy, economioll ; insured December. 1951. What offers.? Also” 14/40 ” chassis, engine gearbox, 1>oth axles coMplete with wheels. Swift,’ 5, Caravan, BaywOrth, Abingdon. (330)) VIVIAN GRAY The Motor Enthusiast’s Bookseller Available from stock :— 700 books on cars and motor-cycles, all forms of motor and motor-cycle racing and sport, and ALL FLOYD CLYMER’S MOTOR BOOKS Catalogue free LYNDHURST • LUCASTES AVENUE HAYWARDS HEATH • SUSSEX SPORTS BODIES AND RACING SHELLS

Coachbuilt or in alloys to your specification. Existing bodies modified. Lightweight wings and seating. WARD & CO. (PUTNEY) LTD., 5, Manfred Road, Putney, S.W.I5 Tel : Vandyke 4124


Most sizes from 3.25 to 7.50 in 15 in., 16 in,. 17 in., 18 in., 1930., 20 in., 21 in. Also Beaded Edge and Obsolete Tyres.

E. H. Hamilton & Son (M.S.), 22/24, Vicarage Street, Yeovil, Som. Established 1928 ‘Phone 927 PLATING

We COPPER PLATE cast-iron cylinder heads, for extra performance. Chrome, Silver, Cadmium and Nickel Placing alto undertaken. Good Service—Trade Terms MAYFLOWER METAL & PLATING Co., Ltd., Barton Building, Hyde Park Corner, Plymouth. Tel. : 4472 JACK WADSWORTH MOTORS of St. John’s ,Road, Isleworth (Tel. : Hounslow 0826) offer ,the following Vintage cars : 1930 Sunbeam 17-h.p. saloon, metal body. Perfect working order ••• 480 1931 Sunbeam 18.2-h.p. 2-seater, dickey, very clean and sound … E125 1923 Austin ” 12/4″ Unity, all in working 1927 ” 14140 ” Talbot 2-seater, with dickey 1930 Humber 9-h.p. saloon, clean and sound. Four new tyres 675 19.30 Lancia 8th Series saloon, fabric body. Good order … ••. 6130

We also hold the largest stock of Wolverhampton Sunbeam spares in the country. 430 155

1939 MORGAN ” 44 ” 2-sealer. Immaculate condi Om • only 3,(XX) miles since complete mechanical overhaul. Red cellulose with black leather upholstery, ImulopillocushiOns ; 1950 weather equipment. Many extras—Oilcoil, Nlitek fog-Limp, complete tonneau Cover, etc. Very economical, 40145 m.p.g. ()pen to tiny inspection. (375 or nearest Offer. G. I. Raffan, 12, Uddingatiin Rdad, Botha/ell, Lanarkshire.

32011 8S 20 TOURER, mc advertised in previous issue.

e, back page, .1l.ox No. 754. Completely reconditioned. Otters wanted. Small car taken. in part.exclia.uge.. ’22, Mount Ephraim Road, Strecithnni, London.

(3298 A:C., 1038, 2-LITRE GREYHOUND, 4-door saloon. Excellent condition thrOughout. 4395, or near otter. Lynn, 13, Beaufort goad, Bristol, S. Tel. I icir:iis301011 34149. SUNBEAM, 1929, open tourer. Original grey And black paintwork. In good running order but poor battery and hood. Upholstery and bodywOrk excellent.. Recently extracted from barn after i3fosott: year’s retirement. No spaec to keep. Best. offer Over (25. Arkell, Bourton End, ShriVe1111;i1n, Berks., SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER, Model 5.142, Complete with pulleys mid oil tank, 450. Two by 10. wheels, 42 num; set of 14-in. brake drums for ” Shelsley ” Nash. 65, Castle Street, Luton. [3304 M.G. Id-TYPE ENGINE, unused since new main bearings and rings fitted, complete dynamo, starter, earl:wetter (30. B.N.V. reunite control -4-speed ge,rbox, suit titian-. 412. Riley Nine 4-seater sports ; overhauled and new body tilted 1949 ; four new tyres ; twin -spares ; 4125. ” Onaway,” Coast Drive, Greatstone, Kent. ,3305 BROUGHS OF TWIGWORTH, ‘GLOUCESTER., otler 1949 (Aug.) AllilTd sports, 17,900 1SlikS, in excellent condition ; 4750. : Twigworth 234. (3300 1950 COOPER 1,000 with 500 cc. J.A.P. engine, Z11 differential, two leading shoes all round ; very little used ; excellent condition. 1950 Dellow ; many extras ; 3.000 miles only. BoxNo. 823,

