Mentioned in "Punch"

Mentioned in “Punch”

Not having been to the dentist for many years we are out of touch with Punch. So it was only by chance that we discovered a mention of Motor Sport therein. It used to be considered a great honour to be mentioned in this funny-journal even rudely. So we are not annoyed that a writer we had never previously heard of has poked ridicule at some quotes from. our “Cars In Books” column, which naturally look silly taken out of context. What is funny-ha-ha to us is that this Jonathan Sale, in trying to be clever and show that a weekly contemporary has been breaking the law by referring to over-70-m.p.h. speeds in its road-test reports, has been too clever, as presumably Mr. Sale has never heard of the MIRA test-track or speed-limit-free Germany motorways. We are also sorry to note that Punch humour has fallen to the level of “Dear Marie” letters, which former Editors would surely not have tolerated … – W. B.