The price of model cars


David Meynell quite rightly points out that the model Bugatti my Company manufactures is very much more expensive than is his Super Seale "Blower" Bentley model. I feel that it is only fair to mention that the Bugatti model is much more a product of precision engineering than a mass-produced item. A simple example of this is the difference in the bodywork of the two cars; the coachwork of the Antique Automobiles car is entirely hand beaten and welded together, as opposed to a body produced in a fibre-glass mould in the case of Meynell's Bentley. [Agreed—and the Bentley is on "pram wheels", but it does carry an adult, whereas the Bugatti is more suitable for kids—ED.]

He mentions that the price of £450 in kit form does not include purchase tax. This is, of course, quite correct, but I must emphasise for the benefit of Overseas readers that £450 is the price they would pay for an entirely finished car, for they are not affected by purchase tax.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I would be very happy to meet David Meynell so that our two models can be compared. A race could be amusing though, of course, neither car is built for speed. But, Mr. Editor, I suggest that the Super Seale "Blower" Bentley should carry a considerable amount of ballast for I imagine that I must weigh at least half as much again as my challenger!

London, SW3.
Colin Crabbe.