Moron Social’, 15, City Road, 1IC.t. 13307 SUNBEAM “1440” tourer, 1922. Two cavilers front new• carefully Stored since 1937. Mileage (mly 40,000 mbl. Splendid condition throughout. Paintwork, hood intl sidescreens almost as new. 485 for quick Sale. Tcl.: Tipton (Staffs) 1497. Box No. 824, Moron SPORT, 15; City Road, E.C:1. 13308 13-in. BORE, 20-deg. CARBURETTERS, es new, 43 5s., post free. Pair 18 in., 42-mm. hubs, Rildge Ito. Wheels, snit li,iglctti, Riley, etc., with d•50 by 18 in. Dunlop rebuilt tyres, as new, 415 pan. Lombard front axle, complete (fits 2-litre Bugatti, etc.) !II). Box No. 825, Moron Sntr, 15, City Rod a, :E m .C.1. 13309 235 -RILEY NINE saloon, moi complete: new tyres ; no major defects% First cheque secures. Middleton, 9, Alexandra Road, Balby, Doncaster. 3311 SINGER CHASSIS Complete, i.f.,••• I

engine. Only requires body. 448. Details from I). R. Johnson, Grey House, Long ltclmlngtomm. Rugby. 750-C.0711.P. reconditioned engine, car-type gearbox, seirstarter ; nearest ,C25. Wanted : Ford 8,10 unit. t;ralian., Queens llotel, Herne Bay. [3313 1929 VAUXHALL “20/60 ” sal”011. Exceptional condition all round. Exchange for smaller sports car. Robertson-Ritchie, Beacon Road, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, fe1,: Woodhouse Eaves 338. [3315

M.G., 1937, 2-LITRE black saloon ; 47,000 milesBody excellent ; maker’s reconditioned engine : transmission overhauled ; two new tYres and batteries ; 4400. Grundy, Ramps:beck Hotel, on Ulla. water, Cumberland. [3330 MORRIS MINOR : All o.ti.i. cylinder te …1 now available ; camshaft, ; 1 t ter than t

(6 13s. 4d., exchange only. Also all y. arcs. John Wrigley, 17, .Thornbary goad, kleworth. ;3087 ALVIS, “BIG-PORT a “12/59,” 11)25. 1 our7s-re• sports tourer. Rtprayed; new tyres, battery, hood, tonneau, sides.erveris. Seen Surrey. (190. Box No. 786, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, k.C.1. (3088 W6-44-LITRE BENTLEY, 1930. Five-Seater, 4-door, touring body, in 13.R.,green ; 3: 1 .bacis ruck, C box • Bentley servo-hydraulic brake; ; P.100s; perfect tyres; two spates. New hood and all-weather .equiputent. Whole car IS in perfect condition. Very .fast. Business mason for sale. Would conslilerMercury or Ford utility in exchange. 2.111a,:Nerieden Lane, NAV.10. Tel. : Gladstone 9738. 13374) 1925—KUSTIN NIPPY, with 1948 Ford Teengine: i.f.S. New wings, king-pins, etc. Good original body; (175 or preferably exchange for small saloon or drop. head. Butler. 60, Pitaltek Lane, Sheffieki. Tel.::

Sheffield 02556. 13089 ALPO FIREFLY, completely stripped, IVSS gocii Mut crankcase, with ” 12/50 ‘; body and many other bits and pieces. The lot, 450. Block and crankmite, reground, rebored, (20. Owner going abroad.

