The Monotrace


There has been quite a bit of correspondence recently regarding the Monotrace, culminating in a letter from Mr. White who tells us that the engine in the Monotrace was horizontal, that the body had a door on the left-hand side, and that it was called Monotrace after the name of the Frenchman who built it. In the interests of technical and historical accuracy may I say that I am probably the only person in this country who owns a Monotrace, that mine is 100% original, and that it has a vertical engine and no doors.

I also find it hard to believe that there was a Monsieur Monotrace. Even in these days of higher education, all school children know that “Monotrace” means, quite literally, single-track. It would he an extraordinary coincidence if a single-track vehicle were to be produced by a Mons. Single-track! I would hardly believe that the first Landrover was made by a Mr. Fourwheeldrive . . .

Meysey Hampton E. D. WOOLLEY