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PREPAID RATES FOR PRIVATE ADVERTISERS ed. per word (Maximum number allowed 80) Minimum Charge 9/… Box Numbers, 216 extra. Box No. Address : ” MOTOR SPORT,’ 15-17 CITY ROAD, LONDON, E.C.1

No Insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 20th of the month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing before the 10th of the following month. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy without notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors. FOR SALE FOR ALFA ROMEO enthusiasts. 2,500 cc B cyl engine’s, q/boxes, spares. etc; folly Independent space frame, M.G.A, 1958, unusually -fine cond. Inspection inv(5It3e5d1. Borrani wheels, tyres, etc. ‘Tel: ’13A1. 0648i

£330. Private, Eltham 2440. (5352 1964 SERIES (Aug 1963) Alfa Romeo T.1 Giulia. grey, 15,000 miles, beautifully maintained, impeccable. Great Crosby 3838 before 8 pm. £795, terms arranged. (5354 1928 AUSTIN 7 fabric saloon. very good original cond. £150. Butterworth, Rosemary Cottage, Wiltshire Ave PORSCHE 35613 1960, £200 spent to bring to perf (5341st Crowthone, Tel: 334O. cond, new SPels, spare set Of Xs, Blautelnkt radio,

1785. Bedford 68016. (5357 1933. Orh LITRE Lagonda M.45, fitted LG45 engine, unusual cabriolet body, mechanically good, body res quires a little attention, but nothing Seriously. wren% Mel until October next, Offers aro-und £120. Box IE-TYPE JAGUAR 1962 roadster, with foot wells, (f5It3t5e9d 1537. chrome wire wheels, new 5P41s, immac and in superb cond. 1825. Tel: PAL 5276. 15360 61.G.A 1960, iris blue, exceli tend, mechanically sound. tyres, ntr, radio in good order. 1345. Johnson, Church Form House, inkpen, Newbury. (5361 1935 RILEY Falcon ‘saloon. sound In wind and limb, drive sway. 3 Hoirnside Gardena. Manchester 19. TN: HEA 5981. (5362 1935 BENTLEY Sedanca by van Dooren. an exotic and rare car In sound cond. £330. Powell, The Bungalow, New Manor Farm, Elslield Way, Oxford. Please write. JAGUAR XIC230 195 m

.8 odel fhc, o/drlve, discs,(5w316r3e wheels, radio, htr. wines wheel, air horns, exceptIonal tnechahical and body cond. 1360, 5 Zetland Rd, Mel:1955′ R-TYPE COntiriantal Bentley, 4.9 IfileinO, ma(5n3u6a4l vern. Tot: 3923.

boy, 2-door saloon body by FranaO, full history, 2 owners, 31,000 miles, Hythe Rd and Agents maIntelned and personal devotio.n foe last 11,000 miles. 12,450. Full details on request, any irispectiOn welcomed. SLO 1960 XK150$ disc, 91 Cr. 150 mph. 23 Mpg, oile145r?v605,9078: 44 ChesterRow, SW1. diets All round, wire wheels, HMV push-button radio, chrome rack, now batteries (g’teed 2 years). ‘o(iginef Paint and oil pressure. 1500 ono, any exchange Coo. Sldeted plus 1250 or Ittle. dos Forges, Bristol 651,222

(days). (5366 BENTLEY 1948, alto-y special sportman’s saloon by F. 8, W., new chrome, tyro, front suspension a/haul; soperb cond. Must sell, £495. Devine, 139 Hadfield 5t. Sheffield. 1953 MERCEDES 08, mechanically sound, luxurious

30 S interior, bodywork good. £100. Lout. Aston, H MS ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25 1936 WindaYer lintousine. i(rt5e3C7111. Hampshire, Portsmouth. anically good, well shod, interior exeell, paintwork goOd. mascot, Mr, handbook, tools. OM Tel: Arch er ay 1734, (5372 BRtSTOL 401, very good cond. £250 ono. Details On remtest. 28 Greet North Rd, N6, FIT 0877, (5373 RILEY R.M.F. 11/e 1954, excell cond throughout, recent completeengine o/haul, Offen). Picion-Kobinson, 77 ALFA ROMEO Giulletta Spider 1960. In exCept(15Xa41 M.ddieton Hall Rd. BirmIngham 30, cond. genuine 32,000 miles, resprayed, rechromed, en• gine end’ g/Istse completely checked, Mich XS and triont dampers, rog 1963. 1525. Ross. 29 Pok Rd, thci. bridge (Uxbridge 358-76)•

MORRIS COOPER 1965 series(Nov 1964), rog 1 (L51115 3. safety belts, . covers, I careful middle *god owner. F. 05 ono. Oakdene. Park House, Steeton (20631, tA/anley. 1345. SUNBEAM ALPINE 1960„ white, I owner 1(543/46le:venal man). second engine, h/top, s/top, htr and

redio. Oldham (Main) 1387. (5377 1936 AusTir4 7 Special, Jaguar R.G. Heron fibre plaza body with h/top arid new seats. new Girling hydraulic brslios with new 0-typo back axle, stiffened radius arms. all engine parts except crankihaft include high come head,oversiae valves, cross flow rad, very sniart rimabout• 190 ono. MacDougall, Stadhampton 321. BENTLEY Mk VI 1949 with James Young Continle5L781 lifi”.2>.,11/tobno.4)/wBoorok 1,554elsicell and mechenically very sound. 02, GAS TURBINE for sale, exMinistry unused, In original packing case, complete Inteoral reduction gear with splined output shaft. Price 1.100 delivered. Photo upon rawest. REFA, Wood Lane. Rothwell, He Leeds. TN: Rothwall 3258. (5382 REGRETFULLY MUST car! with trusted friend, Siddeloil Special 1935, Vonden Pies sedanca body Just had new hood and headlining, original paintwork. ex, rremelY reliable, excell towingcar, hiteh fitted, Also Siddelity Spoilt] 1937, Burlington 4-door sports saloon. “°44biy the lest one made, needs restoration but utterly complete even to period radio, Mr and washer, Actual car that Natured on “Motor Sport” White ‘ElePhant series, will make very last and refined pot with little attention, also copious spares for above Inctud. Ints eng.ine. 1300 the lot ono, or will sell separately -Hutchings, Poole Cottage, Bethamitten. 15383 FOR SALE–continued

AUSTIN TEN-FOUR 1936, 93,000 miles, local car, hilt original carpets, toolts, handbooks, engine, sunroof, bumpers, paintwork, recent pistons, brake linings, no rust and good general cond, sealed boonts, flashers, 12 volt electeics, taxed, Mo’T till Doc, enthusiast’s tar. needs only new exhaust. Offers/ Write, 113 13Ixtey Rd, Ipswich.

(5384 FOR SALE, 1964 Ford Corsair CT, Westingho3u8s4e Hobbs automatic transmission. Wilma engine conver. sion, Weber carbs, cost 11,100, nearest £700. Part exchange considereo. Thompson, 208 Marton Rtl.

Middlesbrough. Tel: 4430$. (5385 STORK STRIKES again! Forcing sale of my beautiful red Triumph Roadster 2000, htr, new hood, etc. Merely £125 to a comfortable home. Mitchell, 18 Butts End. Hemel Homestead. Herts. (5386 FORD COBRA parts for sale. Clutch pressure Mote, clutch centre, downdraught Inlet manifold to suit

webers. exhaust ‘manifolds, etc. Box 1542. (5388 SPORTS-RACING CAR for sale conforming to Appendix J Group 9, prolotype class Ott, American V8 en. vine at rear. Box 1543. 53 CROSSLEY REGIS 1934 11/2 litre 6 cyl sports sa(100869, 1 previous owner, body extoll, mechanically good, new springs, cut-out, 0/hauled, etc, £110 ono. Tot Rum

corn 3259. (5390 ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Wealth 1954, James Young body, black, electric division. radio, automatic 9/box. 66:000 miles only from new, In superb cond. Sacrilite £1,250. TN, Bradford 31978 to view, ($391 TRIUMPH 2000 1965, gunmetal, ta/drive, ti/seal, 1 engineer owner/driver. Nearest £975. Dunstable 63085. Box 1544, REGISTRATION MARK HER 3 with or without (1.519nd2 H

Rover. Offers, Dunstoble 63085. Box 1545. ATLANTIC AUSTIN, excelf bodywork, good tyres,53engine needs attention. £30. 40 Victoria St, Glossop ($394 CHEAP LUXURYI £325 ono. 2962 Heraid, 2. owner. extras Include starting handle, electric fan, oil, Water, ammeter, reverse lights, immobiliser. bonnet hacks, roar suspension mod, Wool. etc. STOnegrove 5121. (5395 PRE4910 BUS, ntake unknown, unusual body, In fairly sound coed: also Model T Ford chaine and oar transmission, solid tyres. and 1929 Al saloon. Casten, Forest Lodge Farm, Stoke Goldington, Newport

PagnelL Sucks. (5397 1935 AUSTIN 16 saloon, running order but needs s197 e attention, disc wheels. /25. B. Ash, 93 St Johns Rd,

BuxtOn. 5398 RILEY 11/a litre 1953. absolutely Immaculate, Completely renovated in the last year, new roof, carpet-a, engine and 9/hoe completely 0/hauled 600 mites ago, steam washed and u/seated Sept. 1175. Burrell, 33 Dryburgh Rd. Putney SWIS. ‘ PORSCHE 3A cabriolet 1956 (Sent). white/b(rar9 k

56 . vgc, 1480 or exchange Mini Cooper. 83 Brain Valley Ave, Black Notley, Braintree, Essex. 4° VIVA 1964, navy, light blue flash, new Cintur(a51os0. Silent Travel, 20000 miles. 5.410 ono. Tompkins, 67 Peartroe Rd, Luton, Beds. (5401 LAGONOA 1957 3 litre saloon, BRG, mechanically perfect, MoT, bodywork and upholstery in eye, Mich Xs, owner going abroad. Can be seen London or Oxford. 50. Bennett, 14 Monett Place. Oxford. (5403 AUSTIN HEALEY 1955, mcccli cond, rewired, resprayed o/drive, wire wheels, htr. 1175 On°. Davies, 111 Southbourne Rd. Bournemouth, 33301 (office). (5404 WOK 207 Special Equipment, grey/rod leather. XK150 dhc, o/drive. w/w, radio, rack, 4 spots, new pole, silencers, timing chains: forced Sale, hence 1350. Hill view, Water Lane, Oakridge, Stroud. (5405 (936 PVT Sp20 Altos (saloon), maroon. Charlesworth body, rebore July, now PISIOns, everything Nicoll, roof relined. £150 ono. View London. Box 1561. (5406 JJ 10 FOR SALE, offers. C. J. Stokes, Woolen% Kings