Longhtust Lane, Mellor, Cheshire. Tel. Marple 1396.. 13090 LIGHT ALLOY WHEELS for racing 500s.’ Cast elektrcm ” C ” Integral with brake (Irian. Qui be adaPted to suit the nintority c4f Wheel hubs. Supplied machined or in the cast state. To suit 490 by 15 tyres and 8-in, din, brakes. Price, unmachined. (4 10s. each. Further particulars from : Cutlets of Streetly Ltd., Cheater Rom’, Streetly, near Ilinning! ham. Tel. ; .Strectly 7131 and 78I0b. [3091 MERCEDES-BENZ. 1928, E.6 31//180,a supercharged 4-seater touter in ex-ceptionally good condition. Scores available, owner regretfully forced to sell. Inspect at Erripim Ganige. Grantham. In, quirks. and ‘offers to Box, No: 210, c/a Walter Judd Ltel., 47, Orresham Street, li.C.2. [3094 lOir Witt iliffal—’1″ WEN -TV7atrir les wo r 11 sr-Wion. Front badly damaged, engine unharmed. Crank reground, eeliored, new tran.smission. Offers near 00. Vane, II, Stephen Street, W. I. Tel. : .1.augharta 5830. 13093 JOWETT, 1938, 10-H.P. ENGINE, cOmPlete with all accessories, gearbox. Silencer pipe. (39 105. Frost, II, Woodeille goad, Thornton heath. Tel. : Living stone 2057. POWS 1926 TROJAN 4-seater for side. SONO Macs good lyres, battery, incomplete hood. Seen Cheshire. e35 or nearest. Box No. 787, MOTOR SPORT, 15 :ity Road, 13.C.1. t oc; c AtiffiffiffiffititiaiioiETZo71717. lip. “Eii-giii

reconditiontll and re:kneed 1949. Very good all round condition. 050, or part-exchange 10-h.p. NI.G. or similar. Seen between Portsmouth and Grimsby. F/Lt. Csceley, R.A.F., Matiby, Loath. Lines, [3101 HILLMAN SIXTEEN tourer. Dec., 1936. New battery, tyres, etc. ReeclIttlosed maroon and black. 15o. e.9. Itmacro:max! Lane, Slough. Tel.: Burnham 07. [31112

HUMBER SUPER SNIPE, late 1036, 27.1t.p. saloon. Stared war years.: lately recellttleaed, colour Meek. ii perfect. running .ordcr ; fully taxed. teould exchange for smaller catof good make, 20 m.p.g.

Stuat, 66, Emerson Avenue, Middlesbrough. (3103 MG. MIDGET, rebuilt Sirtype eliassis with lacing C -type ” Mondhery ” 750.e.e. engine and gearbox ; ekeellent performance. Very smart ; good tyres. hood and sidesereens. (105. Seen Essex. Box Na. 755, Mortal SPORT, IS, City Road. ILl.1 “3105 1930 ALVIS, SPEW) 11-H.P. tour, ,• • • ..vOltent condition and is a grand air to ; IP24 Standard 13.9-h.p. tourer. hits 1wen laid up toc 21 years ; now on road again and she runs perfectly ; uses no oil, a very than and reliable car ; 06, ativ trial. W. j. Bone. The Old Rectory, Weetine, Brandon, Suffolk. Tel.: Brandon 265. 13106 1923 LANCIA ,engine, ‘complete but tor gasket ; Olt Bone. The rn,i

lirate in. Suffolk ‘fel. : Brandon 265. 3106 TALBOT ” ,•neme And gearbox, IICW tyres, tine vouditi.b. bsehatige for under 10.13.p. ind•rod ” or open -pm is, about tx0. Knights, clevestade eds.]. Hilton Roml, Ragby, “1107 “Pen

mechanical condition. Interior needs slight iittemiini.

