The Boat Show

Owing to the general prosperity of the country many people have found that they have time and money for another hobby other than motoring and many of them have turned to boats for their leisure and pleasure.

This trend is no more evident that at the Boat Show which has grown from 140 exhibitors at the first show in 1955 to more than double that number at the present Show, which continues until January 9th at Earls Court, the first time that it has been held there. The Show is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., except Sundays, when the show is not open.

The trends which have been noticed in the last one or two years are continuing with greater force than ever. The most noticeable, perhaps, is the increased demand for “Do-it-Yourself” kits for building light craft, many of which are extraordinarily cheap and simple to assemble. Glass fibre runabouts are also becoming popular and because of easy construction methods are relatively cheap. The number of special tubular steel trailers for towing behind cars have also increased enormously and they are available for the majority of popular yachts and motor launches.

The Sixth Boat Show is well worth a visit from the motorist, even if he is not yet in a position to take to the water.