TR6 or GT6?


I read with interest of Mr. Jones’ cutting-out problem with his Triumph TR6 PI.

Whilst never having driven one of these cars I think your correspondent could have saved himself at least £200 by buying a Triumph GT6 Mk. II instead, as I have. Having compared the performance of the two cars on paper there doesn’t seem to be much in it. My GT6 is four months old, and a lot of fun to drive, first gear being very entertaining as it will just make 50 m.p.h., by which time the tachometer starts to see red!

If anyone wants an exciting car with very lively performance, and/or 30 m.p.g. economy if you want it, at a sensible enough price. I can recommend one of these cars. I have no connection with the Company.

D. E. Bourne.