That Riley!


I was most interested to read Mr. G. F. Hennings' letter, concerning Brooklands Riley KV 5392.

Ian Cunningham raced the car in the 1947 Ulster Trophy on the Ballyclare circuit and later, probably in 1952, on the Dundrod circuit. The car was then blue with yellow wheels and, like all cars, or for that matter aero-engines, prepared by Ian, was immaculate.

I would be very glad to hear from Mr. Hennings and to supply him with Ian Cunningham's address. I am sure Ian could provide a wealth of information about the Riley. I could also lend an action shot of KV 5392, piloted by Ian, in the 1947 Ulster Trophy.

Incidentally, I think Innes Ireland drove this car and I believe he was pictured in action in it in Motor Sport.

Ickenham. F. A. McDowell.

Innes Ireland also telephoned the following information:–

He bought the car from Alec Calder, a Berwickshire farmer and brother-in-law of Jimmy Clark. Used it as a road car during Army service. Raced late 1955, early 1956. Six-Hour Relay Race 1955 in Riley Nine Team. Raced and won at Goodwood early 1956 in spite of handicappers (see Motor Sport, p. 243/1956). Fitted 16-in. wheels. Sold 1956 to chap in London in order to buy Mk. II Lotus to start racing seriously.