Miniatures news

One new miniature for the New Year – the elaborate Corgi Toys Ghia L 64, "a model of one of the World's most exclusive cars," with, in Corgi Toys No. 241 form, sprung wheels, windows, plated grille and bumpers, jewelled headlamp reflectors, doors that open, front seats that tip forward, a bonnet that lifts to reveal a miniature Chrysler V8 engine, facia controls, steering wheel, rear-view mirror, an opening luggage boot and even a dog on the parcels' shelf! In fact, an exclusive miniature, finished in polychromatic aquamarine blue. It is 4 1/4 in. long and retails in the U.K. for 8s. 6d. The real car is a product of the Chrysler Corporation., built in distinctly limited numbers for wealthy clients. – W. B.