Vintage Postbag, January 1953


I am interested in your illustration of the Daimler with the beer-bottle body, as I was employed, in a very minor capacity, in the building of the first job on these lines.

This was for Worthington only, and was not a Daimler, for Worthington’s manager at that time was a Dutchman, and he, perhaps naturally, specified a chassis mentioned several times lately in Motor Sport, namely a Spyker.

As you know, this make had a round bonnet and there was an idea that it could be the neck of the bottle, but it was impracticable, and the final result was similar to the Daimler, and the driver’s field of vision was somewhat restricted. This was in 1911 or earlier.

The main part of the body was of steel built by the firm who supplied the bodybuilders with the tanks for road tank-wagons (horse-drawn in those days as the L.C.C. would not allow motor wagons carrying petrol in bulk), so you can guess it was pretty heavy.

We had to remove the body and stand it on end for the signwriter to do the Worthington labels, as he was most indignant when it was suggested a good writer could do them lying down. He was a good signwriter and did do a good job.

I am, Yours, etc,

T. Wells,

London, N.17