International Calendar for 1973

The racing calendar for 1973 is incredibly full so that no worthwhile racing driver need be out of work, especially as clashes of dates are as rife as ever. The Grand Prix season has fifteen Championship events on the list, and they are all reckoned to be certainties, and the only dubious venue seems to be that of the Belgian race, due to be held at Zolder. If the Flemish circuit does not match up to the requirements the Belgians will no doubt fall back on the Nivelles Autodrome. The Dutch GP is back with Zandvoort having a face-lift, and the later date should give enough time to complete the work, while Monaco is also being modified and has a later date than usual, which might well obviate the rainy sessions. Sports-car racing has a full list of events, with the Argentina one moved to the end of the season, and sadly the BOAC 1000 has been cancelled not because of lack of entries, like some events, but lack of spectators to fill the coffers. The Formula Two scene appears to have got out of control, with 22 events in the European Trophy, and though it may not be an inspiring scene, technically, it certainly seems popular with competitors and organisers, though whether the public will support so many events is another matter. Formula Three still seems to be the "poor relation" of the FIA, with no International Championship, and very little International recognition, even though it is flourishing on the National scene in most countries.