(I 35. Berard, 150, Dale Spon.ion. tierby 55591.131 I (4 AUSTIN SEVEN CHASSIS PRAMKS, 1,44,44,

latest Vile, ideal fors/ie.:nits, six oily, it) IQ,. flareottrt Motors, t:Itandos Street, Taarnington Spa. Tel,: Leamington Spa 1904. 13111 FRAZER-NAER-13.M.W. 2-LITRE cabriolet. 1930Six-cylinder, twin-carburetter. fast and reliable. New iyres, battery. Well mishit:tints% lie enthientiet. Spates obtainable’. London. (.3)1,1• Box Ni, MoroR Srmer, 15. City Road, E,1..1. !,31 1(1 • ALVES SILVER EAGLE, 1035, sports saloon. Just overhauled, new valve guides, etc. Mechanically perfect, body ;And interior good. Fxcellent battery, tyros, Taxed. Seen 1,011(1013. Any trial. For quick sale, 090. : Perivale 3053, or Box No. 838, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City licttid, 18124 “MOTOR SPORTT-T1—nd to December, 1230: .1 ulosprere, seven copies September lo December, 19130 : Motor, 169 comes, 1945 to 1950, including all copies 1949. 1950 7Cet. the tot. Six-cylinder magnetos, two. 11..T.I1. and Bosch, 70s. each, Wanted : Scintilla Vertex for Riley Nine. Dunn, 10, ltolmsley Mount, South Kirkby, Pontefract, 3112 WOLSELEY HORNET ” March ” Special, 1994 model 12-h.p. sports 2/4-seater: grey, red upholstery. Excellent condition, with many extras. ‘twin-tone horns, twin electric petrol pumps, new battery and S.U. -carburetters ; tyres, hood and tonneau cover good. Over 470 spent, general Overhaul. A smart. fast, touring car. Photo available: 255 gas. or nearest. Rolingto,n, 9; Westcotcs Drive, Leicester. Tel. : Liiicrter 130078, after 6:15 (3114

JAGUAR “24” 1936 -RADIATOR MUFF. new. a, 12, Westbouthe Street Mews, W.2. Tel. : Padding ton 3440, extension 50. (3.1111 MO. HUMBER, 8 H.P., see _July issue, back page. Whole car in perfect condition, new h004 and sidescreens ; new 12-v. Oldham:: ; good tYren ; upholstery very good, and laxly repainted ; 4,70 or near. 1922 FIAT 10-lip. -siatter tomer, ii”in by 19s fitted: whole our is in very good condition,. the engine, I will say, is as new ; new valves fitted ; starter. maglieto, dynamo rewound, and new I a-mimes fitted. Brakes relined ; all nickel rephrted ; resprayed blace ; spare set of gaskets, Mid SOof exh441110 cake, ((B–air exchange the two inn; for a Lancia 4.r opol se-ater Alvitr. J. j. Stiller, Si), Prince (If wok:. Itoml, Norwich. Tel, : Norwich 22702 .i [3126 fter REGROUND 14ln. AUSTIN SEVEN CRANK, 395. Cvlinder head, 105. Updmught :Solex„ three-wheeler, 0, one damaged, 10s.. Beard, tio Parletax, flighbridge, Somerset, [3126 FRAME, asamox, chavit, front axle and springte steering-box and Column, for 1.-type M.G. Oriel condition. Cheap. Box No. 79,1, MorOrt Spinet, 15, Cite Road, E.C.1. 13.130

H.R.G., 1947, AERODYNAMIC model; engine just overhauled and brakes modified. Body, paint, Vntw, etc., in superb condition. (700. Worwiald, 25, Park Drive, North ‘farrow, Middlesex. Tel. Pinner 1083, after 17, 13117

