AUSTIN HEALEY 3030, 1963 2/4-seater. A delightful, low-mileage example finished without blemish in ice blue, with dark blue upholstery. Equipped with disc brakes, wire wheels, overdrive, spotiamp, badge bar, etc. … M.G. Midget, Oct. 1961 2-seater. One owner, very low mileage only and in as new condition throughout. Unmarked red with black interior, and fitted with wood-rimmed steering wheel, heater, special exhaust, reversing light, safety belt. etc. Now offered considerably under the list price, at JAGUAR XI< I 40, 1955 fixed-head coupe. An attractive example in flame red. with match ing upholstery, and fitted with overdrive, wire wheels, heater, twin spotlamps, etc. ... MORGAN 44, 1959 2-seater. Low mileage only, this is a meticulously maintained and very good-looking example. Finished in beige with black trim, with Ford 100E engine, radio,

twin spotlamps, wing mirror, hand spodamp, etc. … AUSTIN HEALEY 10016, 1957 2/4-seater. A particularly fine car in dark red with black side panels, and red upholstery. Equipped with heater. ” X ” tyres twin spotlamps, twin fog-lamps, reversing light, badge bar, etc. … ••• TRIUMPH TR3A, 1958 2-seater. One owner only since new. Unblemished Old English white with blue upholstery, and fitted with wire wheels, heater. etc. Choice of two ether hand-picked examples in B.R.G. or blue… … From AUSTIN HEALEY Sprite, 1958 2-seater. Spotless primrose yellow with black interior trim, and equipped with every works extra, including heater, rev.-counter, screen-washers, etc. Choice of one other similar car in dark green with matching interior … From


We are proud to announce our recent appointment as TVR Distributors for the Midlands. This delightful G.T. coupe is available for immediate delivery in Component form with Ford Classic, Mk. 2 M.G.-A 1600, or Climax engines from only 1795. We have both Climax and M.G.-powered Demonstrator cars available, and would be delighted to arrange a demonstration for you at your convenience. Part exchange, hire purchase and insurance facilities are immediately obtainable. Please write or call for further particulars. mat TRIUMPH TR3A, 1960 2-seater. One owner, under 12.000 miles only from new. Abso

m, lutely unmarked condition throughout in red with pale grey upholstery. Disc brakes, etc. • JAGUAR X1(140, 1955 fixed-head coupe. just recellulosed in white, with red leather it interior. Equipped with overdrive, heater, etc. In truly immaculate order both bodily / and mechanically … ••• •-• -.• •• AUSTIN HEALEY Sprite, 1959 2-seater. Finished in cherry red with matching interior • trim, with supercharger, heater, anti-roll bar. rev.-counter, special exhaust, tonneau

• cover, luggage rack, etc. … . 1111.: TRIUMPH TR3A, 1959 2-seater. A further hand-picked example of this popular morgue, • finished in signal red with black cockpit; and fitted with disc brakes, twin spodamps,

s heater, ” X ” tyres, etc. r • We are proud to announce the opening, on January 1st, at our Chiswick Showrooms, of • • •

• The Chequered Flag MINI-CENTRE. Here we will present every example of the fabulous B.M.C. Minis; with normal Minis. Cooper-Minis, tuned Minis, Estate Minis, Van Minis. Part exchanges welcomed, and all hire purchase and insurance facilities will be immediately available. Minis, fast Minis, sometimes a slow Mini, but all will be competitively and sensibly priced % M.G. TF, 1954 2-seater, in polychromatic green, with matching interior. Fitted with luggage rack, heater, twin spodamps, wing mirrors, reversing lamp, tonneau cover, screen ,•11. washers, etc. 1385 E , FAIRTHORPE ELECTRON MINOR, 1958 2-seater. This example has just been • recellulosed in Ferrari red, with matching interior. Standard Ten unit, etc.; in very / i considerably above average condition throughout … L295 • H.R.G. 1500, 1948 2-seater. We have in our possession a full history on this exceptional • example, showing the most meticulous maintenance from new. Finished in shell grey MI with red cockpit, full-length tonneau cover, spotlamp. etc. ……………£275 TRIUMPH TR2, 1955 2-seaters. A selection of three hand-picked cars, in dark green, pale blue, or red. All are equipped with heater, tonneau cover, washers, ” X ” tyres, overdrive, etc. Attractively priced … … From 1345 LOTUS

As the Midlands Lotus Distributors, we are pleased to announce very early delivery of the fabulous Lotus Elite G.T. coupe, now with Improved specification and luxury interior trim. in Component Form for only /1,299 (a reduction of no less than £650 over assembled price). Demonstrations can be arranged, please write or call for fullest details. .1 sale SERVICE and a GUARANTEED REPURCHASE scheme for overseas visitors, are all offered 11,_; INSURANCE : three months’ specific GUARANTEE (where applicable) : lair PART-EXCHANGE _NI allowance on sports cars, saloons or motorcycles (existing M.P. accounts settled) : genuine after

• DEFERRED TERMS drom 2C% deposit, repayments up to 36 months) : Immediate COMPETITIVE with pleasure by the ONLY TRUE 100 PER CENT. SPORTS-CAR SPECIALISTS and ENTHUSIASTS. • 1•1 • i• U N TEL.: 89282/3 1

ARKWRIG HT STREET, N OTTI NG HAM ove. £845 /695 £445 £395 1595 1545 4365 •• ••, ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• /695 /395 1445 1595

Please remember that we are undoubtedly the best trade cash buyers of sports and competition cars.