The Return of OSCA

One of the great manes in motor sport is to return with the sleek coupe shown above. The new OSCA 2500GT is a back-to-basics sportscar with the emphasis on pure dynamic excellence rather than chintz or gadgetry. Styled by the legendary Ercole Spada (whose works includes the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato), it has a mid-mounted 2.5-litre Subaru flatfour motor which should push the machine along at over 140mph. Aproduction run is planned with deliveries starting later in the year.

OSCA was formed in 1947 by the Maserati brothers after selling their company to the Orsi family, and became renowned for making small, beautifully engineered sports-racers. The name now belongs to GM P Automobili claiming to have decades of experience building such cars. The name has been inactive since financial difficulties in the early 1960s.