Connaught news

Johnnie Claes has purchased a Connaught, and will be racing it a in Belgian colours, and Rob Walker has bought one of these Fll cars which will probably be driven by Tony Rolt. These cars are remaining basically similar for the 1953 season but with minor modifications and more power.

Connaught are engaged on the design and construction of a prototype for the new Formula I. The engine, gearbox, rear axle, steering, etc., will all be their own manufacture and design, but no technical details are available at present.

R. Nuckey, S. Lewis-Evans. K. W. Smith, K. Wharton, A. G. Whitehead and R. Salvadori recently tried a last year’s Connaught at Goodwood and appeared quite impressed although, because the track was wet, no good times were recorded.