Good news -- Exide

Practically the whole existing range of Exide car batteries has been withdrawn in favour of a new series known as the “Silver Exide.” These new batteries, re-designed throughout in the light of the latest technical developments, are claimed by the manufacturers, Chloride Batteries Ltd., of Clifton Junction, Manchester, to represent the biggest battery advance in 25 years.

Exhaustive tests have shown that they possess an electrical efficiency and length of life far superior to any standard battery previously available to the motorist.

This fundamental step forward springs primarily from the use of a new and virtually indestructable separator material — Porvic. An all-British discovery, Porvic is a microporous plastic so highly inert chemically and so resistant to wear that internal short circuits, the principle cause of battery failure, are almost impossible. Tough, pliable, more than 80 per cent. porous yet a perfect insulator, Porvic has enabled the shortest-lived component of a battery to be replaced by one which will outlast even the plates.

This new material has also made possible an “all-dry” assembly for new batteries which can now be stored without risk of deterioration for an indefinite period before filling in. Unlike conventional separators, Porvic cannot shrink or split and all hydration troubles in storage are eliminated.

So long as the life of a car battery was limited by its separators it was impossible to take proper advantage of the many improvements in plate design and manufacture evolved by the Company since the War. Continuous research in the Exide laboratories had resulted not only in the development of a new lead alloy for the grids with greater durability and resistance to corrosion but also in improved active materials which, besides prolonging the life of the plates still further, gave the battery a more lively performance.

The development and use of the indestructible Porvic separator, however, has now enabled the qualities of the new alloy, CB.95, an exclusive Exide formula, and the improved active materials, to be exploited to the full with the result that the “Silver Exide” is capable of functioning well beyond the previously accepted limits of battery life and at a far higher level of efficiency.

The attractively designed container of the “Silver Exide” battery, its third important feature, is made of a high grade hard rubber. It has long been recognised that this tough, shock-resistant and leak-proof material is the ideal choice for battery containers, but its use has been restricted by shortages in supply and insufficient manufacturing facilities. These difficulties have now been overcome by the Company after much capital expenditure and effort, and the “Silver Exide” container will prove not less durable than the other components.

The combination of Porvic separation with the new plates and the hard rubber container has, therefore, resulted in a battery of fully balanced construction that will cause motorists everywhere to revise their ideas about accepted life and performance. The “Silver Exide,” pleasing in appearance and available at the same price as its equivalent in the old Standard range, is confidently claimed by the Company to be the most outstanding development in car-starter batteries ever introduced by a British manufacturer.

The well-known ” Double-Life ” series of hand-built quality car batteries has also benefited from these advances and may still be obtained by those motorists to whom first cost is not the prime consideration.