N. London E.C.C.

On December 6th, Mr. W. M. Couper addressed members of this Club at Edgware, his subject being the 1949 Monte Carlo Rally.

The talk was illustrated by a colour film of the Rally and Couper gave his listeners a highly interesting and detailed account of the run, perhaps the most gripping part being his description of a 90-mile stretch of billowing fog encountered in France. After initially slowing down, the crew of his 4½-litre Bentley decided this would not do at all, and so, offering up a silent prayer, they increased speed to the seventies once more, and relied largely on the tops of the trees to show them the way.

The Bentley behaved impeccably throughout, except for a single defunct side-lamp.

Much useful advice he imparted to his audience, some of whom are embarking on the Rally this year.