Keke's diary

“It must have been an awful time for Frank to be a team owner, and the muddle over technical rules must have been terrible for Patrick. It was a silly season: a FISA team did something, a FOCA team protested; a FOCA team did something, a FISA team protested.”

Williams, along with all FOCA teams bar Tyrrell and Toleman, boycotted Imola.

“I didn’t learn till very late that Williams wouldn’t be going. It was disappointing, as I already felt I had the tools to fight for the title. And the FOCA teams didn’t even go to watch it; they ignored it, although I’m sure I watched it on TV”.

In light of Alboreto’s third, it would be reasonable for Keke to feel this had cost him the chance of four points

Championship positions:

1 Prost 18;

2 Lauda; 12/p>

3 Alberto, Pironi; 10

5 Watson; 8