A Formula I M.G.?

In a test report of an M.G. MGA published in Empire News under the heading of “Sleek M.G. Stops the Traffic,” Pat Moss writes: “The increase in power resulting from the Le Mans experiments is in the neighbourhood of 205 brake horse-power, so it is not surprising that on that Newmarket road speedburst I was conscious of there being that little extra power under the bonnet if I were to need it.” In fact, the engine “leapt ahead” and Pat “touched 93.”

As the Yorkshire reader who sent us the cutting remarks, printers’ errors do happen but they would hardly mistake 68 for 205! We hope that the Bishop has soundly spanked Miss Moss for making this mistake or, as is more likely, that Pat has told the person who “ghosted” for her on this occasion exactly what she thinks of him or her. For the record, Miss Moss concludes: “…although I can hardly expect anyone to believe it, I think I could have lit a match when I was doing over 70. And I know from experience that lighting a match is a tricky business in some high-powered and expensive saloons.” Clearly, this new M.G. is the ideal smoker’s car.