The Citroen L15


We’ve had ’em all! Praise for the VW! Praise for the Sunbeams! Praise for the TRs! Praise for this one . . . for that one . . . Then along comes a letter from Guy Isbell in February, and one from W. J. St. Bruen in July, praising the good old Citroen L 15. Thank you both—I was beginning to think I was the only one who really cared!

I’ve had my 1955 model for the past 10 years now and after 121,000 miles it is as rugged as the day it rolled off the Slough assembly line. In fact, it still has all its original equipment (barring tyres, battery, generator), still starts almost immediately and is still flung about with gay abandon! The only major overhaul was around the 80,000 mark when she needed new valves, crown-wheel and pinion and a right-hand wheel assembly. Oil consumption (BP30) is still only l i pints per 1,000. Spares and tyres are now a serious problem out here, but although it gets a bit out of breath on hills, with its incredible roadholding over any type of road surface, it is still a delight to drive. Incidentally, all the instruments are still 100% accurate, too (although the clock, I notice, is losing three minutes a day!!!).

Kirstenhof, Cape Town.
Dave Tugwell.