MODEL—R, CLUTCH, complete with toggles. pressure plate, nearly new centre plate, linings. (4. Minor cyclinder block, fitted On. cylinder-head studs, Hedges. Wayside Cottage, .Stanford Dingley„ Reading, Berks. ($123 COMMER VAN, 16 CWT., recently uSeri for tramporting racing motoveyeles. Good condition throughout. Worth considering for 600-e.e, car transport. Seen West London. Box No, 792, MOTost SPORT, 15, City Road, (3127 UNIQUE OPPOtill. Brand new Weber carburetter, Type 36.DR-5, to fit Ltuicia Aprilia. Complete with air filter and starting control. Ready to fit With Works setting. (15. Box No. 793, MoTok Scour, 16, City Road, .RC-I. [312a CyLINDEN, BLOCK, for Type mait ; pressure

tested, sleeved tostandard size, riot honed, with main ‘raring cdpS, (47. Set of six Type 32)3 C1)11.41Vd-4. (8. Set four newAl-Pin brake amins to stilt” ” li.M.W., at cost, E42. Set four” 3213″ wings, offers. Two band-made lightweight doors for Tape 328, offers. F. 1-1, Peacock Limited, 219-221, Balharn Iligh Roarl,’SAN’.17. Tel. Italham 1301.. (3137 “12/60 ” ALVIS, 19:001, aide 2-seater ;

enthusiast’s cur, in 1111.10p condition ; /175. ‘ 40/50″ ItolLs PliantOm 1, 1927 ; Bremer sedancu -de ville body ; makers overhaul 1938 ; laid up since 1930 but Carefully nutintaincd •, (200 or nearest offer. Major Paratee, Widford, tare, netts (Tel: Ware 304, busineSs hours) ltax tlu above airs for disposal as he has acquired a 44-litre Bentley. In order to adjust Ills overdraft, would also consider offers around (350 for an Annstrong-Siddekee 1936 Special Thirty, in perfect condition. [3139 1934 RILEY NINE17.13uncO saloon. Recently rebeircsi_ VIny good tyres. Excellent • condition throughout. (210. Pellet, II, Clueerley Drive, Timkrley,

Cheshire. .f3140 A REAL MOTOR OAR. 1939 Renault. 17.9-14p, ” outshine ” Salome Gunmenteed 28 m.p.g. in town. Skehitnieally 100 per cent.; laxly 80 per tent. Well shod. Fast. New car delivered, 1,22.5 secures, sell. 3, Forest Avenue. London, E.4. [3141 EX-TRIALS EPECIAL., ford mercury engine; Ford gearbox and bock axle. All mechanical parts renewed durilm last 2.000 miles. Re-upholstered and all-weather equipment fittest, etc. first Offer over DIM). Stern, 67, Ilartourt. Terrace, S.W.10. (3142

/Wm.. us MODEL, 1937. good voudition ; 4450. Prefer exchange with 14-litre or 10.1t.p. saloon. Scrivener, 21,Conway Road, laiton..After February 4th. [3143 SPRITE-KESTREL 14-LITRE RILEY, 1937. New bearings, etc., September, 1951). 550)0 miles approximately. Good reliable .nuitor. Seen flattons Ltd., Lord Sireet, Soutlitiott. Humber Super Snits, saloon, ex410 tax. Good condition ; laxly rough. Ideal towing trailers, atravans, etc. Seen Cut-Still Garage, Portsmouth R WO, Ilrydiant, Sussex (between Chiehister and linkiworth). Li 75. itwner getting new car. 1.:uique 24) ft. by 6 ft. beam centre-board :sailing boat, designed ned built by Uffrt Fox. Unsinkable, self ciraining. Very beet canoe type for fentrifiVe persons. 1.ying Burnes Vard, Bastuuni its above. OM. thviier Wishes to race SwOrdlish dinghy. Jihts K. Maw, Aldessitate Bruise, New Barnet, Herts. To. : Barnet 5555, Monday :4114.5 p.m. 11145 1939 MORRIS EIGHT utility van. Ix:Treed. 193t4 Austin Seven van, good trier. 1035 Vaushall Fourteen &nine., good cOndition. Any reasonable cash offer, or any exchange for sports car, or any.. target vehicle, car, van or utility. 16, Nnshleigh Chesham, Bucks. Ttl. : Cholesbury 300. (3146 13.14., suitable vintage remwatuist or special. Boattype aluminium lexly. Aniani 144itre )’ngine, 19-in. W.11, wheels. (35 or near. Two unused .1.00 by la tyr6; avnitm)k. Box Ni’. 70n, Moroi( SPORT City Road, E.C,1. [3147 4120 (or -exchange ” open “) -Avon Standard, 1934, 15.9 h.p., fixed head “Mine. Mechanically exceptional, good coachwork. Tel. : Peterborough 39241. t3148

