Lotus Service-Cheshunt replies

As a company we are naturally very concerned when any of your readers complain about Lotus service.

As you know, we are a comparatively small organisation with an impressive growth record, yet over the last few years the very problems of survival have been uppermost in our minds, and the continued existence of Lotus as a viable organisation when others have faded from the scene, indicates that we are still progressing. During these turbulent times we may not have been able to offer the type of service expected from a larger manufacturer, although it has improved out of all recognition over the last two or three years. With our recently announced expansion programme we have plans for a further major step forward in service facilities, and although even this may not satisfy the most demanding customers we feel certain that the average customer, with the assistance of our 40 sales and service dealers in the U.K., will have little or no cause to complain about Lotus. Meanwhile we ask all past, present and future Lotus owners to bear with us as we tackle a problem which has given headaches—even to the giants.

G.J. Arnold. Cheshunt. Lotus Cars Limited.