Rd, Biggin Hill, Kent. (5407 2928 Wit-LYS KNIGHT typo 70A, sell for restoration or would break for spares. £150 ono. Huddersfield 23162. (5 SPEEDWELL Twin Antal Mini conversion inlet c/w 100 and exhaust manifolds. 114: 1935 Morris IS saloon, 112. Sayers 66 Thoree Park Rd, Peterborough. Tel: Peterborouit 68620. (5410 FOR TRIUMPH VITESSE, twin 125 Strombergs, unused SAH Wt. £54, Twin 11,Oto SUs ES. Neal, Si Chrlatoph, Bontfleld End, Stanated. (5414 FOR SALE-continued ALFA ROMEO Giulia Sprint CT 1764. White with black and grey interior, used as a director’s second vehicle, an impeccably matntainod low mileage_ example Of this fine breed. 11.395. Moidon (Essex) 535. 15414 1959 SPRITE, BAG, herd/soft tops, tOrineau. higlant sclorn73etc, good tyres. 1225. 234 Dyke Rd. Tel: Brighton 1938 AUSTIN Dig 7. good cond i 1 owner, hand1b5o4o2k0 ond tool kit. MoT, in good running. order and reliable, leather pneumatic upholstery, reluctant to part

131.,yut “des13irs4e.Change after 28 years. Offens. Beim, 1959 JAGUAR Xl<150 dht fitted with new autotntriPc box, beautiful cond throughout, in Ivory with new whito hood and cover, fantastie performance aed luxury and open motoring. £375 ono. Exchange con• sidered. Roger Lloyd, Mink Farm, itchrioldLane, 1952 MORGAN PLUS 4, bent, new Vanguard enig5ian2e2. Wickham, 'Hants. Tel, Wickham 3279. 10,000 mites, with SU conversion, many Other spares. Offers. South, 140 Scaly Park Ad, Birmingham 215429i RETIRED ENGINEER offers 1959 24 Jaguar, loYf mileage, fullest particulars on request; Or exchange late damago car. Jaguar minded, but why. May consider normal eXchande offer, rash adjustment either wav Box 1553. l542 PRANGED TR3, bent chassis, mechanically WAS Sitstated Betwysycocd. P/0 Loveday, RAF Chlyen.or, EJ

BENTLEY alh litre, Hooper coachwork, rnechaniclit; very good, interior recently reupholstered, outside only fair, bumpers rechromed. htr, windscreen Washers, Windtones, etc. Genuine reason for ‘sale. 1245. Box THE LAST of the Alleys. Ii758 Riley 2:6, vgc, give away we(e5,402nt 1554. Al TOURER 1932, MoT. 145. The Vicarage, price 1150. Cross, Sunnyside. Tockhotes, Da;w54e2n?. Leeds. Huby 514 weekends,

Darwen 71144. 15430 1934 500cc BUDGE, running ordor. “Motor Sport-. 1451 to date, “Motoring &Meal’, October 296/ to date. 200 others. Baughon, Walnuts. Shrubend Rd. FORD ANGLIA d/I with super -strips, 1.500 cc GT154e3n1. Colchester, 73237.

tone, anfi-tramp bars, koni SH/ABS, extra stiff sully. anti-roll bnr, Pirelli tyres, cornp ‘brakes, seat bees, t360. plus many more extras. Tel; Shorn°. 2301 even. Ines. (5432 AUSTIN 7, Stiletto body. hydraulic brakes: self spares or In complete unit. Offers. Javelin Workshop awl spares manual. 82 Dawsnap Lane, Dukinfleld, (C5h4o3s3. ASTON MARTIN 0132/4, late ’55, 3 litre Vantage: magnificent agnificent classic sports saloon is in mint coed, Immac untouched body in cherry rod cellulose with matching red upholStery, 70.000 miles only with little or no wear anywhere on the vehicle, 5 new Avon tyro. new heavy duty Exide battery, etc. 1495. Tel: Watford 43350 or 104t Langley Rd. Watford. Hens, (5-436DAIMLER SP2-50, a distinctly* and reined carriage ege: with perfect manners, all the necessary extras are fitted. 1550. Bushoyheath 1715. (543E1 MORRIS-COOPER S 1,275 cc Group III 100 blip motor:. dry suspension, Ideal car to start racing ‘with. 1.600Hall, 11 Princes Court, London NW2. GLAdstone 9640. (5430 011/4 GT. silver grey, red tritn, 30,000 miles, stored 2 years, now clutch and 1250 worth other work done at )5Leton Martins, guaranteed never raced or rallied, extra large tank, Borrani rims, s/beits, 150 mph, iodine spots, Mono. Tel: Leigh, Laos, 73777. (5440 1955 MERCEDES BENZ 220 In superb cond, must be seen to be believed, fully equipped, radio, Mr, etc. 4 new G8 tyres, brakes refined, enthuSlastic performance. 1400. Fiddlers, Leas Lane,-Warlinaham,, (5441 SuSurreyVAC) 3470. SUNBEAM Mk III sports saloon 1955, fitted with of drive, sun roof, Mr, w/washers, finished in blue and grey, ;Miner cond. taxed £165 ono,. Simpson, 114 Haunch Lane, Kings Heath, BIrrninglown 14. 15442 1275 COOPER S. new engine/gearbox 9,000 miles,4 new SP415. very many extras’. 1550, exchanges considered. Good, Scar Brow, Kirk-by Lansdale. Carn forth, Lancs. 15443 M.G. TF 1500, mccall cond, good hood, now sideacreens, pceerLesrt24ma jechanIcs, extras, E-310 ono. Tait GerrardS (5444 VINTAGE AUSTIN 7, 1932, recond engine-, MOT, taxed, Nicoll. 170. Romford 40391, (5445 XIC120 1954 Ro ‘ aditor complete’ 0/heal, large bills can

MORGAN n be seen. Must Set/ owing to unexpected move. Tel: KNI 3399.

PLUS FOUR 1954. 1280 ono. Extremely. good cond throughout, new hood etc. Overall, Breedwoter, The Green, HamplOn Court, Surrey, TO; UNIQUE COLLECTION of vintage niciter anti(cruli4:37. (Molosey 3806.

horns, temps, spares, toots, eccessories, largo quantity of literature. Would like to dispose of in one ASTON MARTIN 0132/4. Vantege 3 litre °MOM (25.040480 Box 1.555. miles since recond, body firSt class in middle OreY with red upholstery, extrai Inctode radio, spot lights, safety belts, tyres good. 1475 -ono. Sudden, 5 Backlog Lane. Hale, Cheshire. Tel: Altrincharn 6726. (5449 M.G. TO 1952, .excell rend, resprayed red, tonneau. sc/owoorsblyte.cs, htr, reversing lights. Welt shod. 13001054n500, or exchange Magneto 2B. Tel: Broilsford410 M.G. TF, neve XS and engine, extras, £295. Tel: Farn borough (Korn) 55078. (5454 DEC 1955 DB 2.4/1, metallercent blue, new tyres, fine

order. £550. Harrison. Stoke-on.Trent 58343, 15456 TFt3, IMMACULATE, low mileage, raSpray. radio, ROLLS-ROYCE Wraith 1938 limousine, engine, bodywork many extras. Offers, Paghant (Sono) 22)7. work vory good. £500. Bingham, 18e Forest Drive,

Theydon Eleis, Essex, GER 43e0. (5459 ALFA ROMEO Supertegorra 1g00-C, mid fifties, 2 VINTAGE BENTLEY steel connecting rods ter Cs5a416o0. owners, good cond. Offers. Box 1556. suitable for 41/2 litre blower model. Enduiries Box

57 (5461 AlL5V15. TC21 1953, MT July 1966. taxed: March 115946662. black/white, tow bar, radio, etr, excell send, photo available. Reluctantly offered at £125. Tel: Hemel Hempstead 53887 after 6 pm. BLACK TR3A works h/top, Immo. £25. Also badge bar and white tonneau. Tali York 67298. 15463 FOR SALE-continued 1930 ROLLS 20/25 Park Ward fixed head 2.door coupe, engine recently rebuilt, a rare and attractive vintage car In good cond. £750. Farther details from Box

1558. ° ALVIS TA14 dirt In fabulous cond Inechanicallya4n6d5 bendy, 45,000 mites ,genoine. a beautiful Car, bteck with gleaming chrome. £200. Rosso/. The Red House, AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000/6 1961. ace! blue, PT1140964 “m8cor Hill, Oxford. Tel: 353%:.

whaelS, o/drive. soft top, fully equipped, fast and re• lieble, excellent cond. £425. Bail. 2 Laurel Drive. REG NUMBERS, BAD2, 8TE803 fOr sale. Off(5e4rr? Waanarlwydd, Swansea. 42NUSUAL OPPORTUNITY. Regret most part irg Tel Steyning 3512 irionac vintage Sunbeam 18.2 saloon 1930, very rare ann In absolutely showroom cond in avery way; offers nrcand (300 or consider swop for modern Sports car. Alto, after spending a fortune and 2 years restoration

st part with AuStIn Nippy 65. Details from Mr. Woodside Bungalow, Rushton Spencer. fir

Macclesfield, Ches. (5474 AS mom MARTIN 082/4, red, tetrImmed In ‘deck, irnmac. Cannot be faulted. 5.450 ono. Mini or s•roli.v. wIth cash adjustment considered. InsuranCe arra ri;.:,:n.5.

