RECORD ENTRY AND PERFECT ORGANISATION ENSURE SUCCESS OF THE N.W.L.M.C.’s ANNUAL TRIAL THE North West London Motor Club deserve every success with their annual London to Gloucester Trial. To begin with, it is a real trial, and makes severe demands on cars and drivers alike if a premier award is to be gained. Those who want hills will find them here in plenty, Maiden’s Grove, Stancombe, Bis

more, Mutton, Knapp, Bownham, Bushcombe, Iles Lane, Quarhouse, Bussage and Ferris Court, while the competitive element is encouraged by the acceleration test on Bismore, the restart on Bushcombe, and the timed ascent of Ferris Court.

Starting from the Bridge House Hotel, Staines, a little after midnight, everyone was relieved to find that although the wind was bitingly cold, there was not a hint of rain, and the surface of the many hills to be encountered would be as good as one can hope for in December. Maiden’s Grove, the only hill to be climbed at night, was in splendid condition, and did not bother anyone, and so competitors made their way via Oxford, Chipping Norton, Broadway, Winchcombe to Cheltenham, where the cars were parked in Steels yard while their crews partook of large breakfasts at the Cadena Cafe. For some unknown reason, two mishaps occurred during the night run. M. M. Woodford misjudged the descent of Fish Hill, Broadway, and inverted his Frazer Nash without injury either to himself or to his passenger. The second accident, unhappily, was not without serious results. A. G. Wincott, in a Riley Gamecock which still bore its racing numbers from the Half Mile Speed Trials at Brighton last summer, went off the road at a corner and hit a tree. Wincott escaped injury, but his passenger, Richard Long, was killed. The next morning hill-climbing was begun in earnest. Stancombe was in kindly mood and stopped no one, and the

next obstacle, the acceleration test on Bismore, merely gave some of the snappier sports models a chance to show off their merits. Fastest of all, up the 60 yard section was H. J. Aldington (Frazer Nash) in 8 3/5 secs., but R. R. K. Marker (Bentley) was only 1/5th secs. slower. Other good times were made by M. A.

McEvoy (McEvoy Hornet Special) and J. A. M. Patrick; also on a Hornet, most of the M.G. Magnas and all the V8 Fords.

Then came Mutton, which caused more difficulty than any other hill throughout the day. The sharp right hand bend at the foot slowed cars down to such an extent that no momentum was left with which to tackle the steep bit which followed. A quick corner was half the battle,

and in this manoeuvre the smaller machines were favoured. Outstandingly good were the new Singer Nine sports models, which sounded full of ” pep ” and were definitely masters of the gradient. Of the larger cars the V8 Fords were smooth and powerful, but Bertram’s Vauxhall stopped with wheelspin. In all 21 cars failed to reach the summit, but these were more than counterbalanced by a number of excellent performances, notably by several J.2 M.G. Midgets, Couldrey’s Essex Terraplane, Miss Montague-Johnston’s Magna, and Mrs. Needham’s Invicta.

Knapp was the next acclivity to be tackled, but was not difficult, although Mrs. Needham (Invicta) hit the wall with a bang and dislodged some rocks ; a Morris Minor made some funny noises at the top ; and Miss Marshall (Douglas) hit the wall and, not unnaturally, stopped. This was followed by Bownham, a straight hill with good surface of the type to encourage fast climbs. Here V8 Fords excelled, as did sundry Hornet Specials, Magnas and some irrepressible £100 Morris Minors. A praiseworthy effort was that of F. M. Shepherd’s old 10/23 Talbot, which came up well. After a fast drive over good roads, a halt was made at the check at the White Swan Inn, after which the re-start on Bushcomb was tackled. Here the surface was in excellent condition, and caused few failures, although by the time the big cars arrived at the hill a slippery rut had been made on the restart line. 20 yards had to be covered in under 8 seconds and most of the competitors had no difficulty in beating this limit. Actuolly, fastest time was made by three lady drivers in 4 3/5 seconds, Miss MontagueJohnstone’s M.G. Magna, Mrs. C. M. Needham’s Invicta, and Miss Weekes’ V8 Ford. Many of the sports cars were unable to give a good account of themselves, through being overgeared, notably the .Altas, all of which failed. Shepherd appeared on his old Talbot, but realising that it would be fatal to stop, frantically waved aside the restart ing marshal. Again the Singer Nines were really good, display ing plenty of power. W. H. Aden, (M.G. Midget), J. R. G. Finch (Alta), A. L. Watson (M.G. Midget), G. W. E. Armstrong (Salmson), G. H. P. Scott (Alta), W. H. Green, (13.S.A.),

