Europe's greatest circuits

Road to tradition
The Hotel de France was once a popular sanctuary for Le Mans racers. Now refurbished, its history will surely make it so once again… – Le Mans

Blast from the past
Ask anybody to name a classic circuit and Spa will feature close to the top of their list – even though the original was long since sliced in two. You don’t need to go far to find the missing half… and it’s worth the trip… – Spa

Magical history tour
Hallowed cradles of motor sport in Italy and England linked by a famous marque, as a Bentley wafts our man home via a pause at an evocative French site… – Monza

Monte Carlo and bust
A 2000-mile round trip to Monaco threw up more than we bargained for at the Grand Prix Historique last May… Monaco

The ‘Ring
Irrespective of venue, dwindling crowds mean the German Grand Prix no longer rocks to the firecracker symphony of old. The nation’s bygone racing traditions exist still, but you need to look beyond Formula 1… The ‘Ring