The motorists' lot (2/2)


Your readers might care to know that at a recent court hearing at Barnstaple it was decided by the magistrates that to drive a Mini (in this case a saloon) without the front bumper (which had been removed only for the purpose of respraying the car) and without the trim on the ridge which runs along the body and along the wheel arches, was to drive it "in a dangerous condition".

I personally feel that this is yet one more case of persecution of the motorist and I felt it important enough to write to you because it is quite common for the trim strip not to be replaced if it happens to fall off, and it is equally common for the bumpers on Minis to be removed, and any such cars on the road in the North Devon area or who visit the North Devon area are likely to be made the subject of proceedings.

I do not wish my name or address to be published for personal reasons, but if you wish to comment on this further example of hounding the motorist you may, of course, do so.

[Name and address supplied.]