Insurance tips


Whilst I sympathise with Mr. Roderick A. Cook (November Letters) over his apparent inability to obtain Comprehensive cver at realistic premiums from the major Insurance Companies he cites, I am bound to enquire whether or not he has the misfortune (?) to be an orphan.

If not, why does he not persuade a parent to include his car on their policy with himself as a named driver?

I am, of course, assuming that one or other parent is a motorist with a private motor policy; but if this is the case, not only will the parent receive a 10% reduction of premium for the second vehicle, but also will Mr. Cook probably enjoy some no-claim discount in the payment he makes to his mother or father.

I have no axe to grind for the General Accident Company, other than as a satisfied policy-holder for the last ten or more years, but my taste in cars has been more or less always such that I pay Group 7 rates.

The General Accident have a scheme whereby, for a mere £2 extra, one can split the premium into five monthly instalments, payable by Bankers' Order.

I personally have used this method of premium payment for rclately new Alfa Romeos (2000 GTV and Spyder) and at present an elderly (1970) Daimler Sovereign 4.2 Auto on which car I was delighted to receive a £19 return of premium half-way through the policy year recently. Although I am not an Insurance Broker, I cannot recommend too highly their ability to shoparound for sound Comprehensive cover at realistic cost; incidentally has Mr. Cook Considered describing himself as "of independent means" not a lie rather than the damning occupation of Student?

After a lapse of some years, I am again -a regular reader of your august Journal, and it's as good as ever. Keep it up!

Penarth, Glamorgan PAUL WARD