The 1923 200-Mile Race Newton


Your correspondent, Mr. G. M. Hare, may be interested to know that the following advertisement appeared in The Motorz in May 1926:—

“Racing ‘Newton Special’, recently built at a cost of over £3,000, RAC rating 8.9 h.p., cubic capacity 1,089, brake h.p. 100, speed over 100 miles an hour, fitted with streamline 2-seater body, 4-wheel brakes, 2 overhead camshafts, 4-speed gearbox, including the following spares: 6 valves, springs and cotters, 4 pistons, clutch spring and liner, 4 con. rods, bevel pinion and crownwheel, etc., the whole job in new condition throughout, a huge bargain, £450. Auto Service Co. Cumberland Street, Deansgate, Manchester.”

This seems to confirm the statement in your July issue, that the one went to the Manchester district. Incidentally, I am pretty certain that the Erskine (CH7162) referred to in the October issue, “V-E-V Odds & Ends,” was offered for sale by Star Motors, of New Brighton, Cheshire, some time in 1952.

Guildford, John Willis