The committee of the British Racing Drivers' Club has awarded the John Cobb Memorial Trophy to Mr. E. I. Appleyard. This magnificent trophy was presented recently to the club by the Vacuum Oil Co. Ltd. for award from time to time, but not more than once in any one calendar year, to a driver of British nationality who, driving a car of British manufacture, has achieved a success or successes of an outstanding character. Mr. Appleyard is the only driver ever to have won an Alpine Gold Cup, as a result of winning Alpine Silver Cups in three successive years (1950, 1951 and 1952). He again won an Alpine Silver Cup this year — a unique and outstanding performance.

Awarded annually for the most meritorious performance by a British driver in a British car in a race run outside the British Isles, the E.R.A. Club Trophy goes this year jointly to Mr. J. D. Hamilton and Major A. P. R. Rolt for their victory in the classic Le Mans 24-hours race.

Other annual awards have been confirmed by the committee of the club as follows: The Johnny Wakefield Trophy (for the fastest lap during the season at Silverstone by a British driver) — jointly to J. M. Hawthorn and K. Wharton. The Seaman Trophy (for the British driver most successful in foreign races) — J. M. Hawthorn. The 1953 Road-Racing Gold Star (for the most successful British driver) — J. M. Hawthorn.