The MCC Exeter Trial



The MCC Exeter ‘Trial

On January 5/6 the MCC held its 62nd “Exeter” Trial, an event dating back to 1910. That these unique classic trials have lost none of their appeal is indicated by an entry of 127 motorcycles and 192 cars, of all types and ages. Competitors compete against the Club, not against themselves, for awards based on how they perform up the traditional hill sections, after converging from three starting places, Fleet, Cirencester and Oakhampton. Eight different classes further add to the chance of doing well. This time the hills numbered Meerhay, Clinton, Waterloo, Stretes, Tillerton, the famous Fingle Bridge (with a special test), Wooston, Waterworks, the dreaded Simms, Green Lane and Slippery Sam, with a second special test at Clifford. The finish was at the Sefton Hotel, Torquay. The MCC’s next event is the Land’s End Trial at Easter, the first of which was held in 1908. WB