Whitehead. Teo Blddulph 256D. ( 1925 AUSTIN Chutnrny, cond as new and absolutely original. Serious offers Invited over £400. AISO r. ono. Pitts spare car. Box ‘1562. (5476 R-TYPE BENTLEY 1954, new engine (7.000 miles only). maintained by enthusiast and R-R ai cuts re• qcrdlhSt of Colt, complete tvotory known. Offers Over i201. Egli:NCO& 22 Park P.O. Alrewas, Staffs. (Tel: 407 45477 TR3A HARDTOP, works steel type, black, excelI coml. 172. offers. Higgs, Coedmor, Ctarech, Aberystwyth. (5473 2962 ‘ROCHDALE OlymPlc. 1.5 engine completely recood 0,000 miles ago, new brakes, Lyres, battery, Starter. £325, Dotaits on request. Boa 156). 15481 ‘TURNER LEA FRANCIS engines, 1,496cc, 78 x 78. oil alrey. complete less manifold and carbs. NitralloY L aystall crank and Spares, also fuel Injection unit for one engine. Offers Box 1 564 (5482 ALVIS GREY LADY 1954. in above average cond. over £500 spent on body and engine. £295 ono. ro: ut,nAr1Ster 5350. (5483 EXECUTOR RELUCTANTLY roost offer vintage tooecir car which has had the 1 owner from new In 1933. Alvin saloon Firelly 12np by Cross and Ellis remaining original and unspoilt. Included are the complete sot of handbooks. tool kit and mascot. The total !flitch 090 is 73,000 and the rend of the car Is exce/I In all ressetts. The full history, photos and details will be Sent only against a deposit of 11 to preclude Idle en quiries, View London. Box 1565. (5484 AUSTIN HEALEY 100, 1955 EI141, constant attention guarantees fine cond. with all sensible extras, Phis new hood, tonneau, Grand Prix tyres: desire of larger sporting machinery necessitates sale. (.250 ono.5io,c5ad5i


sloe, The Folly Saltford, Bristol.

SUNBEAM RAPIER convertible series III 1960, goo.d engine, hood and body. Offers. Tel: Prospect 5306. 5 TALBOT 1938 3 litre BP2I tourer, runner but (P0484 netgl attention. £40. Booth, Station Rd, Pott Row. G …Platen. Norfolk. (5487 TR2, MECHANICS excel!. body fair: following dam, renewed since purchase Jan ’65. dynamo, battery. sidescreens. tonneau. exhaust System. Nearest to (175. Root, 45 Byron Way, Northolt, Middx. (5488 SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER and disc brake con • verSion to fit 105E Anglia, 7,000 miles only. (SU. ROLLS-ROYCE 1935 20/25 lintoasine, daily use, °94.8.9

would separate. Nottm 27.1379. orally eaten, needs slight attention to bring to pristine cond. (105 ono, Smith, 12 Park Rd, Boston. (5490 PORSCHE 356£1 1960. silver/red. new clutch and malfier, many extras. (675. Tel: Guildford 2054. 15491 DE-DION aotrro nit 4-cyl engine and radiator (circa 3911I unused! Offers. Singer ertgltie and radiator circa 1420. Offers. 19)9 Austin 12/4 saloon, fair cond. £135. offers. Unusual Crossley rear axle, knock-ons. 2 Evres each wheel, offers. Clearing collection. Instow 71 (54 LAGONDA 1952 2.6 saloon. BRG, a fine car In at. tractive cond, new tyres and brakes. £105. Neale, HemgStrire Faint, Westbourne. Nr Emsworth. Hants Enixworth 2816. °thee Havant 6391 Mit 344, (5493 RILEY 214 RMF in good cond, extensive work done in ‘ost 3 years, now running in after engine o/haol Seen weekends. Douglas, Chrishall (North Essex) 294 alter O pre,

MUCH ADMIRED Jaguar XK140 fht 1955 special equipment, BRB, radio, w/rim, belts. compieto new exhaust syStern, near new Cinturistos. K anis. absolutely Imolai: interior With new ocelot covers. £300 ovno. Tel Glasgow Merrylee 6245. ( 5500 cousrol. 403, requires attention and respray, per cent rest ell aier saloon, 99 (o5r5e0d1

1433 MORRIS M .

thosieses car Tel: tarberi 2449.

easell cond all round, lack of accommodation forces sale. (.35. Box 1568.

VINTAGE AND veteran magnetos, selling large(5:0ri! vote collection In one tot or separately. SAE stating requirementa. Box 1571. 1904 ASTER car engine, Coy) 5.2 litre, rare exhlb(15t5io7na exhibit. Offers please. SAE. BOA 1572. 5 VINTAGE BENTLEY spares for all models, large p5r2i5. vate collection, isrefer to sell as a whole, bat would Separate. SAE details. Box 1573, (5523 M.G. TC, toned, MoT. 1947, excell. hood. screens, tyres, 70 psi, bargain. £83 10s. Tel: Bradley 207,

Staffs. (5529 VINTAGE SINGER Unifier 1926. this car had 1 owner for 36 years, hes done a genuine mileage of 40.000. stored for 27 years. has now been completely restored I. new cond. fitted 5 new Dunlop vintage tyres. mechanically perfect. must be seen to be appreciated, surely the finest example if not the only remaining one. an investment at 1750. Full details and i000 oClion apply Gilroy of Edinburgh Ltd, 71 East London St. Edinburgh 7. Tel. WAV 6464. FOUR MICHELIN X tyres, 175x 400 1640 x °516310. hardly worn. L10. 9 Outwood Rd, BletchIngley, Surrey (5511 04•G•A 1600 Coupe, grey, red leather, only 21,000 tittles, spol.esS, radix, htr, Spotlights, belts, discs, late ’62 4510 Private, Little Chalfont 3421: Office, Amersham 2101 1961 OGLE 1.5, BMC 1,500cc, maroon/beige interior. Mst class example of a grand touring car. 1420 .Ilooky 22 rs4. 342. Beavers Close, Alton. Bus Tel. Basing. (5533 FOR SALE-continued

BENTLEY 61/4 litre, reg. 1928; limousone• with derision. by Freestone8, Webb,’ body lair. good tyres, running Up to. Sept 1964 when back axle 0/hauled. E850 ono. Box 1575. 15535 SUNBEAM ALPINE scriYs Ill tonrer, Oct 146.i. Al gond, white WW1 red upholstcrar, velure nerd top, 61,th X tyres, htr, belts and 5 oilier act:cr.:tor-n(4, 1 .owner, 1.0540,07375Tc%. 1.585 ono. FREmantle 2819 or LONdon (5536 LOTUS IX, famous car, hot NI:G•:A unit, new starter. Crotch, dynamo, battery, lights, 014 (echo, CinturatoS: n‘ost ‘SOL H.9910 or (250. Ready ler road or tract. 11=0. Write fOr appointment to view, Winchester, FOtge• Cottage, Essex Way. Bonfleet. Essex (5537 MR III SPRITE June 1064, white, 1 owner. mirnac, htr, radio, Selniar Atom, le/sealed, 18,000 Miles, owner gcting abroad. 0395. Tel: NeSton 1148 1 Chess) after 5 Pen, H.R.G. alloy bead tor 1489 B series, used on (5535 only will, 5, giving 95 mph plus economy 130 Imo. Cherry Wood Common RU, Radnage,

130,Cks. Radnage 2035′ evenings. 15531

JAGUAR E-TYPE 1965, carmine red with black;.3i2.1. hoisirry, radio, safety belts. Webasco roe,. Cinturato tyres, excel; cond. £1,,650. Smith. 31 North 5,r, ‘1,1.5 church TO: Hoenchurch 42349. 1c 1929 AUSTIN 20 hp Milltiner de, coupe with ili5k5441

. 31.009 from new, Or:intuit:illy’ orignial, must be finest in e-6.:ten[er unblorniShed, concours pOtantlal ill til, 11191,e,I. COIrra 0, utterly relia 1,1e 1595. Tel: Frodshmn 1 3521 5541 FOR SALE—continued LAGONDA RAPIER 1934. 1,104cc, 30 mpg, reCtind engin., and g/box within last 3years, resprayed BRG, , rewired, adjustable pillar spot, etc. E295 ono. J. Preg, Brasennse College, Oxford. 15542 1965 SPITFIRE 4. .3,000 miles, BRO. 1 lady owner. fitted Ferrari type hard top, w/rim Wheel, but led so

(480. Miss Stone. Kell 5792. (5549 VERY RARE 1933 Afvls FiretlY open touror with dickey, posSibly only one in eXISIOnne, good cOnd, IVIoT. £165 ono. Photos available. Chambers, Walling. ton 5728. (5650 M-TYPE M.G. 1930, excel’ rend, a real eye catcher in yellow. MoT. 43 mpg, spare engine., y/lioxes. stewing boxes, dynamos. E120, Mr Cowell, 10 Lenthall Ave, Grays, 155ex (5551 VINTAGE HILLMAN Wizard 1934. excel! cond. High

est offer secures. Tel: Medway 77081. (5552 GILBERN GT 1965, burgundy, o/drive, Mr, plus ether extras, perleet and unmarked contt throughout 1895. ei. wok:oh, ii 66321 after 6 pin or write °allow. Lynwood, The Manor, Willenhalt (5553 LOTUS 7 1960, 13MC A engine, fully tuned, balanced. weather eguipment £295 one or exchange 1962/3 Spr1d4et. cash adjustment. Glasgow Pollock 8381. 15554 SUNBEAM ALPINE 1960. carnival red, black upholstery, hard/soft tops, hie. radio, 5/straps. Xs, taxed, excell cond. £375. Box 1577. (5555 1936 RA1LTON Fairmilr saloon, a real showpiece, just back from the coachworks, rechromed, recellulosed in duo grey, new crown wheel and pinion, new MoT. FIBS. C. Andre9V5, 240 Hill Lane, SOutharapton. Tel: 25647. 15556 DAMAGED! 1960 M.G.A 1600, £65. /9150 1960 A/11 Sprite, 665. SAE. Box 1578. (5557 .CORTINA GT Sept 3964, 12,000 Miles, prepared by Willment, full rally equipment, extras too numerous to list. Around £700. Tel. High Wycornbe 28647 15558 1937 M.G. TA With TC engine, red, mirrors, Wet. on, gine goad, many new parts, incl hood, s/screens, tyres. taxed and tested. £95 ono. Sharpthorne (Sussex./ 446 after 7 pm and weekends. (5559 FOR SALE—continued TRIUMPH VITESSE. foil SAH engine modifications, wire wheels, bucket seats, Xs. tainshine roof. Around £750 or might exchange unclapped Mont and “cash. Josty, 42 Trinity So. C:C3. Tel: Royal 2256 after


JAGUAR XX140 fhc, goOd teed, BRG, o/drive, radii), litr, boot rack, s oil pressure, good tyres. 1.150 ono. GLA 4243 fLOndon) eveekngS.

