We have received the following Press hand-out :

"Mr. Raymond Way, the Kilburn dealer, flew to New York on January 10th to try selling vintage British cars in the United States.

" He said before he left that he thought the Americans would be interested in buying Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars dating back to about 1928.

"He added : Of course, I could easily sell most of the cars in my museum, which includes vehicles once owned by Goering, Churchill, the Duke of Windsor and Bernard Shaw. But, although their sale would help Britain's dollar position, I think such historic cars ought to stay in this country.'

"So Mr. Way, whose 1937 Rolls-Royce has won him more than 200 prizes at Concours d'Elegance throughout the country, will concentrate on trying to sell the type of dignified limousine which American designers, with their emphasis on streamlining, have never quite been able to equal. "During his stay in the United States, Mr. Way will also visit Detroit and Boston. He plans to study American methods of car salesmanship and hopes to appear on