That New Three-Wheeler

We hear that the new sports three-wheeler that we referred to in the November 1978 issue of Motor Sport and which is the product of Mr. Tony Divey of Triking, in Norfolk, has been completed. The prototype has, we are told, done more than 2,000 miles of hard testing, with only minor troubles. It was timed by radar at Snetterton to do over 84 m.p.h. on the short straight, with a top speed of about 90 m.p.h., in spite of a used, rather tired 850 c.c. Moto Guzzi motorcycle engine and without engaging the fifth speed. Over 100 m.p.h. was apparently attained by slipstreaming, and there is said to be ample acceleration from a road cruising speed of 60 m.p.h. and road-holding and cornering is reported to be very satisfactory. Mr. Davey tells us that he has had many firm enquiries from America and others from this country and the Continent. He plans to start a pilot-build of ten cars this month. – W. B.