JAGUAR XK150 S 1959. pearl grey, (hc. Cintur(a5t5o6s1, new disc ;rods. Perml liornOr., real. strings, Jaguar seet hell& spots, o/drive. KoniS, wire wheels, radio etc. taxed tO Aug. About £460. Full details and photes from Chapman. Gndlys, Cameos Bay, Anglesey. Tel: 227.

JAGUAR X1(120 roadster, ‘not Ccocours but extre1o5’,5e6ty2 sound throughout, body tOrneletely rust free in ivory Vigh black interior, new hood, tyre5 etc. riechanicolfY excel!, now MoT. £165 ono. Roger Lloyd, Mink hFrein.3,21;itchfiold Lane, Wickham, Hants Tel: Wick. bre4kinq 1939 4/4, Cl? part; available( 5i5n6c51 tuned E93/9 engine. Erste 33806. (5564 1962 ‘IRA Coupe. Surrey top, red. toock trim. .es, new, o/driVe, w/w. radio, belt.% grid, extra lamps etc, good Cinturatos. HP available, £635. 161 Eteesmoor Rd,

VVinterbOurne, Bristol. 0565 ASTON MARTIN 052/4 convertible 1955, haze Wee: 4 new C;ntoratoS, new battery, M,rdlials throughout. excell cool, history knOwn. Offers around £475. Evans, St M icha Cs Cottage. Sandridge, St AllsanS; Herts. Tol: St Albans 55372 (5566 FOR SALE-continued BROUGH SUPERIOR 1939 Alpine sports, recond one, new cliff and tialfshafts, resprayed. rechromed, rilearpoted, exce:I land end tyres. 6250. Preece,. Longacre, Court Colman, Btidgend, Glam. Aberkenfig 645_

(5567 JAGUAR 31/2 litre saloon 1948, 41.0()0 miles since new, black with red interior, chrome Ace discs, ‘Jag mascot, magnificent original cond. 6125. Coilinson, Anparrack, Hayle, Carnviall. Tel: Hoyle 2298. 15568 TWIN-CHOKE SOLEX on 4-branch iniet/othaust manifold. suit Herald, Spitfire, Bond Equipe, small mileage. 626. Works towing bracket complete’ for Victor VX 4/90. 1462-64. as new, 18. V X 4/90 engine block complete, rear main bearing needs attention; £5 or nettrt. Boyars, Wolfcastte, Haver( ordwest, Pi.vnbs. (5569 FOR SALE-continued DINGO II 1172 sports. racing car, finished not les. than 3rd all events entered, its, irs, front ongined height 19in, weight fit/i cot, offered with or .withou race proved 1172 or can be fitted with 1000 or 1500 Clubman’s engine, trailer and towing car available /350 ono. Gould, ::36 Girton Close, Grteenford, Middy (5570 1938 ROLLS-ROYCE 12.cyl Phantom III sedoncelette by HOoPer, sand tappets, mileage 87,000, (motcc con, ltiroudhOwl. MoT cert., titled Owners, (new any time Offers. Eton 1579 or Tel: Wigan 66130. 1557 BRISTOL 400. taxed and MoT, used daily, good cord £190 ono. P. Bloor, 28 Mornington Rd, 5neyd Green Hanley, Stoke-on-Tient. (557′ ALVIS TAa 1952 convertible, black, tan hood. Immo tend. nlechanIcalIV °keel), .radio, Giill,rg P’OWtv-braker, Marthalls, taxed and insured. 6350. Tel: North Weal 484. (557′ FOR SALE-continued

soisym. 403 1954, good Order havine just completed isnooto o/haut, new clutch etc. f:25. Price. 3 Slang Lane. Cannock Wood, ChaSotown, Cannock, Staffs. ‘lot: Brown/1111s 2408 (daytime). (5574 XK140 FMC 1955, ORE., hody, rnechanles and tyres excel!, bolts, radio, site. E215. H IL 9150. 15575 M.G•A 1600 the, low mileage, truly excell cond. many extras Bargain, £295, or part exchange early TR, Homey, etc. 7 Tintagel Close, Luton. 53815. 45576 FORO early speedometer, 5 lb 50 mph, made by Stan. [lard •Thormenteter Co, Boston. USA, marked standard sPeedometer. patented July 1909, mileage 1334 and 4/10. Box 1580. 15577 MG. TO II 1953, body stripped, resprayed 1965, engine remind 1964, carefully maintained since by enthusiast, not raced or crashed, Xs. new C.intrrntos, impulse tech, fog, radiator blind etc. £26.9 ono. Galloway, Birtrion-on-the-Wator. Gins_ let: 357. (5578 M.G. YB 1.Vo saloon (Aug 1952). body. chrome and mechanics absolutely first class tend, Gold Seal engine With TF head, special valves, twin 13/4 SUs. £145 one B. Rot.Se. 24 Warborno Ave, Hayes, Middx. Tel: HAY 1413. 15579 DAIMLER gins special -sports, Barker body. insmitc, mind, 2-tone grey, recond engine and q/bOx, extras, radio, lur, twin r.pritS. cigar It9htee. £325 or very near offer, Tel. Notunghatn, Woodborough 337 15580 FOR SALE—continued ALFA ROMEO Giuhetta saloon; 1.300 cc, reg. 1961. very good tond—Ihrl henee realistic price, £270. Con, wan, The Hall; Crick..Northanis, 15581 M.G. TF 125(). white. ctood condition, ‘spot and reversins; hghts, Mr. washers, well shed, recent hood. Offers over £275 to Bristof 27164 (daytime only). 15582 “MOTOR SPORTS”, 1952 to -1963 complete, will Sell IC highest offer received by Feb 20. Bruce. Burford, Heathside Park Rd, Woking. . (5593 LANCIA AURELIA 1955 Series A CT coupe, floor citange, de D.on suspension. Jaeger instruments. engine and bodywork perfect, te-uphoiklered, new headlining, extras. £965. Reluctantly’ Darling with each prided car. Apply Mrs McCabe, Wokingliain 756. (5584 M.G.B. JULY 1964, whae, inill,9t cond. 15,000 miles only, oricpnal tyres. extras, Work’s maintained. £645

ono. Oxford 54113 (evenings). (5535HISTORIC RACING CAR, ‘ex-works 1959 Lotus 16, VSCC accented. (650 spent en’ engine. £1.50 on body. criginal, a certain 250F .beater.. requireS final offered with or Withetit -erielhe, consider car in p/e. Rex 1531. (5586 P-TYPE eni;n,ne recond 2.000 miles qo. body fa,. 1100.. Write R. G. Leliveni, R-MCS. Shr.vennam, Nr Swindon, Wilts. (5537 FOR SALE—continued

PACKARD 1939 Super 8 limousine, 1 owner from new also 1 chauffeur), maintained regardless, this car is In original new (end, always kept in heated garage. (.650. Toter. Barn Cottage, The Pound,

d, Cookha.

Berks. BOurric End 1640.

OYL 999 RED on pre-war Ford for sale. Offers. Box 1582. C5 SPRITE, vgc, 1960, soft toe., tonneau, hard top, full

instrumentatiOn, spots, reverse tamp, insrnobitiser, Cm. borates, luggage rack, 40.46 mpg. £295 Tell Acorn 6455 (London) Evenings. COOPER EATER. 1964 Alm: d/I, non-hydrol(a555lir. Stage II bead. twin. SL/s, 14.000. extra goodies £400 one. NWA E3ov 151,V

MOBGT ilordi’.2. ,ost (90 Sept 1965, as new. 01f5f5e9rs1 to l-f W Jelly. 2’n4 West Green’ Rtl, London 1415. BOW 41…4 (5592 FOR SALE–cont inued

ROVER 3 LITRE, automatic, 3960, grey/white, 53.009 miles. Carefully maintained. 4 excel! Dunlop RS5s safety belts. £490 f3r Graham•SMitli. Sandy Br’…’

Boars Hill, Oxford, Tel. 39353. 1559 BUGATTI GRAND PRIX 37A MO, faultless race and concours winner. Birmingham, NOR 0403 daytime. MAY 2396 evenings., (5,594 TO 1953, red, good cord, MoT. taxed. 1175 ono Phillips, 23 Roandhitis Rd, Hurst Green, Blackheath Birinu-igharri. (559 BENTLEY 1936 31/. litre Park Word sportssaloon very nice ail round cond Offers around (200. Briar croft. c.nnev’s DrIft, Nacton, 4,01.0, Tel Nacton 327. (5596 1930 LEA FRANCIS 32/40 fabric saloon. .blue Ire sprayed) with black fabric, maiching blue hide. ab solutely original, stripped to chassis and rebuilt years :um, ineChanitally evcell. Mot 5 new tyres, new nc,w carpets. WS Martin. 68 Portland Si, Punter. (559 PETROL TANK COI’ Xt<1.2.0 readster, good sohd road (5 ono "I i'rnsten Rd, Grimsargh, NI Preston, Lan, (559B FOR SALE -conl .flued

AC.-AC.-AC. All LIMB type osed ermine part, inc Plus 030. eistons. alloy. sump, moor rioe, crankSha`i cod liners. else all auXiliaries, cyl head, modified Peres. liiihtened and polished rockers, 3 SUs. assembled With COW valve springs and gasketS, ti/bOx. clean, coMplete. R.K.R… Lindisfarne, Sandfield. Park, Liverpool 12.

