Trio of New Alfa Romeos

On a recent trip to Italy we were able to try the three new 1750 Alfa Romeo models, the saloon, GT Veloce and Spider Veloce. The saloon is the only fully new car, the other two being improved versions of existing models. All supplement the Alfa Romeo range, with the 1.6-litre cars continuing in production.

The front end of the GT Veloce has been redesigned with the inclusion of twin headlamps. The interior has also been redesigned and is similar to that of the saloon. On the Spider the only interior change has been the addition of a thick, wood-rimmed steering wheel. The saloon still retains a definite Alfa Romeo Giulia TI look, although the lines are aesthetically far more pleasing. The engine is a development of the successful Alfa Romeo four-cylinder twin-overhead camshaft design, now featuring a bore and stroke of 80 mm. x 88.5 mm., giving an actual capacity of 1,779 c.c. As fitted to the three models, 132 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. is developed.

On a 150 mile test run near Naples, which included some fast autostrade and a twisty mountain section, all cars behaved well. At that stage the weather was sunny and dry, although later in the week other drivers tackled the same course in a snow storm and were not so confident in the cars. The GT and saloon were fast and extremely quiet, even when hurtling along at an indicated 180 k.p.h.—oh, the joys of the open road! The entire route was patrolled by policemen, who were actually on our side, waving us on cheerfully at junctions.—R. F.