F. Allott (Hornet Special), J. J. Dykes (Riley 12), all stopped either in or just out of the timed section, while M. Aldridge (Austin 7), R. J. B. Coath (Armstrong Siddeley), 0. Coryton (Horstmann), L. B. Henderson (Frazer Nash) and J. G. PigeLeschellas (A.C.) were over the 8 seconds limit. Competitors approached Iles Lane with a certain amount of trepidation, for last year this muddy hill caused something of a debacle. Naturally the first arrivals had the best surface, for after a few cars had spun their back wheels

gently to rest the mud began to be churned up into a treacherous consistency. G. H. P. Scott (Alta) realising that his high bottom gear demanded high speed to rush

the hill, came up at a great pace. The state of the hill, though good, required careful handling, and many failures could have been avoided by a judicious lifting of the throttle pedal. The Singers were all good,

as were the Frazer Nashes, the V8 Fords (which looked as though they could climb anything) and many Hornets and Magmas, notably F. S. Hutchens (Hornet), Miss IVIontague-J ohnstone (Magna) and Mrs. Needham (Invicta) who made a quiet safe climb without any fireworks. Mrs. A. G. Gripper found her Hornet dying right at the top so hastily pulled

out the choke lever and fluffed over the summit on a rich mixture. Many big cars failed and quite a few small Ones, of which we noted Finch (Alta), V. H. TUSAT1 (Fiat), Armstrong (Salmson), Shepherd (Talbot), W. H. Green (B.S.A.), W. H. R. Webb (Riley), C. Knight (M.G. Magna), A. B. Langley (M.G. Six), 1). Pamphlett (Talbot), Mrs. Stanton (Alpine Riley), W. M. Couper (Lagonda), R. R. K. Marker (Bentley), J. S. Couldrey (Essex Terraplane), Oliver Bertram (Vauxhall) and H. S. Linfield (Rover ‘Speed Model). A competently handled team of horses coped with the failures quickly and reduced the delay to a minimum.

Bussage and Quarhouse were both easy, though the slippery setts on the left verge of the former were the cause of five cars coming to a standstill, among them Marker’s Bentley and Bertram’s Vauxhall. Finally came the tinted ascent of ‘Perris Court. A time of 35 seconds was allowed for the 200 yards, and 30 failed to climb within this limit. Fastest of all were J. A. M. Patrick (Hornet Special), A. C. Fairtlough (Salmson) and M. A. McEvoy (Hornet Special), while most of the Magnas, Rileys and M.G.’s were good, and, of course, all the V8 Fords.. At last the finish at the Bear Inn near Stroud was reached, where all but eighteen of the 125 starters failed to turn up. Two cars bore traces of a certain amount of wear and tear, namely, Miss MontagueJ ohnstone’s Magna, which lacked a rear mud-guard, and G. May’s old

Alvis, which had a battered offside body. Special praise should be given to 0. Coryton and his passenger who got through to the finish on an ancient Horstmann chassis with home-brewed body, complete with sack of sand at the rear to hold the tail down—a stout effort.

The following provisional results have now been issued by the North-West London M.C.

Gloucester Cup : J. A. M. Patrick (Wolseley Hornet). S. Midland Centre Plague : A. C. FairUough (Salmson). President’s Cup : C. Mann (Ford). Committee Cup : J. G. Tice (Standard). Ladies’ Cup : Miss J. Weekes (Ford).