Stoneyeroft 450. (5549 MINI CONVERSION, twin PA (U .carbS, complete with manifold. heetshield, linkages etc., brand new. 115. Tel: Birmingham SEL 3066. 1935 LAGONDA Rapier saloon, Mechanics completely rebuilt, really recoil car lee enthusiast. Offers around 0140. D. C. Hewes, 74 Hoinsewood Rd. -Tunbricige Wells, Kent

5 JAGUAR )(KIS° dice, opeleseent blue, new en1gi641, tyres and hood, special equipment rnbd,e1 in wonderful cc nil. Suggested price 1499. .VAL 8938. 1 Beaufort Gardens, Wore. Essen. M G. VA 1938 1 litre, a classic car, Very sgo5rht0Y2 1/2 , tremendous fun, 4 seats, recent hood and sidesererns, resprayed BRG and re-upholstered this year, enthusiast enamtmned, much adniired, taxed, hAoT. Sensible offers or exchange M.G.A. Pratt, 37 Old Kirk Rd, EMnbargh 12. COR 3805, (5 MODEL B Ford saloon 1933, very original, good c

064 185. 6 Brittons Ash. .West Monkton, SOmerset. Tel; West M.onktori 454. ROVER 105R, ’57. the nearest you will. get Is ti1 5o610;;I. Royce quality without paying roe sr.. Just £275 ono. first come. first .servadi Bamford.. 5 Barnfield Cret, Wellsegton, Shronshiee (Tel, 2723. after 7 pot). (5605 ALY15 TOURER, rare 1938 Whiltinghani 8, Mitchell C, coachwork, irilmac. £195 ono. 130A 1564 (5606 • 3OFthe ArnazOnS forces sale of magnificent Wine ‘eel X5150 1966 Sp/Ed fhc. Cieinonstrate any. , and sacrifice for £265 cash or docile -saloon Plum Tree Cottage, Hatfield Woodhouse, -,…1sted. TO: H.VV. 546 °6ri7 GERMAN GENIUS. American power—COM entment: Rare Manager. overdraft—distOnlentniehti Therefore C.I.adillaC.POWeeed Superb Mercedes 300 to highest offer tele,: Feb 15. J. Burgess. 155 Paperniill Ret, Shire. oreer. Sheffield. • (5’ ALVIS SPEED 20 tower. Full details to genuine648; . -es_ Shirley, Plum Tree Cottage, Hatfield •Wood

• e. Doncaster. Tel: H W. 546 .1 L5-ROYCE Phantom If V12 engine. sound cond will deliver. Genuine Offers only to Beater, tea-f. Mdiard Ave, Hatfield. Doncaster.

JAGUAR 3.4 Sept 1459. white with chrome wire vi4s(90e611S0. ,v/drive. discs. Met’, taxed. 1280 or pie An..! 71, A40 etc. Wni tAcKie,’4 Beach Tie; Girvan, Ayrslii..0 (5611 1952 LAGONDA 2-6 soortSsaltion, beautiful 2-lone erey; mint tend bodywork and chrome, neyv batteries, twin spots, wonderful radio, rear speaker, oll good tyres, a °vast impressive vehicle, space needed, must sell. Offers Tel: PUT 4564 evenings. 1934 ROLLS ROYCE Phantom II Continental .0115612 15 CO,’ 57 Barker 4-door SpertS ShlOon, , black, original brown hide tipholstery. Opening w./screen. sliding rodf,

Par, 2 sidernotiated spares, chrOrned corpelSte tool set, P100s..and spotlight, large. bob: with conceal. -Pd luggage carriei… tank 28 gall. coinplite, original. h,:ailuful: offersex Salisbury .ur delivered ee…d or SPuth African port, to Jensen, Be, 2533, Sallabory.

Rhodesta. Photo on request. 15613 FOR SALE-. Reg No JWP I with Sunbeam Talbot. 90 mark CIA.. Offers to Box 1585. )5 MAGNETTE; breaking leaely -ZA), cheap f3MC parts,

no ermine Pojniton. (Ches) 5135. 15615 M.G. TO, Mack, 1 owner, 41,500 miles. 4 new tyres et 33,000, tonneau covee, new hood, .MoT Dec. L220.. Mrs Jones. 37 Albert I1,ive. Dectomvy (5613 FOR SALE—continued BOCKLAND tourer 1954, 4/5 .seats, with wind up ‘windows. good hood and toeneau.. 180 Spent, Steering. brakes, MoT, paint shabby, also 1950 model (or spares, towable £175the 2 for year’s, of cheap motor lTd0 $$11018.8 . atelly.. Southgate. PUT 2154. 42 Dealtry (5616 TR3A, o/, wire wheolS, htr. tonneau. works recond ..ngine 2-speed • wiper, raelletor blind, Just been re. sprayed. Mich X. very good cond. 1375 ono. Cooke. Ascot 684, 15

T.R.3 ULM 1957 mid•hlue, new while hood, side ide. screens, 10,050 m,les, recond engine, clutch, 8/box. new Cult…Iles. SAH manifold, wire wheetS,’ disc brakes, tenneael. htr. belts, leather front/rear seats.

1.310. Harpenden 3784, 15619 JENSEN 541. red, 1955, well maintmned, all mod cons. E400 or try ‘offer. 4 Gordon Rd; Horsham 4090. 15620 THREE VINTAGE cars in stabir-1 insist go. 1427C9wleY. tourer: 1928 Humber 8 saloon; 1930 Austin 7 saloon, Tel: Glasgow west 4671.

5 328 B.M.W. 1938. recently restored, now tyres.. ba(11.6e%1 etc, some spares. 1400. Still, 86 High Sc,. West Coker. Yeovil, Somerset.

DOWNTON STAGE 2 M.G.B April 1965. 5,400 miles, blue., black hood, oldrive, Wheels htr, seat belts, SP41s, never raced or rallied. laultloss. 1945 T.01… vViveliscombc, Somerset, 471 (5623 196) E-TYPE fhc Jaguar. Motorola IMMO, Seat belts, C?riluratO tyres, grey with red uphoiscery. £1.000. Phtlips. 152 Essex Way, Benfleet, Essex. Tel: 62656

£60 ONO, 1459 Renault 750, rbd, citeilised reliable car, .good.tYres and batteey, tine’s lotle petrol. an(d56.112: oil. Would exchange for Open cer, ego unleapOrtant J. Pemberton. 9 york House; Kew Gardens Rd.

mond 5591. 15625 AUSTIN HEALEY 10-4 0/drive, 0,0p0 sincler2e5

0. .

spray wh)te. new RS5s, hood. 5/screens, spot. fog, yeVersing lights, chromework. w/washers. 1180 one-. 82 Sherwood Rd, Stbk.e Gotding, Nuneaton. Works. (5626 SPRITE 1 and 2 Ashley hardtop, ‘motet, black. 115. Tel: Tunbridge Wells 29421. 5 1965 AUSTIN HEALEY Skr.te Mk .111, delve prey.t.i6lt2r7,. racing mirrors, tneneatt, disc brakes, 7,000 inilet only, ntIn’t cond. 1.545 ono Tel: Falinouth 1..19 15628 JAGUAR XK140 1956, immac M w Mc, wire heels. C -5y t p ao engine. BRG, htr, twin spots; tow bar, MaSerati air horns, taxed NOV. MoT Dee. lesurance arranged 11) 105. C225. Harvey, 41 Middleto.n Hall Rd, Elleroinghain 30. TeL evenings .Kings Norton 1518. (5629 RILEY 21/2 RMFi, 1952, excel% recent engine, o/hani, history. MoT. taxed. E160. Wilson. Heachurciiffe, Old EnesiiIr 1511, Helsby, .Ches. 16030 MOB 1964, BRG. Wires, 0/drive, spot, low mileage-. excel( cowl; linminent matrimony and rmniechale hank manager force ‘sale (675. Jones., LAN 9941 (business). Colchester 78976 (weekends., (5-631

A40 CLIMAX, 110 plot Mph, 40 phis mpg, excel! •cond. Best offer Over 1.403 SeClitreS. ()Med% front Tanfield. 14 Pound Rd, lionSteed. Surrey 15632 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/4 1955, ice blue/Ivory, Wire wheels, htr, o/drive. tonneau. -Xs. recent engine ci/hau1, superb. Cond. 1180 den. M. B.. Tredgett, 146 North. ampton Rd, Broughton, Kettering, Northants, Te!, .8rom7hron 383:

AUSTIN HEALEY 100 8)41. Le Mans mods, 15433re wheels. o/drive, w/rini wheel, resprayed 2-tone blue, 1 owner last 5 years almost completely rebuilt mech.anicelly; Mieh Xs. 5200. Derhonstration anywhere, Glasgow to Manchester. Full detaile front Gregory’, 4 Duo-vier. Glendarirel, Colintraive, Argyll. (5.5344 M G.B•OGLE dark blue, as new. 147 coo v,,n9S. Glockincire 304. (5635 FOR SALE—continued FAIRTHORPE 1961, red/white, 948 cc Herald unit. httop, situp, tonneau radio, htr, etc, ntethan.c.-.Ky good, must be seen. f200 ono. Tel: HAVes ).Moil,

4527. (5636 BEAT A LOTUS on cornering with my 1955 11..’4 Riley, everything works arid looks as It should, E185, MET 8105 or Stevenage 54209. RILEY RME, good erne wanted for old friend (b53 born 1953, sound in wind and limb, new green overcoat. E150. Knedy, 21 Parkway, Cheadle Heilth. Stockport,

Ches. 15838 M.G. 1934 PA, owner emigrating, must sell nearly rebuilt car in abovu average tond, chassis comp/Red, overhead camshaft eosins in nood running order, prated ports rnehromed. 3 brand new tyres, several extras. £15 ono. Rickwood, Stafford House; Ottery Saint Mary, Devon. Tel: 2025. VINTAGE 1929 Austin Light 13, good. ritlechn(r0u6c4a01 rood, fair interior. 0100 or nearest offer Tel: SPE 2909 after 7 pm 15645 FOR SALE—continued

WORKS HARDTOP for Austin Healey 50r.i0 1.45 ono Rognor Regis 4276. limb, good boots, all extras. grey. rod interior(,56je 9ye

DELLOW Mk twin Sus, 10; head, eXtott cond. £135. Northwood 22715. (5641 ALVIS TAI4 1948 TIckford sot:ins( in wind and catcher f.130 •ono King. 37 Woodbourne Ave. Leeds 17, Yorks. 15642

T.V.R. Mk f 1960, 74,000 wilt.,,, 1,198 to 113E, dill Weber, Kenlowe fan, w/r wheel, w/whaels, red/red trml 0.325, Cole, Labornharn 0265. 1965 VOLKSWAGEN 15001, 12.500 miles, need stifi,i064 11e3r ‘tar lot wire, part exchange and/Or rat,. NaVtorY• paintwork, upholstery, r..1r5n6e4t4s Oil Kontmerc, Kendal or,ginal and immac, 1 owner 26 years, 42,420 moltn nt.vv, collector’s piece. 1951 Dallow• “G, rod interior, twin Skis, hic head, 4.7 axle, very pre• seniable eiample. never trialled. 000. Htalii 60 Soxenhorst Rd, No. thhourne, Bettrnernoulh. 15646 FOR SALE -continued 1955 DAIMLER roadster 2otr, radio, htr, rare, hood and int,liar need attention, mechanically sound, 10year tested. 1225. Phillips, Cunningham 9272 evenings ROCHDALE OLYMPIC Phase II. as featured in(5F64eb7 ’65 issue, Ford Cortina GT engine, 0-70 150 see. s/s 1,4 triple 17.7 Sets, 30 mpg, SP3 tyros (2,500 irides05191. leather ron wheel, Mr, newly resprayed dark

blue. 1550. Box 1586. (5648 M.G. MIDGET 3962, red, htr, tonneau, ti/seal. belts £330. 37 Ravenscroft Ave, Wembley. Arnold 3035. (565.1 M.G. IF 1500 1955, replacement engino, genuinely perfect in every way, bodywork and mechanics etc. MOT. rear seat conversion for 2 small children. should be in a niuseurn showcase a, perfeid specimen but we need the money. No ‘offers or lone•wasters. £340.

