Ambitious Austin 7 Diamond Jubilee Run

In conjunction with the Diamond Jubilee of the Austin 7 the 750 MC an holding an ambitious demonstration of the continuing practicability of these cars over the Easter week-end, in the form of a John O’Groats to Land’s End Run. This will be open to any driver of a pre-war Austin 7 (Including the Big-Seven) who is a paid-up member of any Austin 7 Club belonging to the Austin Seven Clubs Association. The event has RAC approval, with a waiver of permit granted. Cars will have to be properly taxed and insured and to have passed the MoT inspection.

The plan is that they will start from close to the John O’Groats Hotel at some time between noon on Easter Saturday April 10th and Easter Sunday, choosing their own starting time but signing-on at least half-an-hour before they propose to start, and, using any route they wish, clock in at a point close to the Land’s End Hotel not later than 23.59 hours on Wednesday April 14th to be classified as a finisher. The Land’s End Hotel Control will be open from 9 a.m. on Easter Sunday, but as the distance exceeds 700 miles from the stun, it seems unlikely that even the more proficient crews will arrive at the finish as early as this. More likely not before mid-day at the earliest, which implies averaging some 30 m.p.h., almost non-stop. One would expect the bulk of the intrepid Ausfin Severnists to make Land’s End around the later part of Easter Sunday. However, this is not a race, and one would imagine that the less press-on crews would take several rests along the way. Although this and the choice of route means that no great cavalcade of Austins will be seen, those who enjoy seeing such game little cars in action will have a pretty good idea of which roads to watch for them. Maybe there will be some encouragement for the near-non-stop runs, as well as for the “plodders” who can finish by averaging only about seven miles per hour. The entry-fee is £5, two drivers are permitted but must man the one car throughout, and a camp is being arranged for those needing a holiday afterwards to recover. One way of getting to the start would be by overnight BR Motorail, costing some £120 from London to Inverness, or just over £100 from Crewe, for a car and two occupants, with a possible discount to contestants. Already much interest is being aroused, starters will be limited to 80, and as the entry list is now open, quick application seems desirable, entries close on March 27th. Details and entry forms from: K. A. Cooke, 26 Whomerley Road, Stevenage, Herts SG1 1SR.

The 750 MC provides proof of the longevity of the Austin 7 (as if you didn’t 1rnow) with a front-cover picture for its December 1981 Bulletin of Bernard Crook’s Austin 65 Sports which he has owned for over 20 years and has taken to all 19 Austin 7 National Rallies, including that at the NMM at Beaulieu last year. The club had its annual dinner-dance at Heathrow on January 30th. — W.B.