"Dfivers Wildest"

Dfivers Wildest,” by Red Daniells. 67 pp. 7 1/8 in. x 4 1/2, in. Soft covers. (Scorpion Press, Manor House, Pakefield Street, Lowestoft, Suffolk. 7s. 6d.)

Red Daniells needs no introduction as a cartoonist and humorous writer par excellence. In his latest, and avowed last, book on drivers as he sees them, he deals with the ladies, overseas visitors and other motoring aliens. The woman chauffeur of a Sapphire, popsie with an E-type, duffie-coated country female in the shopping Mini (“… we have the Land-Rover for the horseboxes and Charles goes up to the City in the Bentley. And of course there’s always the Jaguar for week-ends.”), girl-dicer in an Alpine, timid wife in her unmanageable Alvis, bored race-going girl-friend, school-collecting mother in a Ford, and tough driver of a flower-shop’s van – all come under Daniell’s searching scrutiny.

At the back of this little book he looks deeply at a selection of male drivers, and the centre pages are occupied by a Man-in-a-Traffic Jam. Just the job for dispelling some of the gloom cast by winter, and Buchanan. – W. B.