RAPIER ENGINE and gearbox. Repairable damage to hlock,’atunp, otherwise sound. (65. 29, Dranksome Drive Nab Wood, Shipley, Yorks. 1939 1-WiDARD EIGHT draw:eat] coupe. New hood, mprayed, PrIce (310. Wixalcock, Urat(22yacco:3150t Vann, Chniledtin, Swindon, 19511IDAGIJAR 100. Drakes, steeri»g, suspension. electric* Overhauled. New battery, new hotel, six good tyres. Respniyed metallic grey. Rxceptinnal Cur. (625 or near offer. Soutliseit Motors.’ St. Vincent Amid, Southsea. Tel.. Portemouth 74804. 1:31fit) 1932 RILEY NINE Ascot 2-seater coupe. Conchbuilt vngitic. 4.:0111171(ACIY as original. New mohair hood, windows, tyres, brakes, battery, radiator• 36 al p.e. iltI5 or exclian0 -decent clased foursome, family impending. Box 54o. 7117,

Morose Seoul’, 15, City Ro 1,. ad, .0 I. 3 M. AUSTIN SEVEN 4-seater. Very gtxxl tyres, excellent runner. No hood, any trial. Barnes, 30a, 1,eigharn Avenue, Streatham. 13001 TYRES. 6.(X) by 91 Dunlop, as new, 5 gus. ; 5.00 by 19 Clincher, as new, 705. ‘ 4.50 by If) India, as new, 605. ; 7.00 by 80, gooci, 1.25. lki. ; 7.75 by 145 Lancia), good casing, 1`2s. (Id. 36u, Leighani Avenue, Streatham. 13061 SURBAISSE AMMAR CHASSIS, complete with staggered 2-seater body, radiator. Riley Nine engine, gearbox fitted, unfinished. Swap motor-Cycle r 675. Watle•Palmer, Brooklands, Burnett, (3003 CAMBRIDGE ENGINEERING. the Austin Seven specialists. offer narrow-track rear axle, 5.25 to I nitio ; new crown wheel and pinions. 9 by 44 and 8 by .12, suitable 1931 onwards ; half.shafts, long and shOrt : 1930 413 recOnditioned engines exchange ; radiator blocks exchange ; sleeved cylinder blocks exchange ; light flywheels exchange four-speed remote gear control units exchange ; double valve Springs ; high -coinpr*km alloy cylinder heads; end swivel arms to convert windscreen to f ; combined inlet and exhaust manifolds to take down. draught carburetter ; light sports body shells for short and long ehaieds up to 1934 • wheels rebuilt to sPecial sizes. Large stock of standard model spares. S.A.E. lists. Ciunbridge Fugineering, Cambridge

Road, Kew Green, Surrey, Tel. : 2126. ROLLS ” 20/22,” 1925. OWner-driver -Saloo?13(8

