Round the Clubs, January 1927



Round the Clubs


Honorary District Agents are appointed by ” Motor Sport” to further the interest in the sporting side of motoring and motor cycling. We give on this page a list of the Honorary District Agents alteady appointed. Through these Honorary Agents we keep in touch with local events in all parts of the country, and with their co-operation we hope. to increase the popularity of motor and motor

cycle sport. Honorary District Agents will be pleased, whenever Possible, to give assistance to motorists and motor cyclists, desirous of taking part in local events.

If you have any difficulty in obtaining” Motor Sport” in your neighbourhood, the nearest Honorary District Agent will inform you how you may obtain it.

Swansea and District M.C.C.

The above club held a team trial recently in conjunction with the Cardiff Club. A team of six riders was chosen from each club by Mr. J. J. Boyd-Harvey, who also planned the spotting course. The event started at the bottom of Pont-Rhyd-y-Pen, where the loose and stony surface was interspaced with transverse ridges of solid rock. Clean climbs were made by G. Gregor (B.S.A.) and A. Mapstone (Douglas), and H. H. Matlock (Scott) of Swansea, the J. E. Kettle (Scott) of Cardiff. The other competitors were obliged to use their feet to enable them to ascend. No competitors were penalised at Bryn Splash, but a section on the route card referred to as ” British Trackway” resulted in many footrests being temporarily unpatronised, although Kettle easily managed to leave the remainder of the field. After the first check at Margam Park the route led back to “British Trackway.” Here B. Ellis (Norton) experienced several punctures, but despite his misfortune carried on to the finish. P. Jones (H.R.D.), however, lost his way, had seven punctures, and finally retired thus leaving Cardiff a man short. The concluding stages of the trial were accompanied by semi-darkness and two of the competitors had to light up while still on the mountain. The Swansea team won the trial with a total loss of 424 marks. Cardiff lost 591 marks.

The teams were composed of the following riders :— SWANSEA, F. Dayson (Scott), G. Gregor (B.S.A.), S. Davies (Douglas), A. Mapstone (Douglas), B. Ellis (Norton) and H. H. Mattock (Scott). CARDIFF, J. Wilkinson (Sunbeam), P. Jones (H.R.D.), L. Brown (Triumph), 0. H. Barron (Triumph), J. E. Kettle (Scott) and P. Pratt (Triumph).

Chester Le Street M.C.C.

The above club held an inter-team trial recently in conjunction with the Mid-Wear and District M.C. The course chosen was a sporting one and also proved very tricky. Only twelve of the eighteen riders finished the course. The results are as ‘follows :

WINNING TEAM: Mid-West ” A ” team comprised of C. R. Sanderson (B.S.A.), E. Pyle (B.S.A.) and R. Baxter.


MID-WEAR CUP: C. R. Sanderson (B.S.A.).

SILVER MEDAL: J. H. Heads (Douglas).

BRONZE MEDALS: A. Sharp (492 Sunbeam) and A. R. Rae (B.S.A.).

ROUND THE CLUBS—continued. Ealing and District M.C.C.

The club held its annual dinner and dance at the Hotel Cecil recently. The president, Dr. A. M. Low, was in the

chair, and well over a hundred members and guests were present. When proposing the toast of “The Club.” Dr. Low made a speech which was rich in humour and anecdote. One of his suggestions was that the club should consider the holding of a cleanliness trial, with the object of drawing attention to the advances made in mudguarding. In his opinion clubs should not confine themselves merely to organising ” watersplash trials,” but should endeavour to increase the popularity of motor cycling by demonstrating the utility side of the pastime.

Mr. F. H. Douglas, the secretary, responded that he was of the same opinion regarding the need for such tests. He mentioned that during the course of the year the club had done much good work on behalf of charity. Four gymkhanas had been organized, and in all nearly thirty thousand people had watched displays of trick riding and motor cycle football. In humorous vein Mr. J. A. Masters proposed “The Visitors.” In his reply M. F. T. Bidlake related some of his experiences in connection with the London-Holyhead trial. It appears that on one occasion his means of conveyance was F. A. Longman’s sidecar. Owing to the combined weight of route-marking arrows, a tin of petrol and himself, the sidecar connections broke. Finally at Oswestry, there was only one connection left, and so he also left to complete the journey by train. Mrs, Gordon, wife of the chairman, then presented the year’s awards ; and a very enjoyable dance concluded the evening.

Rochdale and District M.C.

A good number of members and friends attended the annual dinner held recently at the Flying Horse Hotel. Rochdale. Colonel G. Scott, D.S.O. occupied the chair. Speeches were kept exceedingly brief, and all pointed to the progress the club had made since its inception three years ago. Many handsome prizes were distributed during the evening, and two special gifts were presented to Messrs. Wallwork and Bailon, in recognition of their kind services rendered throughout the year.

Derby and District M.C. The results of the Hattan trial is as follows :—

as :— HATTON CuP AND REPLICA E. Lester (348 Raleigh). SILVER Cu P (best passenger machine) : H. Whiteman (Austin car).

BELLIAN CuP (best visitor) : L. V. Barrow (Salmson car).

SILVER SPOON (best lady) : Miss M. Hichmough (348 Douglas).

TEAD AWARD: Scott’s Team (W. A. H. Scott 499 P. & M., J. I. Robertson 349 S.A. and H. Whiteman).

Hucknell and District M.C.

The course chosen for this new club’s first reliability trial provided plenty of excitement for the competitors who took part in it. W. Bodhill (348 Raleigh) treated all obstacles with contempt, and demonstrated how rough and sticky going should be taken, he received the first prize, while J. Workman (349 B.S.A.) followed close behind.

Grantham and District M.C. and L.C.C.

Nearly ninety members and friends were present on the occasion of the club’s second annual dinner, held at the George Hotel Grantham, recently. In the absence of the president, Sir J. G. Thor°ld, Bart., Mr. J. R. Cashburn, a vice president, occupied the chair and read a letter from the president, in which he (Sir John) expressed a hope that the club would make use of Syston Park for some of its 1927 fixtures. Mr. C. H. Wild proposed “The Club,” saying that he felt confident that it was in a flourishing condition, while Mr. J. W. Curtise mentioned that Mr. Coupe, of Mansfield, had presented to the club a cup for annual competition. After the Chairman had distributed the awards Mr. Curtis proposed “The President,” stating that the club was indeed grateful to Sir John for the loan of Syston Park for racing purposes.

Bolton M.C.

At the club’s annual dinner, held at the Pack Horse Hotel, Bolton, the president, Councillor W. Bradley, occupied the chair. Thanks to a certain Scottish element in the club the menu included haggis, ” wi’ a’ the honours,” and this called forth a reply, versified in the Lancashire dialect, referring to” Burns’ welcome to the chieftain o’ the pudden’ clan.” Several more speeches took a poetic turn, with witty allusions to the officials of the club, the North-Western Centre, famous riders, and the Northern representative of the Motor Cycle. The president, who stated that the club had 90 members, appealed to the company to refrain from driving methods that led to public complaints. Mr. A. Taylor, and Mr. N. Jackman represented the NorthWestern Centre, A.C.U., while Mrs. Bradley distributed the year’s awards. An enjoyable musical entertainment was provided by various members of the, club, and the event was voted a great success by all who partook in it.

Camberley M.C.

THOMPSON Cup: C. V. Patrick (Scott).

LUNNISS Cup: B. W. Swabey (James).

BURLINGTON Cup: T. G. Meeten (Francis-Barnett). Miss Sturt was one of the competitors who was awarded a silver medal.