Benzole makes good petrol better

say these experienced motorists

‘I’m a first-time starter on National’
Mr. L. Woodward – A Physisist

‘National’s the best bet for good mileage’
Mr. C. Harrington – An Assistant Sales Manager

‘What a difference to hill-climbing, and no pinking!’
Mr. C. Kemp – An Industrial Photographer

‘My engine keeps cleaner on National’
Mr. H. Barham – A Company Director

Why do more and more motorists buy National Benzole Mixture in preference to any other top-grade motor spirit? Because Benzole makes good petrol better—and ‘National’ is the ideal blend of both. However good petrol may be, adding Benzole — a British produced spirit — makes it better for your car. Better for starting. Better for smooth, quiet running. And — best of all — better for more miles per gallon!

National Benzole Mixture

Benzole Company Limited, Wellington House, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W.I (The distributing organisation owned and entirely controlled by the producers of British Benzole)