Second-hand Quality


I really enjoyed C.R.’s article on the TR6! I am sure that a few letters, or articles from owners of other marques would be most interesting, dealing as they would, with instances in the particular, rather than the general. How I can echo C.R. in his experiences of the Motor Trade—not for nothing are they descended from horse-traders! Seriously, though, I thought that the opening paragraph reflected accurately the agonising that is part and parcel of buying a sports-car. I know we all have our ideal machine in mind, that is, the performance of the Boxer Ferrari, the looks of the Lamborghini Countach, with the economy of a Mini; I have made my choice, but I cannot quite understand the reason for buying a new medium price car. Surely far superior performance, looks, and reduced depreciation can be obtained by purchasing a quality second-hand car. I further suggest that some of the saving should be spent on overhauling the engine, body, etc., and then you should obtain a car which is closer to your “ideal” than is ready-made. Judging by the TR saga, no used car could be as, or more troublesome than a new one! Perhaps you could invite letters on this “new versus used” argument?

Weston-on-the-Green, Oxon, L. COLEMAN.