1?y.1 Windover. One owner since brand new, and in really beautiful original condition ; 19-22 al.11-k. Rolls maintained throughout its life. All fools -and handbook: Taxed. Price 1495 or very near Offer. Tel. : Mitcham 3622. (3006 FRAZER-IiASH,1937 I) litre 2-seater. Meadows 1ED engine. New pistons and brake liningS just

t Led. II:xcellent order t ltr011gItOot • 13-10. MC” Laughlin, 27, Marsh Hill, Erdinetcm, Birminghant. Tel. ; lirdington 2455. Two 4.50 by 19 Dunlop Sports


t vres, new aud unused. Any offers. Groves, 11S, :Tickle)* Road, Nutwatml. FRENCH TALBOT 12 h.p. sports tourer. mi; rout Ades and heads. Al1;;OlUtelY DPW hood, tou’i!t:::711,1 envelope and paintwork. British racing green. Virst-class specimen throughout. L155. 110N N, 840, MOTOR Seoltr, 15. City Road, MORGAN SPELIAL t firer •whetiler. Rs-1

registered vs Special, 1950 ; 7511 e.e., water. cooled ,LA. P. ; car type gearbox ; liv, Ermine brakes :

50 m.p.g. smeell,-nit al/ 1’0111111 V010.111011. ;4135. i4 111.1/11e reasons tor sale. 95. Hillsboro’ Road, I7 Glen ililLs, Leieester. 30 SPECIAL BUILDER going al mitRA. it h Icy Nine, 12/6 ” and other iarts available cheap. Send fill” list. post tree from Roe130.1. No. S. Crossways, Blaekilown. Hants, HEADLAMPS FOR SALE, Two Lateas 1.100 la[131:1pS72, good condition, chrome, -one glass cracked. Mee 05. To. leer 53 (evenings). 3t1741 “AVIS “12/50,” 1031 2-seater. Needs attention, lint can Is.’ driven awat, ; IT shri,ig, ‘

2072. extension 22. after 5 p.m. 3077 2225. 1934/5 TALBOT saloon 15 lip. Good condition. New battery, Complete overhaul and rewiatitionied engine August, 1949, at cost of 030, bills shown. Comprehensive spares: Any trial. DwIbecks, Cknitzpon, Rudgteick, ; : Ruclgwiek 294. 3078 JAGUAR 100 SPARES. All splendid condition. Set of inuilguards, 5. Pair “P.11)0″ headlamps, com plete all fittings, az,. high eminnession cylinder complete with SAl.s, L20. Pair time 5.50 by 16 wire wheels with Dunlop tyre:.:, only 500 miles. Ideal sprints or short circuits, L15. Wilson, ” Hone Tree House,” West Kirby, Cheshire. Tel. : Iloylake

3763. 3079 1949 AUSFORD SPECIAL. Aluminium laxly, split front axle, new Vord Ten engine. hood. Pirst reasonable offer. BOX NO. $41, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, 13080 1921 BENTLEY 6i-litre. New batteries, magnetos rewound. General. mechaukal COLI(1111011 good. Photographs available. Would consider 2/3-seater Rolls in exchange or sell. 05.5. 59, victoria Road, NVhalley Range, Matichester. CAER519.15A RAPIER 111 Ills. 2-seater sports. New battery, good mechanical condition. Photograph available.£3130. 59, Victoria Road, Whalley Range, Manchester. 13082 fikidiEs FOR 1/ ASTON. Front xle,clutcl/es. crankshafts, spriugs, hand brake, cylinder head, sumps (wet and dry). and numerous other bits for sale or eRc111111Re for any 2-litre Aston parts. 317, TWO Mile Hill. Kingswood, Bristol. I;31185

