A reader praises Ian Stewart


I feel, very, strongly, that Ian, Stewart has not been given the credit he deserves for winning the over 1,500-c.c. sports-car race at Charterhall.  Without exception, every account I have read glosses over Ian’s superb driving and infers that he won only by having the fastest car. This is not true.  I have the greatest respect and liking for “Wilkie” and no “knock” at him is dreamt of in this letter. I should know how fast his cars go, I’ve eaten their dirt on many occasions. That Stirling Moss is one of the truly great, knowledgeable people realise beyond all doubt, but, and this is the point I wish to make, so also is Ian Stewart. Already, with only a fraction of Stirling’s experience, Ian is his equal in ice-cold, meticulously accurate, and devastatingly fast cornering. Out of their cars, the two lads have much in common in their good looks, friendliness and ready smiles, but note the difference behind the wheel. Stirling merely becomes expressionless, but Ian has a look of set grimness which, in the boxing world, reveals the ” killer instinct ” without which, although we may deplore it, no man will emerge victorious in the highest class of any international competition.

I think that Ian Stewart will, in time, reach high enough to stand comparison with even the great Richard Seaman.

I am Yours, etc.,

Fred S. Mort,