Trojan Tauranac




I greatly enjoyed reading your interview with Ron Tauranac in the December issue — surely he must rank as one of the most prolific and versatile racing car designers ever, as well as one of the longest lasting! It is a pity that space limitations did not permit you to print a fuller interview — perhaps we could have a sequel at some time in the future? I’m sure that some more of his tales would make fascinating reading. I note from one of the captions in the article that the Trojan T101 is credited with being Ron’s last F1 design — but surely he was responsible for the Theodore TR I — admittedly an ungainly car, but one which was more successful than the Trojan, and one which set Keke Rosberg’s F1 career on its way after his sensational win in the very wet International Trophy at Silverstone in 1978?

Those were the days, when privateer teams could take on the best works outfits, and turn in the odd surprise result — somehow I can’t see Minardi turning the tables on Williams and McLaren these days — more’s the pity!

Steve Lydon, Kington Langley, Wilts.