Air Mail

Air Mail

May we, through you and your readers good offices. see whether we can unlock any history or trace of our former property. Messerschntitt "Taifun" G-AFRN?

We know its pre-war build history and still have its flight log up to early 1941. First it was based at RAE Farnborough and was flown regularly by a WiC Elwy Jones from 28,341, while based at Andover, to such aerodromes as Aston Down, Cosford, Fernhill, Llandow, Kemble, Little Rissington, Lvneham, Sr. Athan, Boscombe Down, Hullavington, Hawerby, etc. Aircraft of the Fighting Powers. 1943. depicts a 108 in camouflage and roundels, and has the added designation of "Aldron". It has been suggested the "Aid" is from Aldington — if so, who was "Ron"? Why was this designation thought necessary!

Post-war reminiscences say the plane was based at Fairoaks, Woking. It had a forced landing in France shortly after the war, and spent some time out there having the undercarriage repaired after its encounter with an anti-aircraft ditch. The French repairing company made replica • under licence 108's? The plane was sold to a Swiss private mail company?

I hope the enclosed photograph of a painting we commissioned, based on pre-war literature we hold from the time when this Company was the Messerschmitt concessionaire, may evoke more than a little admiration for an outstanding design.

If that's too easy, we hold the flight log of a de Havilland Hornet Moth, G-AFRE and know nothing about that plane at all, other than post-war it was also based at Fairoaks. Isleworth, Middlesex J. T. ALDINGTON AFN Ltd