Chiswick 0386 after 7.30 pm. (5651 TC, exce/I cond. £210 ovno 2). Cedar Court, oharn, Surrey. Tel: 3596 1964 LOTUS Elan, 16.000 miles only, SP tyres, (C5I6054 . g/liox, just been completely checked over, new back axle, starter pinion and brake pads, inunac rend

i875 ono. Cooke, Ascot 684, 15653 1933 AUSTIN 7 saloon for sale, in good running order. MoT. also 1 Strare engine and body. £95 one.

Box /592. (5654 PVT FRAZER HASH-B.M.W. 2-Or, 5 new tyres, requires finishing, little expense tow Iron, Stafford with tornmete set spares. 150 ono. 3 Fostcr Rd. Harlington. ROLLS-ROYCE 1930 Pll chassis No 1GY. over (£556(5)05 Beds. scent with R.R agents on engine And chasSiS, bills hearSe body ‘,cry sound (.1 not Pf.B.Y. deal for rebiutd. have ‘list, bouoht limousine for sensitive family Sensible offers. Box 1593. (5656 BUGATTI T.57 drophead (‘nape. original and in imolai: pond. Offers to P. R. S. Williams, Heronsgate, a VV Moorside. FIREFLY 12 1933 saloon, excell otampfeC5w6i5th7 side. Prkoate. irral. Tee Neston 1685 trash box and mid blue/black coach paint. tnechami..• ally superb, C120 0/haul by vintage experts 8.000 miles ago, plus new ewp, brake cables, shackles, exhaust system, carb o/haul by Berge’s§ this autumn, body constantly admired, all wheels rebuilt, 4 85 per cent tyres, spare 10 per cent, 2 extra covers. 1/75 Details and photos from Hoperaft, 57 The Tything, VVortester. Tel: 221756, (5658 RILEY MONACO 1432, much loVed and in good rend, twin Stn. high compression head, hydraulic brakes, double offset dip. MoT. £70. Lowinger, Holborn 3411. cot 19, office h-moms. 1937 BENTLEY 45,4 litre Park Wiled drophend co(5v4e5e”. black with green vyanide hood, green leather, engine fair, rest tnerhaniCS900d, good body, some spares 075 ono. 20 Carnrose Close, Morden. Tel. Liberty 2063 after 6 pm. 15660 A.35 SPECIAL, 90 mph, 4-door dc.Itixo, excell rood; 1959, garage maintained. £185. Ashlead (AXS) 4868/

VANdyke 2952. 15661 1963 M.G.B. red, 25,000 miles, a superb car maintained since new by M G. enthusiast, many extras Mct wire wheels, anti.roll bar, radio. Cinturatos, air horns. £630. Also 1959 Lotus VII Mk I 1098 Climax engine. c/r •box, extell road car, wire wheels, new CintoratoS, (ull weather equipment, opalescent dark blue, £250. Sellar. HoWicks, Dunsfold (296), GodnIming, Surrey. (5662 FOR SALE-continued 1963 MONTE CARLO rally works entry, r.orlina GT laden with goodies. rally console. Halda Speed Pilot, triple spots, flamethrower reversing lame. o/b radio. Sett belts, rnapdanips. fused rdr(aals. lowered rear suspension, widerims, new E100s. exhaust system. re. cent valve gear, steering 0/haul. etc. a very quick tor in good cond. £535. Tel: Brentwood 1302. 15663 1452 BENTLEY, full how twin exhaust, recond engine, exoelf tyres. exterior and interior, good history. P1.1(.0 commensurate with taw of SuPPIY and demand. Teti Coventry 73827 (5664 1922 ROLLS Ghnst, with front wheel brakes, originally built as tourer, wings, bonnet, scuttle, etc. complete except body. hood, no time to finish, runner. 1500 oven. Handbook. Else. Prospect 7563. (5665 CITROEN 2CV, 2 horses giving an Individual and economical travel. £125. ‘Alder, S Goodyers End Lane, Bedworth, Works. (5666 TRIUMPH TR2 1454, 000d coed, htr, 2-speed wiper. Xs. £540, will haggle. Hammond, 21 Grovelands Gres, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton. •15667 SUNBEAM ALPINE 1960, glen green. Slack h/too, s/top, o/drive. wire wheels, Xs. Mime( co.nd. £370 Letchworth 3991. (5668 1931 TALBOT 75, excelt coed, complete mechanical o/haul, new tyres and battery. Box 1594. (5669 DAIMLER SP250 1960, 2 new tyres, htr, washers, ton0eau, new engine 1,000 miles ago. £320. Hoorn. Tangley HOUSe, Oak Ave, ampton, Middx. Tel’ Mole-soy 516b. (5670 CANNOT AFFORD nip unmar 1962 (-Nov) 2.6 Alfa Romeo Spitler. 25,050 miles, cream with black hood and interior, so must sell for E1,100 or part exchange for less exotic car, HP arranged. MOU 1396. (5671 FOR SALE -continued HOOFER EMPRESS on Daintier chassia and 7.15 litre sports enoine, similar lines as Rolls. Dec is,” patio 1135, built 1951, beautiful car, radio, Mr. taxed, Mn ‘

Sensible offers about 300 guineas. Box 1595. (5672 1928 FIAT 2-or tourer, dickey seat, very enema,, goug runner, no rust, hut needs a repaint. 1225. Box 159O (5673 TR)A 1959, o/driye. steel ‘ikon, soft •en, ..onneau, branch exhaUst. w/rim wheel, radio, I/rack, low mite. 1963 Mk III T.V.R., excel’ coed, new •CinturIa5tu67s3. age. £370 .ono Tel: Newbury 1990.

FRAZER NASH -e.T. Replica, Eiliekb(u5r(eulad, superbly maintained. 13itX 1591. orijinol in all resfie.ctS, no meth:mica’ Or body id,frets, ERG, timid weather equipMent. tyres; etc. ,,i,i :use. C525 or near offer. Box 1598

FRAZER NASH Targa PIano 2-str 1955, carefull’,. used and maintained. wire wheels, c/r gearbox. 8.5.1 Mk 3 engine, a superb car, very fast and easy is handle. £725. Box 15179. 1924. SILVER GHOST Barker torpedo tourer. full(y56 1-7,’-• stored. contours coed Nearest 12.00. VVeston, side. London ted. Prostbury (88140). Ches. HILLMAN MINX GT class convertible, stage 3 1A5114,/:3 ander converSion, new hood, dynamo, battery, eon, Wel° engine o/hatil, excel’ coed, 1 Owner. (210 ono Goode, 443 Church Rd. Birminoharn 33 Sib 2984

oveilingS. (5679 1952 ALVIS TA21 coupe, during last 6 months, engin-, rebored. crook reground, new pistoriS and bearings, clutch and brakes relined, new hood fitted and boo; reswayed silver, immac cond with new battery and tyres, also many spares incl Grey Lady engine, £25) the lot. 8.aty, The Hull, Newbiggin. Stamton, Pen. rah, Curnb (5681 RILEY II/. 1952 RME, superbly maintained, mmar cond. metbaoicallY Perfect, 2 families only, history available. f.210. Heron, Northgate, Gawsworth, Macclesfield. Tel4905. (5681 M.G. TC 1947. excell cord, new upholstery. hood, encoed engine. Offers around C160 Gay, 6 Woodchester

Rd, Dorridge, Solihull. Warks. ‘

JAGUAR XX15.0 19513, extensively maintained, (c5a6r3e3folly driVen, green. CM. 4 new Avon tyres, renewed discs, radio, htr. spots, absolute bargain al f300. Tel. Mansion 1-touSit 3332. (5684 1939 BENTLEY 41/e litre MX series 4-door Park Wa8rd4 Sal0oni grey, good cond. 1450 ono Seen m London Box 1600. BRISTOL • 403, metallic blue, fawn hide, tw t, tn s(.056kaet shortwave radio, twin fog and reversing Millis, recent decoke, brakes ‘nastier cylinder and radiator, weii cared for and in excell cond. genuine 5 seats, /05 mph, 75-28 mpg. Asking £375 (Porsche being pur• chased). Kolar, Lansdell Ave, Booker, High Wycombe COOPER 1963, ivory/black, balanCed engine. 114:16t (Hayes 5131. office)• 9/box, original one still in use. oil cooler. Galing Power Slop. 5.P41s. Webasto sonrOcel, Mix° horns, 19,000 rides, many regrets at sellmg. 1.365, no tiel B. Batley. Bedruthan House, Bedruthan 51.-es, St Ls,’ Wadebridge, Cornwall. (5P37 FOR SALE—continued A.C. 1953 2 litre saloon. One of the much sought after 4-000r versions with the following features: battery and all 4 tyres brand now, engine fully recond and fitted with Ace type con-rods and modified oil pump, radiator and water pump both rebuilt, Girting servo unit: fitted to brakes, body, upholstery and cellUlose good, no rot, fresh air litr, window washers and push Dutton radio. 1275 or offer. Fowler, 8 Canning Rd. Croydon, Surrey. evenings or weekends. ‘ADDiscornhe 5288. RILEY LYNX Sprite 1937, excets cond throughout. £180. 57 Holland Ave. Chearn, Surrey. Vigilant 9558 1937 BENTLEY Muniner 43/4 iim m aliniu Saloon. I 517nois4t

attractive and unesuof body, vec Wit-screen, mechanically wonderful order, Sonia work body to perfect, 20 ropg, swift, reliable, potent, taxed, MoT, both till Sept, wonderful opportunity to acquire ntOst de•Strable vehicle, investment at £170. offers. Bardelph. Sexton 1,89.689, 7.3 evenings eniy.