VINTAGE ROVER “10/25 ” (19319 4-seater tourer. 1,41gine, transmission, etc., excellent. Leather opholstery. Hood, siikscreens. All eleetrits perfect, self-starter. Consi?ler exchange smaller car ,,r three•whieler. Itendit, 10, St. Li:mead’s Terrace-. Tel. : Sloane 298(1 (evenings). [3084 ALYI3 “I2(06 CROWN-WHEELiimi pittioti. iii perfect condition. Fit 1027 model,: onwards. privy L6 10s. Apply’. I. Haigh Fold. Moorside Road, Eceleshill, Bradford. ;3005 EXCEPTIONAL 1936 ” PA ” M.(4., W1cI11:1110:.0. COIl 1141141 1(it) per eeat ccci ccci, 11.’1 . 11•11114,, 14,114100-. pert.. t I:too man,, ” TC ” 10,10i011.0. ,01 .1 1i W101, 1. ,0;:t 1.11 )of -•ilt• i..111,111:i0i1•11104 11W1 ‘,1, ;,, Lit III, het.IP 101 •,:: 1 111.00 11;111. .11101 1,10 z, i(1•. Ii, 11. 1,11,01,.. 31101 all 5!! I.”’) cc 1.::Igilh. U,1 .01,1 1,1,11111. icy Shane ‘Taylor, t. belt. Minn, wild, I., 111 pclICCI (701111113011 114 next 14,3.4011. 3f11 ill llsicr Trotilly 11.1mlicall (officially lime(‘ 31 over 1114 m.p.h.) ; 1t , 1.’ino faCC, 7(1.1: , 211,1, t .:410 .-c tat , , ,odv lime 111.1111, I,’ 1114,1111C , :111,1 045 WW1, .1 t?CA, 1,11) 1.C.1 hiehe-a offer smilicriciel, 21, 11..,..1) 1:1ad. tei It’d, Cirencester, ,s317 1924 S.V. BAIWORD ASTON-MARTIN. cry good mechanically but body requires .1 little atIcilli’m Offers near (.100. Exchange considered, Box MOTOR Sgeart , City 14.0ad, 3310 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY, 1933, tour, c Iiccycccc hauled ; good tyres. Vast, reliatle ; i • , oilier

iug ; weatherproof. SCCII 1)X10(11. No. 820, !MOTOR Smarr, 15, City Road, STAR, 1930, 18-H.P. conp,:!. ,171.1 or offer, Sot, for itliove for sale. Cuff, 08, Church Road, S.W. I:c [3321 ROVER 9.8-11.P., 1027, sports 2;3-seater. Who’, cat immaculate ; t yres as new ; 35 m.p.g. /65, olio P. Lt. Fairfax, (‘)dicers’ :111.645.S, lt.A.F.. Deft. it Pt, Wia-cestenshire. p3323 ‘2-LITRE A.C. ENGINE rated In rebuilt Anal, ai chassis with Type 75 E.N.V. gearbox ;

coutPlete ; 475. 1932 Stinheam saloon .

bixed and in immaculate condition ; f130 c. . Arnold, 8, llornestead Way, Northampton. fel Northampton 50111, COil BENTLEY 3-LITRE RED LABEL, 16 B.F., (Tot Cadogan 4 -seater. rebuilt 1933. Professionally

respntyed black, with red teat hes . Mechanically sound. Veil shod. 20 m.p.g. L.3.-.45. Also Dunlop tyre. 30 by 5, heavy duty, unused. (6. Seen 10111(14On. Livingstone 3132, atter 8: 13325 BENTLEY 3-LITRE. short Pchassis. 3.53 axle, A box. I.son eimslinft. two S.U.S, lightWeight 2/3.senter, hood, 1,11 -screen, good tyro ; 20 plus lu,p.g.; /.11)

tax. 1.105. tic rid, Studio, ‘Tolinet 4, 1 lertford. To. : cut5eN: 2183. 13329 M.G. ” P A.” 8 H.P.. 2 stMter. Five new lyres, new 11040 and tonne:in cover. lit excellent eonilitli throughout. /265. Box Icop 833, Mount Seiner, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [3329 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1924, encloSed Cabriolet, 4

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