Longest Run of Successes?




While your readers argue as to which marque has won the greatest number of races, it might be salutary to note the record of the products of the Morgan Motor Company. In 1912 Morgans were winning trials, hill-climbs, and races, including the first cyclecar race at Brooklands and taking four firsts in the speed trials at Detroit (over half-a-century before Jim Clark took a Lotus to Indianapolis). The following year was just as successful, fastest time at Shelsley and first in the Cyclecar Grand Prix at Amiens being among the most outstanding results,

Boddy’s books on the Brooklands and Montlhéry circuits and the 200-Mile Race show how well this competitive tradition was maintained in the years up to the last war, and a class win at Le Mans in 1962 and outright success in your Brooklands Memorial Trophy last year show that the present Morgans are worthy heirs to a great tradition started over fifty years ago.

Can any other marque claim to have enjoyed such success in every single branch of motoring sport (not just circuit racing) for more than half-a-century ?