1964 RED Spitfire, 15.000 miles: extras include radio, tonneau. director’s Second tar, beautiful cond. Seigel, at £475 for quick private sale. George zell. 289 East Park Drive, Blatkpool. ’63 COOPER 997, going cheap, enroll meth cond.51e7w6 mods, original engine, SP.s and extras. Bargain al 1320 ono. Tel’ Peterborough 72155. 15777 ITS GOT TO 00-1953 M.G. ITS II, damaged off5s7id7e wing, hood, ve/sereen. extras. £225. Box 1611. /5778 AUSTIN HEALEY Sprite Mk 3 1964, fiesta yellow, 1

coreful lady owner, works tuned and maintained. extras include Motoroia radio, twin spots, tonneau cover. 11.000 miles £525 or nearest offer Apply J Edmans, 20 Ulver/ey Green Rd. Olton. Works. Tel: Wham A CO (393e. 19779 SILVER WRAITH full razOr•cdge close-templed Saloon

by Pork Ward, Finished in deep velvet green with beige leather interior, cocktail sabinet, picnic tableS, footrests. radio, lite, demisters etc. handbook. Mascot, tools. outstanding coed throughout. 050. 39 Mount Sr. C.P•enCeSter. Tel: 2855. JAGUAR XK.190 fixed head Coupe, 01.4 English (w5h7re

cellulose. truly unblemished and rust-Irce, with wheel spats. luggage rack, radio, Mr. C-type engine, £245 (exchange considered). C. Andrews, 140 Hill Line, M.G. TF 1600, 85 bhp M.G-.A unit, c/r g/box, cl5ls7cT. Southampton. Tel: 25647. bodywork/interior perfect. £340. Reeves, 5 Westhourne

Rd, Birmingham 15. Tel: Edgbaston 1933. on..? AUSTIN 12/4 coupe 1928: Completely restored Mason. Thatch Cottage. East Stourmouth, Canterbury. Kent. 1960 TR3A 2,2 litre 120 bhp engine, wire wheels, h(/51.743, s/top,. tonneau, 0/drive, Cibie headlights, hIr. etc

25. Also spare TR3A engine £15. 105E block, crank.

shall, H &bay sports/eating canishaft 115. lp,wich 51348. LANCIA AURELIA GT. rhd. floor change, excetTa7t pearance and mechanical order: replaced by Mastr.iti 1.220. Henley, Oxon 4155. 15785

1928 AUSTIN 20/6 limousine, good Order, very original, m‘cell tyres, brass lamps etc. £150. Medway 6(15121 M.G.A 1600 erigined ZA Magnate. outstanding cond.. 1.200. Tewin Therts) 267. 51.1 TYRES. 525/550 xi 19 Michelin, 45 per tent worn, walls perfect, 57/6 each plus carriage. Gots, Irefenter,

srrecris. £190. AndrewS. PI Wolston e AberYstwyth. Nebo 203. M.G. TC 1949, lomat cond, recently •tsprayed -and e trimmed, lb:n rears and telescopic shocks, new u ch electron, tacit, spot lollies, wood rim wheel, and d Weiston, near Coventry. 19.32 MORRIS Minor 2,Seat tourer. taxed, Mot,15n7e8wq ‘

hood, rePainted. vqry. reliable, drive anywhere. 155 ono. Mr P. Bloor, 28 Mornington Rd. Sneyd Green. Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. (5790 1933 AUSTIN 7 2-str, rebuilt engine. new hood and s/ scrcens, original body, re.upholstered, MoT, excel; cond. 1120 ono; R. Webb, Wheeler End, High Wy comae. . MORRIS COOPER S 1,071 cc 1964, Beta head, K1o5n79i51. re,/ Counter, wide runs,almost new G800s, numerous other extras. 23.000 miles, no competition motoring, regularly servited and in vs cond. 1535. ono. Loft. hotise, 6 H•aHow Rd. Worcester, or Tel. 22807 after 6 pm, SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER and fittings for (150759E2

Anglia. (25. Tel. Bristol 30719. (5753 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000. blue. 1960, Rudd-speed, servo discs,. Corlett; wheet, Ginturatos, sent. fog, reversing lamps, belts, soft Lop, tonneau. IOW Mileage. £360 Panghourne 262 evenings, weekends. TWO SETS of vintage books. •’Modern Motor Cars” (early 1920s), “Motors of Today” 119281, also AlviS

1162/1520. parts, engine. g/box, axles etc. Offers to Box FIAT 1800 saloon 1960, good cond. low inileage,15171t9r5, owner emigrating. 1395 395 St Albans 51057. 1932 STANDARD Little 9. saloon.•MoT, good running

6 order. Any reasonable offer accepted 349 Blackburn Rd, Bolton_ Tel: 27930.

LOTUS CORTINA, no competition use. 14.000.15nfr Cinturates, fastidious engineer Owner, mipeecabte. 1936 WOLSELEY 16, original cent!. low mileage, M15o79T8. BOx /613.

taxed; garaged Kirkcudbrightshire. Offers. 25 Harbord Rd, Sheffield 8.

1959 MORGAN 4/4 competition model, green, block upholstery, half tonneau. full tonneau, waShers.. ping spot, reversing light, inwnebthSer. 2 owners.45,000 miles only, nxCell cond throughout. f?R5 Apply V. L. Chambers, 1084 Hadharn litd, Bishop’s StortforS, Herts. Tel: .51507. or 31 North Lodge Terrace, Oarlington, Co Durham, SAAB 1964 October, 4-speed. 10,000 miles only. 0275,

E4051, terms 49 khorno Rd. SW17. 1956 DAIMLER Regency, oniy rogoires slight attention to body to be inwnae, taxed, tested. C7.0. 1947’5.5 3,1/2 Ittrr saloon, taxed, teStod, E40.. Langhorne, 30 tipper Aughton • OP, Southport 68708, 15802 M.G. TO wills’ o difference. P 100, cycle niudgard strapi over bonnet, twin rail/n, wheels, ro,o,

me, many cxtroS-. good eend. -£235. 23 ‘Ct.:leen St.

Dorwen. Lanes. ,58313 ROLLS-ROYCE ownor.drIver sateen 1935: Original rend. mascot. tools, needs deeeke,-runs well (.145.

Tel, West Monkton .454 iSonserset/’ 15804 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 1961, 2/4.str, wItrItt/61,8″ ieIt eartfirte. eittrtve, w/whents, many extras ins ‘,Oro. teete.rt, .4441 aprl foe1,9131, eke. ve0.1q006 ‘CAW di ArlsrrS Rd. Steel:ton bicath, WarrintpOri. Tel (58C5 FOR SALE-continued AUSTIN 7 1938, exceptional cond. 160 engine 6015. Sensible offers. Harrington, Bracken 1101 Moose. The Woods, NorthwoOd 23736 after 6 pm (5806 XK140 FM coupe 1955, gunmetal, C-type head, Wire wheels. recent, rebore, aligns, ends, good Turbespeeds, sound cond. 1170 ork1ng 3970 AUSTIN 12 fabrie salOon 1929. runt hut needs inI9irs8007r _ D reLtoretton. Shears. e.xeter, 76814 eventegs. 15808 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 Mk II 1963, BRG, o/drive, radio, w/wheelS, lights. -tonneau, Turbospeed tyres. ute, etc. Cost 11,300. abgeOt lib50 Monaghan. 4 Beacon Way, Skeoness, Lincs. Tel 1036. (5809 LANCIA AURELIA GT 2300(959 Leth Series). floor change. new curb, brakes relined. Konis, 0.401 cond BENTLEY. 1924 Red Label 3 litre Short chassis sCo5!e1d0 670. Ashteed 4334 model, fullLe Mans wings. now VOR

canspfele car rebt.iift 05 neW, repeal, as new, at rust 01 over £3,000. Offers over 11.1350, ,pert exchanpe thoroughbred considered. Mike Berry, 92 Ashfield St.

Lon.don El StoeneY 3102 (5811 TR3A 1960, tounac rod bOdYwOrkichrorne, rneeban;eally hard/Soft lops, o/dr1ve. Mr. w/Washers. occasional rear seat, Mich -X tyres, many cactus. 1395. 1956 H.R.G. Emperor. stmtlar 0-type body, -tuned 15818Marple 1412 (Nr Stockport, Chesl. 1500 0m1, ifs. irs, I:torrents, AffinS. R55s. 1190 ono. P Slyer, Telt hlassor.ks 15145ex) 3253 (5819 1965 (MARCH). Austin Cooper 998 cc. white/black, voc, original colt with mares 1780 extras include Mterocel) recline seats with headrest. Motortune dash with rev counter, Benettte grtne with fog/spot S/balts. soncera. Xs. race tn;rrers. arnirestS, Soundproofed, .to/Sealed. 1560 ono, Bob Day. Tel. Biggieswade 2091 office hours MG 2418 1933 M.G. J1: 1172 engine, M.G. g/(56822 x. ‘. hydraultc brakes, good rnechanies but tatty 2-seat body and hood, 150 env Tel Sevens:01(5 51995. Write 1:1 -ALFA ROMEO 1900 Super -saloon 1956. available (f5r8o3m3 St John’s Hill, 15 Feb, good but not perfect hence 1190, or will exchange for Fiat 600 or 500 Smith, 47 Alexandra Rd, 1320 1955, rod, good cond, 1(5588334 LANCIA AURELIA GT 5 Leamington Spa. Works fis’Or e

henge. 00. RIG 0335. GINETTA 1964, 105E eneint, dark bide. only 13,000 miles £450 ono. G.arnett, 13 South End Rd. IONS 1963 SPRITE, 1.0e$ cc, tdr, radio 1420 eno.(5815836 Ett:rstel Rd, Rochester. Kent. (5837 M.G. J1 A-str, partially rebuilt, MoT Nov ’66. needs work to complete. Offer’s? POLItirds 6410 eVenings M.G. TF, new hood, Sr,reens, tonneau r.rng X., en15e8in3! e.’haeled, stage 2 head, usual extras. C280. Nuneaton 00.56 9.30 to 5.30weekdays.. , 15839 SUPERS SUNBEAM Molise. S It, hitoss, v-/drive, IlnIls, htr, tonneau. 1/erld etc, enotne e/heul 3,0,00 ego. ma9mkent cood threugnool„1485. Deliver PaiSleY, LanclOn between. Johnson. 41 Selkirk Ave. Paisley 15840 ‘VINTAGE MARCHAL 13r? headlights, completely re”Olt rePieted, stiveeed and unused Since. Offers Smith, Eider Cottage. Rooerstale, ter Cockermoutli, Cumberland. Lorton 254. MORRIS MINOR 1000 convertible. free Nov ‘571. e1r5c8e411I mechanical and bodily coed 1165_ Campton, 2 Wet tingle. Court, WeItmeton Rd, Hampton Hilt. NIRIck (5)142 TWO NEW Michelm 155•15,radiet lyres la tes earl New Smiths