Team Award : M.G. Magna team : G. M. McGregor, G. H. Robbins and F. Sforza.

850 c.c. Cars.

Silver Cups : G. E. Taylor (M.G. Midget), A. W. P. Smith (M.G. Midget), J. S. Harrison (M.G. Midget) C. Giglio, Morris Minor), R. A. Macdermid (M.G. Midget).

Silver Medals : R. C. Morris (Morris Minor Arrow), A. L. Watson (M.G. Midget), J. A. 13astock (M.G. Midget), W. W. Whitman (Morris Minor), N. A. Prince (Austin), R. Livesey (Morris Minor).

Bronze Medals : W. II. Haden (M.G. Midget).

1,100 c.c. Cars.

Silver Cups: H. M. Avery (inger), R. J. W. Appleton (Riley), W. E. C. Greenleaf (Riley), W. S. Barnes (Riley),

j. S. Drewett (Riley), J S. Pruin (Singer), N. H. Cole (Singer), A. T. Gamble (Riley), R. C. Player (Riley), 0. H. Lawford (Singer), W. j, B. Richardson (Singer).

Silver Medals : G. E. Vaughan (Riley), I. S. MacDonald (Riley), V. IL Tuson (Fiat), I). J. C. Gamble (Riley).

Bronze Medals : O. H. P. Scott (Alta), Mrs. C. Scudamore (Singer), W. H. R. Webb (Riley).

1,800 c.c. Cars.

Silver Cups : Miss P. Goodban (Wolseley Hornet), Miss B. Daniell (Wolseley Hornet), G. W. Olive (Standard), W. A. V. Davis (Wolseley Hornet,)

R. J. B. Seaman (M.G. Magna), Miss D.

Montague-Johnstone (M.G. Magna), 0. M.

McGregor (MG. Magna), G. Wood (M.G. Magna), A. Langley (M.G. Magna), J. R. H. Baker (M.G. Magna), 0. H. Robins (M.G. Magna), A. Asitton Rigby (Wolseley Hornet Special), D. West (Frazer-Nash), F. Sforza (M.G. Magna), 0. H. Hill (M.G. Magna), S. C. Nash (Alvis), R. C. Vickers (Wolseley Hornet), M. A. McEvoy (McEvoy Wolseley Hornet Special), P. 8. Hutchens (Wolseley Hornet), W. E. C. Watkinson M.G. Magna), V. W. Derrington (Wolseley Hornet Special), Miss M. Allan (Wolseley Hornet).

Silver Medals : A. Altai (Wolseley Hornet Patrick Special), Mrs. 0. Clayton (Frazer-Nash), Miss R. Game (Wolseley Hornet), P. Lees (Frazer-Nash), C. Knight (M.G. Magna), A. P. Scroggs (Trojan), J. M. Kenion (Wolseley Hornet), A. G. Gripper (Frazer-Nash), Mrs. A. G. Gripper (Wolseley Hornet), H. J. Aldington (Frazer-Nash) .

Bronze Medals : R. 3. B. Coath (Armstrong Siddeley), I,. B. Henderson (FrazerNash), 0. Coryton (Horstmau).

Cars of Unlimited c.c.

Silver Cups : M. May (13.1′. Special), J. Harrison (Ford), Hon. A. D. Chetwynd (Ford), G. M. Denton (Ford), J. G. Tice (Standard), Miss J. Weekes (Ford).

Silver Medals : Mrs. A. Needham (Invicta), A. Powys-Lybbe (Talbot), J. S. CouldreY (Essex), j. 0. Pig-Leschallas (Acedes), J. R. Niemeyer (Hillman), J. D. \Indic (Frazer-Nash). Bronze Medals : A. B. Langley (M.G.) Mrs. M. Stanton (Alpine Riley), D. Pamphlett (Talbot), W. M. Couper (Lagonda), R. R. K. Marker (Bentley), E. P. ()dweller (M.G.), H. S. ‘,infield (Rover), 0. Bertram (Vauxhall),