National Sprint Association

The N.S.A. are holding a meeting at the " Barley Mow " in Horseferry Road, Victoria, London, S.W.1, at 7.30p.m. on February 14th. The object of the meeting is to gather together all those people actively interested in sprinting on four wheels. This is a meeting for the car drivers, not for the motorcycle boys. Discussion will take place on subjects concerning sprints and hill-climbs for cars. The N.S.A. plan to hold their Records Day on the standing-start 1/2-mile on August 11th.


The A.G.M. was held on January 10th in London, and Alan Wershat (Lolita) received the Annual Championship Trophy, In view of the recent change of rules limiting engines to 1,172-c.c. Ford s.v. units, it is interesting that the Trophy has been won for the past three years by a 1,172-cc.-engined car, thus justifying the present limitation to this engine for these single-seater cars. Frank Tiedeman, 185, Swakeleys Road, Ickenham, Uxbridge, Middlesex, continues as Hon. Secretary.


New from Corgi is a Ford Thames Airborne caravan, with fully furnished interior, and opening back doors, the first motorised caravan model in miniature. No. 420 in the Corgi range, it is 3 3/4 in. long and retails for 6s. 6d. Dinky Toys have a Muir-Hill 2/WI, Loader (No. 437) at 10s.

We have commented previously on the initiative displayed by makers of motor-car miniatures. Corgi were nearly ready with a model Mercedes-Benz 220SE saloon when the coupe version of the full-size cat was announced. Immediately plans were changed and the latest Corgi. is a miniature coupe complete with opening boot having " 220SE " in tiny letters thereon.


The B.R.S.C.C.'s Boxing Day Brands Hatch meeting, held in clear but very cold weather, saw the competition debut of the new rear-engined Elva sports/racing car. Driven by Chris Ashmore, the 1,100-c.c. Climax-engined newcomer chased Graham Hill's 3-litre Scuderia Serenissima Testa Rosa Ferrari throughout the Christmas Trophy Race.

A three-cornered fight for the lead was the highlight of the 20-lap race for the John Davey Trophy for F.J. cars. Peter Ashdown's Lotus Twenty set the pace initially with Bill Moss' Lotus Eighteen and Peter Arundell's Lotus Twenty in close proximity. Near the end came a minor collision between Moss and Gardner which allowed Peter Arundell to romp home an easy victor from Moss and Gardner, who finished in that order. Pat Moss participated in the " Mini Dice " amongst the rest of the well-known exponents hut was forced into the pits with a jammed gear-selector after leading for a lap. Doc. Shepherd in an Austin-Cooper and J. Richard Aley pulled away from the rest of the field and crossed the line in that order a good distance ahead of Christabel Carlisle, in David Hiam's Mini.