News of manufacturers

With the European Common Market confronting them and competition for orders hotting-up all over the World, the engineering and sales departments are reporting as follows:—

Simca: The Simca 1000 has been followed by the Simca 900. Nearly 150,000 Simcas were produced in 13 months up to last October and a coupe model was added to the saloon version. On the publicity side, Simca 1000s will continue to be dropped by parachute at National Air Meeting, as they were last year, when 13 fell in this way.

Saab: Saab built 37,000 cars last year and has a target of 100,000 by 1970.

Volvo: Volvo’s 1962 output was nearly 100,000 cars. Next year they hope to produce 150,000 cars a year.

Volkswagen: While other European makers are busy with more performance and revised styling, VW continue to beat them all in numbers of their well-tried 1200 and 1500 cars sold. Last year they made 1,184,795 vehicles, exporting 57.5%. Of these exports, 230,000 went to America.