TR3 NOV 1957, TR3A grate, h/top,’ tonneau, hood. Ito’, radio, well above average coed 1240 *no, Wick. emnsworth 72698. . 15844 A C. 2 LITRE 1951. good coed, new tyres, battery_ (‘rake lini-n9S, 15,000 mites since engine elhatil. new lineit etc. gentime reason for saW Will accept neareSt cffer to f.100. W. .1 Down, 3 Herne Gardens, Rust innton, s.nssex. TR4 1962. 1311G’, w/wheets, el/drive.X tyres. radio!5t1t4r5, 1e-wilier alarm. reversing light, 0:seen coed throughout

[575. Rogate ( Sussex 1 349. (5846a TR4 BLACK sofl top complete with pearls type rods £4 TelRegale :349 (Sussexl15846 HEALEy ABBOTT dlic. last handsOnie car, good ‘cond. 1120 ono. EOC.Witre 2488 (5847 FOR SALE–continued

V.W. ’55. red, recond englne. very quiet, seated beam conversion, Philips radio, well instrumented and main. tamed. MoT. taxed Aug. (130. Reading 71572. (5688 McLA.UGHLIN BUICK 1934 NA straight eight 29 hP saloon, recent engine ri/hatil. new radiator, superb bodily and probably the best example let of this traditional and good looking Buick (veeradiator. Separate headlights, wire wheels, spares in wings). Nearest to 1125 buys. Front Thurston. 24 Church St. Long Buck-by; Rugby. Tel: Long Backby 292 05689 FOR SALE. 1909 Delaunay-Belleville 2-sir, ermine em cone but not assembled, some nion-ortginat body parts hut simple to restore. 11,250, offers. 1900 de Dien volturette. mint original cond. £2,650. offers, exchange early .Ghost chassis. Harper (Manchester), Didsbury 2050. (5 TR4, OVERDRIVE, wire wheels. tonneau cover, hood, whito with red interior, CinturatOs: 1st re g July 1962. 1070. Owner unexpectedly going to Chile .agairi, Tout. a Manor Rd Teddington. TED 2529 after 7 Pm, CRO 8334 during day, (5691 BRISTOL 405 dh coupe, BRG, o/drive, new tyres, in-nios, genuine 57.060 miles, emigrating, Offers. 64 Kinnstimod Rd, FallowGeld, Manchester 14. Tel: Rt/S 1042 alter 6 pro: 15692 1962 COOPER. balanced 1.197 cc stage Ill, rebuilt Au” 1%5. bucket sealS. s/shine roof. In/rim Wheel. .Moht:drtir,,,,de clash many extras, Cooper S beater. never .m :SacOihee £340 ono. Tel: Bridgnorth 3188 (50.93 RILEY KESTREL Sprite 5527K, sound bodY,’ cross flow mad, front Armstrong shock absorbers, well shod, remit.. battery. taxed, MoT, £130 ono. Te): BRArnhall RADAR DISINTEGRATOR. 115 plus -2.4 Ja1g519r4, 5226

masts/spares would till column, exceptional opportunity for enthusiast. f350 ono. Domestic sate. Write. 92 Donnithorne Ave, Nuneaton. ‘Narks. MORGAN 4/4 14.49 sports, beautiful coed. Offers(5o6vqe5r 1101 6 Brooding Crag, Kendal, Westmorland. (5696 ROLLS-BENTLEY 41/,, Mx yl 1949 CG R• 597, black/ grey, good ro. radio, well shod, NloT, taxed. Nearest 1300. Joll, 28 Glenfield Coes, Bitterne, Southampton, (5697 XK140 DHC 1956, new clutch, toP 0/haul, v good coed, 1170 ono. 47 Wittsend Caravan Park, iArksey, Don caster. (5698 SUPERB 1959 Alpine, blue, wire wheels, nearly new tyres, taxed, MoT. Offers. exchanges. Tel: Kidrnoro End 33)35 (Oxon) after 6.30 P.. (5699 A.7 SPECIAL. recond engine, hc head. hyd brakes and shock absorbers, good tyres; al body, Many spare,. £30. Asti°, 286 Leigh Rd. Worsley, Nr Manchester. WALeilen 2491. A.C. BUCKLAND, recent respray. °keen order throiU7901,15iOut. 1150. Gibbon. Flat •8, 2 Carbon Rd. ManeneSter 16. (5701 BENTLEY 1949 Mk VI, good cond, black, radio. mhal Xs, s/roof, many’ bills. Sell £285? .oxchange .sports Saloon -and tail), LeSter, 1023 Cathcart Rd. Glasgow 52RILEY 1.5 saloon 1964. dove grey, 12.000 tulles. 115475”02


E. Cosh’am, 13 Curtlington Houser Burnt Oak Broad. way, Edgware, Middx. Tel: WO R 3658 ( evrn.(n5g7s0)3. FOR SALE—continued JAGUAR XKlSOS the, ien ekentple finished red,

red upholstery, chrome wheels. host extras, iSelectaride shockers’ twin speaker radio, htr, 2-speed wiper. genuine 265 hp 3-curb motor, PoWerlok dIff -etc. as fast as an E.tytte with mare room. Sell for £600, or exchange M.G.11 or Cooper S. Monty. I Norman Court.

Hampton, Middx. MoleSty 1942 ‘after 7 pm. (5704 1954’ MORGAN plus 4 4-stir, !eV* rear Scats, bills 1150, new engine, clutch, battery, woollier equip, body good. :Gioedon.johnson. Officers Mess. Coltishall, Norwieh View London arranged. •/265. Reason for is5a710e5: RILEY PATHFINDER 1956. dark green, tan hide,. hlr. exceptional coed throughout. £175 or near. 14, Shipp, ()Bellingham. EN:Imlay (Tel: Bungay 275). Sufi:ilk. ALPINE 1962 Ser red, o/drive, radio. Xs. -wood a6 ocid rim wheel. many extras: superb cond, Well maintained. £490. Kent. West Malting 3164: AUSTIN 10. 14.12.33, good history. good riin(5n7ina7g order MoT to 10.1.67. (45. Guswe.I.1, 78 Chian• leek Rd, Ourrington, Worthing, StisSex (5708 MiNt MOOS. Yahspeed stage 3 hoed. ‘doWnilieught W.her, heated inlet manifold, freeflow exhauSt., spoR remote control. Motortunei,wood rini. 150 ‘the lot or will split -IMontgomery. -57 Newbold Terrace, Leaminuten 5ra 2201;. atttr, 6 Pm,

SUNBEAM-TALBOT 3 litre Saloon 1939, excel! o?417e(r. 140. Winwhourne 3267 evenings. 15710 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 Mk 2 1962, Wire wheels. 010/ drive, l’/top, good lyres. (450. Tel! Steventon, Reeks

350 (5711 1933 RILEY 9 Monaco, engine co/hauled 1,500 miles ago. MoT, good body and coachwork, many stares. Douu.,,e prewar,’ forces sole. 1.65 ono. P Bunton. 1 Muni, PAck. Nottingh,“ 15717 FOR SALE—con hnued

M.G. TA. bodily and mechanically sound. TO engine fitted, 16in rears, M.C.-.A bucket seals, • spot-, tlasherS, MoT. 1115 ono. 17 Russet PriVe, Ampthill, Beds. 15712 3.8 JAGUAR engine, onty 7,700 miles, £’75. I have proof of this mileage, All Mk 9 spares incl old .engine Parts, 2 new batteries, 2 new tyres, half price: nevi Lodge plugs. 6 RL53. a HLN. 4 3HLN. 2 I0RL49., 1 10/2,151. Pope; Widbury Villa, Jeffries Rd. Were Herts. Ware 2059.

15757 1949 BENTLEY drophead by Hooper, sage over v12517ve7t green; -green hood and interior, mahogany woodwer, this, car is in extell general cond and fully equipped. fult.flow engine. 1795. Newbury 1546. (57580 1960 FERRARI 250 GT Pininfarina coupe, luxury Ye, sion with 13e,tt.ier seats, zurole luountie accommodation, power MSc.. 11.795 Or exchange 4(.1. .an.ythinti inter

esting. Newbury 1346, (5759 1939 ROLLS-ROYCE Wraith with modorn • station wagon bodywork. totall 0/hauled mechanisally..£545. NewhorY 1346. NO REASONABLE offers refused Numerous Ti1)1172,43 spares must be sold And’ hood, sidoisreens, tonne. chassis, front •stispension, 41151,:iti au

les1t5, eke, etc.

your requirements.. Taylor, 6 South Ave, CieVereys. -Tel: CleVeleys 5601.

“MOTOR’ SPORT” Vols 7 and B. complete sct of I.-571re sports Car” (MG magazine). Best offer by the end of the month. Wanted, early motoring Posters. J.

Barron, 6 Park Rd, East Twi

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