Brookland's cars


Having just read volume III of "The Story of Brooklands" with great enjoyment, I thought you might be interested to hear of the whereabouts of some of the cars mentioned therein.

The Lace TT Invicta is owned by a Mr Pearson here in Liverpool, and still sports its pointed-tail extension and "Brooklands" silencer.

The "white" Riley is now owned by Dennis Done, of Chester, and having been completely rebuilt at great expense, is about to re-enter the competition world this season as a sports car (11/2-litre, six-cylinder). One of the TT pointed-tail Singers (ex-FS Barnes on the book, Reg No AVC 481) is also resident locally and appeared at the final Altcar sprint last year.

We also sold one of the Autosport 11/2-litre four-cylinder Singers to a gentleman named Rawlinson in Belfast.

Another unusual Singer in Liverpool is a short-chassis 11/2-litre six-cylinder model. Reg No KV 9783, which is reputed to be Langley's Le Mans car, though whether that is true or not I wouldn't know.

These apart, there are not many motor cars up here with any historical interest. Incidentally, may wife has now got me all Riley-minded again and we have a very nice rebuilt "Imp" and also the original "Sprite" AKV 218, about which any information would be more than welcome; I believe it competed in one or two Alpine Rallies but nobody seems to know much about it. Personally, I think it is just about the ideal modern vintage compromise and am hoping for some fun with it during the year:

I am, Yours, etc.,

Peter Reece, Liverpool.