What's happening in Club racing?


The article under the above heading by “M.G.D.” contained two inaccuracies and made one notable omission. The opening race at the Clubman’s Championship meeting, variously described by your contributor as “a round in the Chapman Cup” and a “NON-Formula 1200 championship race”, was in fact the final event in the National Championship series for both Formula 1200 (Chapman Cup) and 750 Formula (Goodacre Trophy) and, in the case of the latter, a round in the “Reliant Championship”.

Although the article suggests that the 1200 Formula was based upon the 1,172 s.v. engines “until last year”, the o.h.v. Ford units have been allowed since the 1966 Season, in keeping with the Club’s progressive policy which has ensured continued success for the 1200 Formula for sports-racing cars during 17 seasons.

Our 750 Formula is still very much part of “what’s happening” in Club racing, and the race on the Grand Prix circuit was notable for a new lap record of over 84 m.p.h. and a race average of over 80 m.p.h. by a car costing well under £200, powered by a Reliant 600 engine and driven by a young driver in his second season of racing: How unfortunate that this climax to the 21st year of the 750 Formula should have gone unnoticed!

Jeff Ward,
Director 750 MC.